[Kdrama] ‘The Legendary Witch’ ep 11 ~recap/review/opinion~

Woo Seok rushes to the police station. When he arrives the detective asks him what’s his relationship with Soo In, he remains silent for a few seconds and eventually says that they are friends. Although things weren’t in Soo In’s favor, Woo Seok tells the detective that she isn’t the kind of person to assault and run with the money of her boss.

Arrived at home, Woo Seok informs Bok Nyeo about the whole situation. Meanwhile, still at the police station, Soo In remembers when she and Woo Seok were left to talk alone; as they were talking he shows he shows his trust in Soo In. Woo Seok comforts her saying that everything will be alright since isn’t her fault but the bakery owner’s fault.

Bok Nyeo can’t believe what’s happening but Woo Seok reassures her that he will take care of things regarding Soo In’s case.

Tae San tells Aeng Ran that Woo Seok is too smart to spend his time in the kitchen. Curious if Tae San will want Woo Seok as his son-in-law, Aeng Ran asks Tae San if he will agree with Joo Hee marring him and to her surprise the man answers that kids these days won’t listen to their parents (implying that if Joo Hee wants so, then she can marry him). Aeng Ran doesn’t seem to agree, although she doesn’t show it, she tells Tae San that Joo Hee should marry a son of a rich family because marrying someone like Woo Seok will be a shame and offers to find a potential husband for the second daughter. Tae San let’s everything regarding Joo Hee’s future husband in Aeng Ran’s hands.

Aeng Ran tells Joo Ran that her father wants to marry Joo Hee with Woo Seok, angered the eldest daughter goes to ask Tae San for details. Tae San doesn’t want to discus but Joo Ran tells her father that he shouldn’t let his second daughter marry a single father. Before things get worse, her husband comes and drags her away.

Joo Hee comes home and Tae San tells her that Woo Seok qualified a long time ago in his eyes. However Joo Hee doesn’t understand the whole mess. Later she calls Woo Seok to thank him for the presentation he made during the day. After the phone call ends, she starts looking at a picture of her and Woo Seok from the past.

Woo Seok starts thinking about what happened at the police station.

Poong Geum and Mr Tak (the driver) bicker each other between walls still not knowing who they are. Then “Do Jin” calls Poong Geum to invite her to see a musical together but she refuses him saying that she has an important meeting with some people from New York. (she was meeting Bok Nyeo and the others)

Mi Oh leaves the women facility with her son to go to Seoul to meet the other 3.

Meanwhile, Bok Nyeo pays a visit to Soo In at the police station. The older woman comforts her ‘daughter’ saying that everything will be alright since Woo Seok will take care of everything. Later Woo Seok visits the bakery owner at the hospital to talk with him about Soo In’s case and make the man drop the charges. The owner refuses saying that he is in great pain, but Woo Seok tells him that it was his fault in the first place for going towards a woman and everything she could do was self-defense. Because the owner insists that Soo In is at fault, Woo Seok gets angry and grabs the man by the collar. He calms down and the man asks for money to drop the charges.

Woo Seok tells Bok Nyeo and Yi Moon about what the man wants and the woman asks Byeol’s father to take Soo In out because she can’t see her in prison anymore. Although Bok Nyeo gives out all her money to take Soo In out, Woo Seok tells her that he will take care of it so she shouldn’t spend her money.

Poong Geum finds out the laundry shop where she learns from Bok Nyeo what happened to Soo In.

Woo Seok goes to the bank to withdraw some money. On the other hand, Poong Geum, Bok Nyeo and Yi Moon go to the bakery where Poong Geum uses her skills to enter the bakery. Even though Yi Moon doesn’t want to do anything illegal, in the end they break into the store. The 3 get the evidence from the CCTV.

At the hospital, Woo Seok gives the man the money. However the “rescue squad” arrives at the hospital with the evidence. Thanks to Poong Geum’s skills, Soo In is released from the cell. Outside the police station the other 4 make the bakery owner apologize to Soo In for assaulting her but because he wasn’t sincere, “somehow” a cake ends on his face. The man gets angry and wants to slap Soo In but Woo Seok interferes and stops him. The women can’t talk anymore since they all have to rush and pick up Mi Oh.

Because some factory employees were boycotting, Tae San decides to make Woo Seo the leader of the Planning Department, however the later one doesn’t really want. He tries to refuse but Tae San tells him that the company is in crisis.

Aeng Ran puts a picture of the tree (Bok Nyeo was searching for) in a envelope and tells Mr Tak to send it (to the post office).

Later Aneg Ran takes Do Jin to lunch with Bo Kyung and her mother. The mothers seem to have their own plans about the marriage, the two even decides to make the engagement faster – Do Jin doesn’t want for a faster engagement and steps in thinking that everything is too fast. He tries to get Bo Kyung’s help but she agrees with the engagement.

Outside the restaurant Do Jin asks Bo Kyung is she is really okay with it just because her mother makes her do it, but the girl tells him that she likes him thus she wants the marriage. Do Jin doesn’t believe her but the girl says that although he doesn’t understand anything he will find out later. (honestly, this girl is weird like a cricket)

The3 women pick up Mi Oh and her son from the bus terminal. Since everyone reunited, Bok Nyeo takes her ‘daughters’ to lunch. Because Mi Oh and Soo In don’t have where to stay, Bok Nyeo thinks of asking Yi Moon about letting them to stay in his house.

While Woo Seok is getting his stuff to move to the HQ, his kitchen staff tells him about some kind of cooking contest.

Joo Ran asks Joo Hee if she is the one who asked Tae San to give Woo Seok a job at the HQ. The older sister still doesn’t agree with her younger sister marrying a single father. Joo Hee tells Joo Ran that she doesn’t understand anything and leaves the room.

Yi Moon decides to let the women live in his house and waits for Woo Seok to make the final decision. Woo Seok tries to hide himself from showing that he lives the idea, regardless eventually they agree to let all of them live in their house.

At night, Poong Geum and “Do Jin” agree to have another ‘date’.

Bok Nyeo has a heart to heart talk with Soo In telling her that she couldn’t sleep if her ‘daughters’ were outside thus is better to have them close by.

Soo In thanks Woo Seok for helping her. Then she asks him about Byeol’s mother since she didn’t see her around but she is shocked to hear the unfortunate news from him (that Byeol’s mother isn’t around).

The neighborhood woman is angry to find out all the women living with Yi Moon and Woo Seok.

After getting rid of the neighborhood woman, everyone starts taking care of their own things. Soo In cleans the floors in the house and goes to the bathroom to wash the rag but she enters without knowing that Woo Seok was taking a shower. The two get starlet and after Woo Seok falls on the floor, Soo In falls over him ending up with a touch of their lips.



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  2. Thanks for the recap! This drama is quite interesting.

    1. Thank you for reading. Yes it is ^ ^

  3. Thank you for the recaps.

    1. You’re welcome and thank you for the comment ^ ^

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