[Kdrama] ‘The Legendary Witch’ ep 8 ~recap/review/opinion~

Won Jae asks Soo In to team up and take her stocks back from Tae San however she doesn’t seem to want to form a pact with him. Seeing her reactions, Won Jae is confused as he remembers her big talk from the factory when she swear to take revenge on the Ma family. Soo In replies that she wants to take revenge but in a fair manner, yet Won Jae can’t believe she is still naive.

Room 10 gets a new roommate, nr 911. She seems pretty happy towards the other 3 but Mi Oh, Soo In and Poong Geum can’t believe their eyes. Since inmates aren’t allowed to buy lottery tickets, Poong Geum tells nr 911 to give them snacks if she doesn’t want the officer to find out about her tickets.

Joo Ran tries to get a hold of her husband. While calling for Won Jae , Aneg Ran appears and tells her that she should’ve behave properly, however Joo Ran replays that she should shut up since she is just a “second”(wife). But apparently Joo Ran doesn’t know that Aeng Ran was actually forced into marrying Tae San (or so she says).

Aeng Ran is informed that Bok Nyeo was released from prison.

Before entering Yi Moon’s house, Bok Nyeo asks him if his son in law won’t disagree with her stay in their house but her friend tells her that she already knows him more than that, he is a person she already knows. When they enter the house, Bok Nyeo is welcomed with balloons and messages of “Welcome grandma”. While Byeol was showing Bok Nyeo around the house, Woo Seok is embarrassed (as a man) to see his father in law smiling brightly.

Later, at the Shinhwa bakery, one of the employees finishes backing some croissants and when Woo Seok sees them he remembers the moment he went to isolation room to give Soo In some of the croissants baked by the other inmates. Without noticing, Woo Seok starts smiling and the employees asks him if he received any good news but he starts to bluffer saying that he is smiling because he likes the smell of bread.

Won Jae goes to visit Tae San and in a private talk he tells his father in law that he asked Soo In to team up but he got rejected. Won Jae continues his speech and pretty much threatens Tae San regarding Soo In stocks that got stolen from her.

The woman who set up all the blind dates for Do Jin calls Aneg Ran to tell her to dress him better since all the women he meet until then complained that he looks older than his age. Later Aneg Ran goes to check on Do Jin, however she finds out that the driver acted as him during the blind dates.

At the prison, Nr 911 tells the other 3 that a night before she dreamed her mother and that it was a sign of winning the lottery – because she can’t read, Soo In offers to read the numbers for her but as expected she didn’t get even a number.

During dinner, Yi Moon feeds Bok Nyeo wrapped meat but he end up creating an awkward scene for Woo Seok and Byeol who were watching. A few minutes after, Joo Hee comes to visit (AGAIN!) and Bok Nyeo remembers seeing her at the factory when she apologized to Soo In on behalf of her father. Bok Nyeo sees Joo Hee as Woo Seok’s fiancé but Byeol says her father already confirmed to her that Joo Hee isn’t his style.

Joo Hee runs out of their house and Woo Seok follows close by to calm her down but everything gets even bigger when she brings up the accident of his wife asking if he also thinks that it’s her fault. Woo Seok tells Joo Hee that isn’t not her fault since it was only an accident however she starts begging him to log at her. Although he clearly refuses her, Joo Hee tells him that she can wait for him forever but Woo Seok draws the line when he says that he isn’t sure about being able to open his heart to another woman.

Tae San returns home with Won Jae after making a pact together.

Soo In rethinks about Won Jae’s proposal but in the end she is sure that it’s for the best to take revenge on her own.

The family sees a change in Joo Hee and Joo Ran is sure that the sole reason behind her sister sadness is Woo Seok who refused to accept her feelings.

After class, Soo In asks Woo Seok to help her become a certified baker but once again he becomes a stone as he tells his student that she isn’t qualified to become a baker. The reason on why he thinks that she isn’t qualified is because Soo In threw bread at Tae San meaning that she can’t hurt people with bread. However she pleads to him saying that on the day he gave her the croissants made by the other inmates she could feel the warmth of her friends thus she also want to do good by sharing bread. Woo Seok rethinks after hearing her but he asks Soo In to send him a letter of apology to his house.

Bok Nyeo who is now working with Yi Moon at his store remembers everything Soo In told her about what happened with Do Hyun and what the family did to her. Later she goes to meet Aeng Ran but she wasn’t at home but before leaving Aeng Ran returns home.

The two go to a coffee shop where Bok Nyeo asks her why she married Tae San, what happened to Do Hyun’s mother, what happened with her boyfriend from the past and why they put the innocent Soo In in prison, but all that seem to be displeasing to Aneg Ran who refuses to answer. Then Bok Nyeo asks Aeng Ran to let her meet Do Hyun’s mother because she has a lot of things to ask. Before leaving she pleads to Aneg Ran to get Soo In out of prison.

Aeng Ran asks Dan Shim if she remembers Jin Mo’s mother however the woman doesn’t seem to remember anything.

Poong Geum still thinks of the driver as Do Jin and even thinks that she can become the daughter in law of a millionaire. But things turn pretty funny as Poong Geum and Nr 911 fight over some panties.

Aeng Ran tells Tae San she meet up with Bok Nyeo.

Woo Seok receives Soo In’s letter of apology where it was written that she doesn’t want to become a fierce nor a stoned baker like him and as he finishes reading the letter, Woo Seok starts laughing. The other employees see him and ask again if something good happened to him because they never saw him laugh so loud until now. When one of them asks if it’s a love letter, Woo Seok tells them not to be absurd.

Joo Hee appears to apologies for the things she said a few days ago but the moment he sees her, Woo Seok hides fast the letter. Joo Ran starts acting like a good wife, meanwhile Aeng Ran tells Do Jin to go to a blind meet.

Time goes by fast again, the women in 10 pass together until the next winter. Soo In continues her baking classes and by mistake she throws some flour at Woo Seok, the two end up throwing flour at each other but the other inmates seem ‘disgusted’ seeing them acting like that. After a while, Soo In becomes a certified baker and Woo Seok classed end at the prison. To celebrate the inmates start singing for Woo Seok and everyone smiles like crazy creating a cheesy scene. To show her gratitude towards Woo Seok, Soo In gives him some flowers.

Woo Seok: “You said you will be released soon, erase everything and start anew”.

Soo In, Mi Oh and Poong Geum are released at the same time leaving Nr 911 behind.



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  2. chasen8888 · · Reply

    I do like and appreciate your recaps of this show, however when reading or after reading the recaps I tend to wonder what are your thoughts of the episode/s that you have watched. The characters and their subsequent actions the show itself, what may/may not happen next, I think that would make it more interesting and it would encourage more comments here as there is a good amount of people watching this show on the weekend. Thanks again and take care.

    1. Hi there! Thank you for your insight, I was actually thinking of writing a review of the 10 episode that aired until now. I will probably do it soon.

      Thank you for your comment and for reading. ^ ^

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