[Kdrama] ‘The Greatest Wedding’ episode 5-10 ~ review/impression/opinion ~

The writer of ‘The Greatest Marriage’ and Park Shi Yeon are a great team when it comes to portraying the angst that single mothers go through as they try to protect their children. There are times when I think that the writer is bluntly scolding the society for treating single mothers as criminals when all these women are trying to do is to raise their children.

Watching episode 10 I failed to understand why other mothers from the hospital are treating Ki Young like that. Rather than how the outside people are treating her, the women are disgusting to disregard her as a human being just because she isn’t married. These women even requested to the nurse to move Ki Young’s baby away from the other babies; shouldn’t they understand her the best? Yet all of them are ganging up against Ki Young as she and her baby are the plague. Does it make them better because they do have husbands?

Tae Yeon is a mess! There are no signs of changing; Yes, he is starting to feel remorse in a way or another but he gets two women pregnant and barely got to take responsibility for one of them after signing a contract just to get out of his parents attention. Again, he wasn’t doing it out of responsibility towards the baby but just because Tae Yeon wanted to run away from his nagging parents. We are already at episode 10 and he makes the same mistake and now the viewers should feel sorry for him because the guy goes drinking and crying around? No! Tae Yeon needs to wake up to reality and trying to run away from his parents won’t resolve anything and this is what he still doesn’t understand, he needs to face them straight on, but I’m sure this won’t happen any time soon.

Tae Yeon has a lot of growing to do, because he still doesn’t understand how much his stupidity affects those around and to be honest just because in the end of episode 10 he says “ I have two kids, one isn’t here and the other isn’t mine anymore” should I pity him? I don’t want to! I’m not in the mood for his idiocy. People indeed make mistakes, but just because he said that, it doesn’t mean that Tae Yeon woke up, to me it looked more like he lost something that it was his and he feels sorry for being left alone, I mean all of a sudden the two kids are his, when all along he told both women to abort them? You got to be kidding me.

As for Myung Yi, I did feel sorry for her for a second or two but then I realized that her mourning over her lost baby was because she lost her ticket to luxury. I was fooled for a bit but then Myung Yi goes again to her typical activity of wishing to take a guy’s money just because her father’s company went off. Do I need to feel sorry for her as well, because I seriously don’t posed this much compassion towards idiots. What I honestly don’t like about her story is how the writer is trying to get people to sympathize with her by bringing up her parents who left her alone in Korea and while she tries to rip off a rich guy they went to live in Canada.

Also what’s the deal with Pedro and So Nyeo? I don’t really want them to go towards becoming a couple or anything like that even though he is indeed trying to make her realize where she is at fault for the things in her own life. However she still doesn’t understand anything and now she is slowly falling in love with him because the guy showed a little bit of attention for her. No matter how much of a feminist and strong woman image she is trying to show the world in the end she is a frail sweetheart …..according to Pedro. I’m not buying the scene from the train station where Petrol tells So Nyeo that she is a special pumpkin, because, well ….she isn’t.

However leaving that aside, I’m blaming the parents for how So Nyeo and Tae Yeon turned out to be. First we have the father who has the king syndrome, then it’s the mother who wipes the King’s butt every time he falls on milk. More than that, the mother, as a woman, showed only submission as an example for So Nyeo. Still, towards Tae Yeon, the mother always treated him like a price of a country with 5 people thus his attitude when people (in this case Ki Young) ignore him.

One thing I will never understand (I’m not sure if it’s actually true in Korean society even though I’ve seen it always happen in dramas) mothers of main characters who run off with their daughters’ babies. I do get it that the mother is trying to protect Ki Young so her daughter won’t live the same as she did in the past, as a single mother, but what’s the point of stealing Ki Young’ son to put it under her brother’s name when the whole country already knows about the whole story. Also, how is the mother trying to protect Ki Young when at this point she become the number one enemy of her own daughter the moment she run off with the boy.

I’m so angry with the story as a whole, how people treat single mothers but more importantly how their own families are making them even more miserable when the family should be those women’s main physically and mentally support.


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