[Kdrama] ‘The Legendary Witch’ ep 9 ~recap/review/opinion~

The 3, Mi Oh, Poong Geum and Soo In are released from prison. In front of the penitentiary Poong Geum advices the other two younger women to never look back because there is a myth saying that if you look back, you will return to prison.

On the other hand, because all the women from room 10 left, nr 911 is left alone being bullied by the other inmates. Back to the other 3, Poong Geum asks Soo In ad Mi Oh what are their plans after being released. Thinking that they may never meet, Soo In comes with an idea of meeting again on the last day of the month.

Bok Nyeo who was supposed to go and pick up her younger friends, is sick in bed. When she wakes up, she remembers about having to pick up the other 3, however Yi Moon doesn’t let her since she can barely get out of bed.

As for Woo Seok, he is taking good care of the flower he received from Soo In. The staff from his kitchen sees the pot he received and asked who gave him such a childish thing, but Woo Seok gets annoyed after hearing that the pot flower made by Soo In is childish and he vents on the staff who said so. Another one comes and asks Woo Seok why he put weed in a pot and he gets angrier and starts shouting at his staff.

Soo In goes back to her in-laws’ house to pick up her stuff but the moment she enters the house Joo Ran sees her and starts acting as if Soo In lost her mind to even dare to throw bread at Tae San. In returns Soo In tells the sister-in-law that if she had something worse at hand that time, she would’ve thrown it because Tae San deserves that for putting an innocent in prison. Aeng Ran appears and contrary to Joo Ran, she receives Soo In a better manner. When Soo In goes up to take her stuff, Joo Ran tells the maid to go after her so she won’t steal anything but Aeng Ran tells the woman to return to kitchen. Joo Ran asks her step mother what she is doing, however Aeng Ran tells her that Soo In already suffered a lot because of the Ma family.

Aeng Ran goes after Soo In and tells her that she should’ve been prudent at the factory because now Tae San doesn’t want to give her any money. But Soo In tells her mother in law that she doesn’t want any money from him, yet Aneg Ran advices her to think about the future now that she has been released from prison. Still, Soo In refuses any idea of begging for help from Tae San. Before leaving Soo In goes to visit Dan Shim, but when the woman wakes up she wants to leave with Soo In however Aeng Ran and Joo Ran stop her.

Outside the gate of the house, Soo In remembers the first day she entered the house when she married Do Hyun. That day, Joo Ran and Joo Hee blamed Do Hyun and Soo In for Tae San’s illness. She also remembers various moments when the family treated her bad, even so Aeng Ran and Do Jin did treat her better than the rest.

Mi Oh finally reunites with her son. At the nursery, she receives a phone call from Bok Nyeo who finds out that they all have been separated however the she also finds out that the women decided to meet on the last day of the month.

Yi Moon makes some porridge for Bok Nyeo but she ends up feeding all of it to Byeol saying that seeing the girl eating she feels full.

Poong Geum sends a message to the driver thinking that he is Do Jin (she still thinks that after 2 years) but the real Do Jin receives the message. When Do Jin leaves his phone in the office, the driver takes it and calls Poong Geum. The two decide to meet up soon.

Soo In goes to find a job at a job placement agency however because she has a criminal record, the man from the agency tells her that it will be hard to find her work, however a man who was waiting to hire someone steps in after hearing that she is a certified baker saying that he doesn’t have any prejudice against her since everyone makes mistakes so he offers Soo In a job at his bakery.

Joo Hee comes to visit Woo Seok and his staff thinks that they are dating and soon going to marry especially after seeing him smiling recently, but he cuts out the rumors. Later he tells Joo Hee that it will be better to not visit him at his work place. Anyway, Joo Hee informs him about a new premium brand they want to make.

Soo In arrives at the bakery and she is even given a place to live thanks to the owner of the bakery. The owner tells her that he lives with his mother so she can have the free room from the bakery however the room isn’t too clean so she has to clean it herself.

Do Jin is taken by Aeng Ran at another blind date, however as the mothers were talking Aneg Ran asks the possible future in-law about her grandchild, but I bet that the child isn’t her son’s but in fact is the child of the girl Do Jin is supposed to marry – the idea is that the girl and her mother made a weird face (as wanting to hide something) when Aeng Ran asked about the grandchild.

The girl asks if it’s true that Do Jin dated a girl who got pregnant and threatened him with a knife to marry her. Although Aeng Ran tries to deny everything, Do Jin tells the girl that if she already knows about of then why did she come and met him but the girl tells him that that it was the reason she felt attracted towards him because in a way they can connect.

Arrived at home, Do Jin tells his mother that the girl must be crazy but Aneg Ran doesn’t listen to him. Joo Ran appears and tells Aeng Ran that she didn’t do anything to disturb this time the blind date however she is sure that Do Jin won’t be accepted by the girl so they shouldn’t blame her if Do Jin won’t be choose by the girl – Aneg Ran doesn’t say anything and just leaves.

Aeng Ran tries to make Tae San help Soo In now that she is out of prison but he doesn’t understand why she is so concerned about the former daughter in law so he changes the subject asking what happened at the blind date.

Back at Soo In, her first day working at the bakery ends and she starts unpacking her stuff. Meanwhile Mi Oh spends time with her son and Poong Geum does yoga at a public bath.

Woo Seok finds out from Bok Nyeo that she couldn’t meet the former 3 inmates. As they talked over breakfast, Bok Nyeo tells him that out of the 3, Soo In is the most pitiful one.

Soo In seems to find it weird as she sees the owner of the bakery being too attentive towards her moreover she kind of follows her around.

Poong Geum gets a room, however the room she rents is right besides the room of the driver. While the owner of the house left for a moment, Poong Geum enters the driver’s room and she sees mostly sexy poster and his underpants around.(she still doesn’t know that the man is not Do Jin but the driver of the Ma family)

Mi Oh remembers when Aeng Ran made her write the contract Do Jin was reading a few episodes back, where she wrote that she aborted the baby for money.

The girl from the blind the date goes to visit Do Jin because she missed him – apparently. Do Jin can’t believe his ears as he hears the girl talking about how she missed him and so on.

Tae San orders his assistant to bring Soo In to him. Meanwhile Joo Hee brings Woo Seok to the company so Tae San can explain to him in details about the new premium brand however in the car he wasn’t paying attention to Joo Hee, all he was thinking of was when Bok Nyeo told him that she feels sorry towards Soo In for having to suffer so much.

Tae San gives Soo In money as compensation but she refuses saying that he has to sincerely ask for forgiveness. On her way out, Woo Seok sees Soo In and tells Joo Hee to stop the car. Unfortunately he doesn’t catch up with her because she takes a bus.



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  2. I’m watching this as well. 🙂

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