[Kdrama] ‘The Greatest Wedding’ episode 11 ~ review/impression/opinion ~

I’m trying to overlook the fact that ‘The greatest marriage’ turned makjang but that isn’t an easy thing to do especially since the characters start to exaggerate in everything. Somehow I do think that Ki Young’s situation is a somehow normal one and I do like that Eun Cha didn’t change overnight and is still his misogynistic self but I don’t get why they had to turn Myung Yi is some hurt rich wife that wants to kill someone so she can live her life peacefully. Is it really necessary to make this turn of events regarding her? Even though I still enjoy this drama, Myung Yi’s situation is getting ridiculous.

I understand Ki Young wanting the best for her child but in her storm of acting against the world and society she kinda forgets important things. I mean she should take the advice of the daycare teacher rather than saying that Dan was a quiet child from birth. Ki Young should accept some advice from outside and stop acting alone as if she is the only woman who suffers being a single mother – she isn’t a special snow flake. She doesn’t even accept the help of her mother, let’s be honest, Dan needs to interact with other people aside from his mother.

It’s time for Ki Young to understand her situation and stop forcing Dan to live as if he can overlook in life the fact that he doesn’t have a father. The teacher even cried because Ki Young didn’t understand Dan’s position, after all how could the boy stay on the ‘Father’s day’ at the daycare as the other children were playing with their fathers.

On the other side, Myung Yi lost it completely, she already knew that Tae Yeon won’t act like a real husband towards her and she always wanted only the money but now she is crazy after being cornered by her in laws to make a boy. I don’t think it was necessary to bring her so low, to wish someone’s death just so she could live her life peacefully as a housewife with blue blood.

I still don’t like Eun Cha, but he really hit the spot in this episode when he told Ki Young to stop hiding from people and get out in the world. No matter how strong she pretends to be, in the end she was hiding away and running from the eyes of others with the excuse that she has to protect Dan. However, KI Young wasn’t doing it for Dan’s sake but for her own since she was too scared to reveal herself.

Although things may turn bad in the next episodes because of Eun Cha’s actions to bring out Dan into the spotlight, after seeing him at the daycare, he is ready to protect the boy. I do find him irresponsible to bring out Dan like that just for his own raise in popularity but I also see him ready to step in for Dan.

Anyway, even though ‘The greatest marriage’ is the only drama I still enjoy ( even now) I’m still trying hard to overlook all the makjang issues, I mean they could’ve just continued the social issue of single mothers in the Korean society without adding all the plotting and hiding.


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