[Kvariety] Song Il Guk and his triple trouble triplets ~ ep 22

This is episode 55 of ‘The Superman Returns’

Is it just me or the staff is back at showing mostly Min Guk? They were starting to finally show Man Se and Dae Han more and I do understand that being 3 of them is kinda hard to equally show them but sometimes their favoritism towards Min Guk is so obvious.

In this episode, Il Gook takes the triplets in the country side since both him and the boys are from the city thus this may be a good change to let them experience some country life.

On their way to the place, Man Se tells his father that he drove a car – Il Gook enters his game and asks him when he drove a car.

When they arrive at the meeting place with the other families, Dae Han loses his shoe but luckily Man See sees it and brings it back to his older brother. However, at some point Il Gook leaves with Dae Han and the other two become concerned that their father disappeared.

Min Guk: Dad disappeared. Dad where are you?

Man Se: I’m going to find dad.

Although it was only the two of them, Min Guk takes good care of his brother and every time he was ahead, he still looks back to check on his younger brother. At some point they find Il Gook’s car and they starts looking around the car for the father, however the car door wasn’t opening and they continue the search.

Min Guk’s shoe falls off and Man Se asks the cameramen to put it back on his brother but since the staff isn’t allowed to interact with the boys (only in dangerous situations or times/places where the boys may get hurt) they wait for Il Gook. After a short while, the father appears and Min Guk shows that his shoe fell off. As Il Gook was trying to put the shoe back on, Min Guk pulls his father’s hair (probably he just wanted to get a hold of something since he was standing in one foot) – meanwhile Man Se runs away (to the place where the other families were) and Min Guk shouts out to him to come back.

At the place where everyone gathered, a man announces everyone that they will go to cache grasshoppers but Min Guk mistakes a leaf for a grasshopper.

For a while everything is fine as they were all searching for grasshoppers. Man Se and Dae Han are okay with holding the bugs but Min Guk gets scared. Il Gook tries to make him get used to the grasshopper. After finishing caching the grasshoppers, Dae Han releases all of them from his bag.

On their way back, the owners of the field prepare a surprise for all the children, a kind of Song Train but country style.

Back to where they first meet, a woman tries to show all the children how to make rice cakes and although everyone else was paying attention how it was made, Dae Han, Min Guk and Man Se start eating the rice.

Later the same woman shows the children how red bean soup is made but this time, Il Gook is the one that eats the rice balls that were meant for the soup.

At dinner time, the red bean soup is being served but the food was too hot. After cooling, they start eating – Man Se asks for a refill and Min Guk is being feed by another father.

The woman appears with grasshoppers for the children to eat. Dae Han eats first and he mistakes the feet of the grasshopper with thorns but the same father who helped Min Guk eat the bean soup tells him that the grasshopper doesn’t have thorns. Eventually Min Guk eats some grasshoppers as well.

At some point Man Se starts gathering all the cameras from around the room telling his father that the dinosaurs are hurt.

As dessert, the children are served some rice cakes.

Back at home, Il Gook tells the triplets about his plan of making a calendar for the next year with their pictures. In some pictures their father was shown when he was a baby on the back of their grandfather but they mistake the grandfather as being Il Gook.

He tells them the plan and how he wants them to pose. Because there were 3 pictures of Il Gook’s father with him, Il Gook wants to reenact the pictures he has with his father, together with the triplets.

Knowing that it won’t be easy to take the pictures, Il Gook proceeds into dressing the triplets but of course the boys start running around the house. He succeeds into dressing all of them but now the father has to take the pictures. The boys start joking around and the moment two were standing still, one started running around and when he finally gets to catch the one who was running, another one leaves.

Later Il Gook decides to get their attention with cartoons. To Il Gook’s surprise, as he was taking the pictures, Man Se (who was standing in the middle) holds the hands of his brothers. In the interview Il Gook tells the staff that the moment surprised him, he continues saying that the moment one is missing, the other two always ask where the missing one is.



  1. I totally agree about staff’s favoritism of MG but maybe because MG have more aegyo and thus, more interesting scenes than DH who’s more reserved in comparison but he’s such a sweetie and MS is just full of mischievousness. I love these 3 so much with LHJ’s twins~ Actually, all of the kids in Superman are lovable.

    1. He does have more than the other two, but I used to think that Dae Han speaks less than his younger brothers when in fact Song Il Gook said that he speaks the most out of the 3 but we had no idea since the staff showed mostly MG speaking.

      The staff kinda bluntly said that they like MG the most but I somehow wish for them not to do favoritism with them XD

  2. the three are all adorable, but I’ve heard that MG is the nicest to the camera crew/staff and the sweetest towards them, so maybe that’s why? I can’t lie, he is my favourite of the triplets 😛

    1. Well, he is a sweetheart XD

  3. Those triplets are so adorable and polite kids. Wondering how their parents teach them to be that polite 😊

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