[Kdrama] ‘Mama – Nothing to Fear’ ep 14 ~recap/review/opinion~

Ji Sub remembers the words he heard from Seung Hee a night before regarding her wanting to live on since she can’t leave Groo all alone especially now when the boy begged her not to leave him alone so Ji Sub offers himself to help out improving her relationship with Groo.

He goes to pick Groo up for Seung Hee. But before leaving, the mothers’ club appear and one of them becomes pretty talkative with him, luckily Ji Sub uses his wit and puts the lady in her place.

Meanwhile Seung Hee seems to want to take on any procedure that can give her at least one more day together with her son.

Ji Sub and Groo arrive at the meeting point (with Seung Hee) but before she arrives, Groo asks Ji Sub when he will marry his mother. The boy’s question shocks him but in the end he explains to Groo that he and Seung Hee won’t get married, however when Groo asks if Ji Sub likes his mother, he becomes flustered but when he finally gets a hold of his actions, Ji Sub disregards any thoughts of having feelings for Seung Hee.

Seung Hee arrives with the bike she is supposed to give Groo when he turns 20 years old and offers to take her son for a ride. The 3 of them enjoy the bike ride.

While cleaning up Groo’s room, Seung Hee sees that the boy received a message from Tae Joo calling him out to play basketball, but she deletes it. Groo enters the room and sees his mother taking laundry away, in the laundry he sees his panties as well, thing that embarrasses the teenager (having his mother see his panties).

Groo asks his mother if she has an one sided love towards Ji Sub since he said that he won’t marry her, but she give a negative answer. Then her son asks Seung Hee what will she like to do together, she just needs to tell him and he will do it but it has to be something within his reach.

Tae Joo becomes Director so he informs Bo Na and Ji Eun about the big news. When he goes to change clothes, Tae Joo starts looking at a picture he took with Groo. Later Ji Eun enters the room and tells him that she went to the doctor to confirm if she is pregnant or not. She continues saying that she wishes to have a son but Tae Joo tells her that he doesn’t want one.

Next morning, Seung Hee and Groo seem to have a normal mother-son relationship as she prepares breakfast for her son, more importantly the two have a normal conversation without fighting each other.

Later Seung Hee and Tae Joo meet up, however Ji Eun’s sister in law sees them. Seung Hee tells Tae Joo to stop meeting Groo since he said that he wants to protect his own family. She advices Tae Joo not to hurt Groo or Ji Eun because of their own actions. Meanwhile, a private detective follows Seung Hee around and he sees her meeting up with Tae Joo.

Ji Eun’s sister in law talks about seeing Tae Joo and Seung Hee meeting up with one of the mothers’ club members.

Groo and Bo Na have to do a school project regarding their families. When Ji Eun says that they don’t have a new family photo, Groo tells her that his mother has a picture with Ji Eun’s family in their house.

Ji Sub’s father tries to use Stella Han (Seung Hee) as a string to make his son work at the company but he is shocked to find out directly from his son that he was fired as Stella’s secretary. Annoyed, the father starts to shout at Ji Sub, but as the later one was leaving, Director Kim appears (he still thinks of Ji Sub as Stella’s secretary, he doesn’t know Ji Sub’s real identity as the CEO’s son).

Ji Sub is informed by one of the project workers that it will be good to write an autobiography book about Seung Hee. At the same time, Tae Joo appears and Ji Sub tells the other worker that he should ask the Director (Tae Joo) what’s his opinion over the book. Tae Joo answers that they will work it out internally. When the worker ask Ji Sub to plan a meeting for Stella at an University since she is the role model of many University female students, Ji Sub starts glaring at Tae Joo while telling the other man that although Stella Han is successful as an artist, her personal life isn’t.

Ji Sub: “If you are curious about the reason, ask your director directly.”

Seung Hee asks Ji Sub to find a house for her and Groo where she can live peacefully with her son. Before leaving the hospital room, Seung Hee has a moment of fatigue and Ji Sub jumps fast to catch her.

Arriving at Seung Hee apartment building, Ji Eun sees her with Ji Sub in the car. Since Seung Hee was sleeping, Ji Sub was trying to help Seung Hee,  but Ji Eun mistakes what she sees as Ji Sub wanting to kiss Seung Hee. She starts scolding Ji Sub – when Seung Hee wakes up she tries to explain to Ji Eun but before they can resolve anything, Ji Sub shoves the things in the car for Ji Eun to carry in the house since Seung Hee can’t carry anything heavy for the moment.

Ji Eun asks Seung Hee why she has a picture of her family, but Seung Hee tells her that she just liked the picture.

Tae Joo’s mother is shocked hearing that Ji Eun may be pregnant.

The woman goes to Bo Na’s school where she sees her granddaughter’s friend, Groo. Luckily Seung Hee sees the woman and calls Groo before she can be seen.

Tae Hoon sees Seung Hee’s picture at Ji Sub’s place and finds out that the person who Ji Sub likes and the person who was Tae Joo’s girlfriend in the past are the same person.

Groo tells Bo Na to ask her father if he wants to play basketball with him but he refuses. Moreover Groo hears Tae Joo over the phone when he says that they should spend the night as family. Groo is pretty pissed about it so he asks his mother to go out to play basketball. The two spend a good amount of time enjoying their time together before Ji Eun, Tae Joo and Bo Na appear. Ji Eun invites the other two for ice cream. Because Tae Joo refuses to take them, Groo tells him to make a bet over a game of basketball. Tae Joo refuses once again thing that infuriates the boy.

At home, Groo tells his mother that it angers him knowing about Bo Na’s father pitying him.

Seung Hee: “Then you can just hate him.

Groo: But I like him, that’s what makes me even angrier.”

Next day, when Tae Joo goes to pick Bo Na, he meets Groo however he bluntly ignores him.

Tae Joo’s mother finds out about Seung Hee being the artist Stella Han on top of that she sees that Seung Hee has an autograph session that day so the woman rushes there.

Before the autograph session, Seung Hee tells Ji Sub that after the event ends she will have dinner with Ji Eun and the children so he can have the day free.

Tae Joo’s mother makes a scene at the autograph session resulting to Seung Hee’s leave from the event. She calls Tae Joo and tells him to take his mother away, unfortunately the woman finds Seung Hee before he can do anything. The woman starts acting concerned about Seung Hee, but Seung Hee doesn’t let herself caught by her. When Tae Joo’s mother starts asking about Groo, Seung Hee gets irritates but to the woman’s luck, Tae Joo comes to pick her up. Meanwhile Ji Eun and the kids also arrive at the event.

Seung Hee’s pains are starting to kick again so she leaves the autograph session. Because she couldn’t find her pills, she calls Ji Sub for help. Before Ji Sub could arrive, Groo gets home and finds his mother on the bathroom’s floor.

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