[Kdrama] ‘Pinocchio’ ep 1-8 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

I wanted to write a first impression post about ‘Pinocchio’ but I kinda missed the timing so I already watched all the 8 episodes that aired until now so I will just write my opinion of what happened until now.

Actually I didn’t want to even watch this drama, because it just didn’t attract nor made me curious about the plot as a whole, even though I do like most of the actors, something wasn’t on my liking. However since everyone kept saying good stuff about the drama I gave it a go and by now I should’ve learned my lesson….because this drama is good.

The writer is doing a pretty good job at pissing me off every time I watch a new episode, and I’m saying this in a good way, after all if the viewers do get into the story to the point of having hate feeling towards a character or feel sympathy towards another then the writer is doing her job properly.

The thing I like the most so far about ‘Pinocchio’ is that I don’t get bored while watching it, the story did manage to capture my attention be it if on the screen aren’t the main character or just episodic ones. I normally do get bored sometimes when I can’t get into the actually story but luckily isn’t the case of this drama.

Looking back at the past projects of the writer, I do find myself getting angry with the plot as the writer usually has a lot of plot twists (see ‘I Can Hear Your Voice’), even so, I enjoy all the twists she makes within the story since this is what make me (am probably the rest of the viewers) interested in the story. To be honest, although the romance is present in the drama, somehow the writer makes a turn of events and puts the romance in the visual panel of the viewers however the ‘revenge’/’searching’ side of the story becomes more important than the two main characters In Ha and Dal Po’s love story or relationship struggles.

Even if in most dramas, especially Korean dramas, lovers are normally the ones who help their loved one pass over hard time or understand a certain situation, in ‘Pinocchio’ we see something different as  Dal Po and the grandfather show a strong tie with each other. For me, Dal Po is a really interesting character and I like the way he is portrayed in relationship with In Ha’s grandfather. The grandfather isn’t a father figure for him, even though the two do have a strong bond that is beyond blood ties, because the man is mostly relieving Dal Po’s pain and struggles. Like for example every time Dal Po has a concert or is in deep thoughts, he always goes to the grandfather. A good showcase of their bond was the bath scene from episode 8, even though seeing two grown up men bathing together in the same bath tub can be seen as weird from outside, the scene was a way for Dal Po to reach a tranquility state thanks to the grandfather who could ‘wash away’ his worries and struggles.

Although Dal Po has a place or a person to help him pass through hard times, on the other hand, his older brother, Jae Myeong, is alone with no one to rely on as he still thinks that he lost all of his family members.  It’s really sad seeing those two brothers having to go through hardship because of some hungry for ratings reporters. Hopefully the writer will take pity on the brother and make Dal Po see Jae Myeong inner battle before it’s too late for him to return from the road he went on.

I really want the brother to get a hold of himself because at this point he is breaking away from reality. I do understand that Jae Myeong feels like he won’t lose anything by taking revenge and it will be so sad to see him ending in a prison or dead. The guy tried to protect his family as much as he could and although life isn’t always fair, I still think that it’s a shame to see someone who could’ve had a bright future being forgotten or remembered as a person who was full of wrongdoings.

Yet, I do believe that the writer will make use of Gyo Dong, or Cap, to fight for the two siblings who are still having a hard time. Compared to the other reporters who were part of the case from 13 years ago, that involved Dal Po’s family, Gyo Dong self –accused himself for how he handled the case and because of that the reporter may turn his way to take the brothers away from the dark ally. In a way, there are more possibilities for Dal Po to save himself, but for Jae Hyeong may be hard thus this is where Gyo Dong may take action.

One thing I can’t understand about this drama or its characters is In Ha’s mother. Why is she cold towards her daughter, she never fight for In Ha in the past more than that, in the present she always seems having a spiteful attitude towards the daughter. Maybe we will find out in the future episode why she acts like this, but for now I can’t find any excuses for her….probably she just as a self-centric personality.


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