[Kdrama] ‘Mama – Nothing to Fear’ ep 15 ~recap/review/opinion~

Ji Sub arrives before the ambulance is to leave with Seung Hee so he tells them that they should go to Hongik University Hospital because there is her personal doctor. When Groo wants to get into the ambulance, Ji Sub stops him and tries to comfort the boy saying that things will be fine. A few seconds later Ji Eun appears, and because she also wants to go to the hospital (where she may finds out about Seugn Hee’s disease), Ji Sub asks her to take care of Groo since someone has to take care of him as he will follow to ambulance.

At the hospital, Seung Hee hears the doctor when he tells Ji Sub that they should prepare for her to wrap up her life. Ji Sub calms Seung Hee informing her that he didn’t tell anything to Groo about her disease but in fact he lied that she fainted from overworking. He advices Seung Hee to stay in the hospital for the night since she wouldn’t want to faint again in front of Groo.

Everyone is concerned about Groo and Seung Hee so Ji Eun decides to cook something healthy for Seung Hee. Bo Na’s parents think that will be better to Groo to stay at their house but the boy refuses saying that he wants to go to his mother.

In the car Groo tells Tae Joo that it’s okay if his father is throwing him away but he doesn’t want to be left behind by his mother because she is everything he has. At the hospital entrance Tae Joo entrusts Groo to Ji Sub and watches the two enter the hospital. Arriving in his mother’s room, Groo gets into his mother’s bed. The boy starts scolding her for overworking, then he asks her if she collapsed because of him. However she tells him that it’s not because of him and asks her son to hold her hand. Without thinking much, Groo holds her right away.

Groo: “I will hold your hand every day so don’t be sick.”

The next day, Tae Joo visits Seung Hee at the hospital and while he acts concerned about her, she is rather disgusted by him. Before leaving Ji Eun appears and she starts finding things kinda weird. (between Seung Hee and Tae Joo)

During the company meeting, Director Kim tries to make Seung Hee responsible for the event, luckily Ji Sub arrives and saves the day… of course there are no objections from the CEO towards Ji Sub. Later Director Kim finds out that Ji Sub is the CEO’s son and that the CEO wants to leave the company to his son after making the Stella Han project successful.

One of the mothers’ club members tells Ji Eun about Seung Hee meeting up with Tae Joo. In front of the other mothers she tries to act cool about it, but in the end it does affect her.

Ji Eun finds out about Seung Hee wanting to buy another house.

Seung Hee meets up with her detective and as they were talking the man sees someone taking pictures of them. Unfortunately he can’t catch up with the one who was taking photos.

Tae Joo’s mother sees Seung Hee at the children’s school by mistake and she finds out that Groo is her son. Meanwhile the man who was taking photos when she meet the detective is taking photos of Seung Hee and Tae Joo’s mother talking. Seung Hee asks the woman to leave her and her son alone.

On the way home, Seung Hee sees a car following them. At home Ji Eun senses Seung Hee weird acting and she asks about it but with no result. Ji Eun tells Seung Hee about her being pregnant.

Because Groo’s birthday is coming up, Seung Hee asks him what he wants to do on the big day since he deserves a big party.

Everyone was preparing to congratulate Ji Eun on her pregnancy but to her surprise she isn’t pregnant. To lift her mood up, Seung Hee asks Ji Eun to eat dinner together. Apparently Seung Hee asked Ji Sub to prepare something for Ji Eun; when he goes to deliver the thing, he asks Seung Hee if she and Ji Eun are really close and if she told her everything about her situation. Seung Hee tells him that it’s time for Ji Eun to find out.

During dinner, Seung Hee gives Ji Eun a tango outfit since it was her dream to dance tango. Later Tae Joo also appears at the dinner. Before leaving, while Seung Hee and Tae Joo were talking, Ji Eun watches them from the car. Moreover the guy who was following Seung Hee all day keeps taking photo of her and Tae Joo.

Groo sees his mother painting again so he starts scolding her for overworking. Seung Hee listens to him but before wrapping everything up, her hand starts to tremor and the boys starts getting even more concerned. While Seung Hee was trying to hide in her room, Groo appears and takes her hand to massage it. As he was giving his mother a massage, Groo asks Seung Hee about her mother and she starts telling the boy that his grandmother passed away when she was younger than him.

The subject changes and Seung Hee tells Groo that they will move, fortunately he doesn’t throw fists anymore and agrees to the move pretty fast.

Ji Eun tries to help Bo Na with her school project and because they didn’t had many pictures she decides to go to her mother in law’s house to take some pictures from there.

Ji Sub sees Seung Hee looking at the paintings she prepared for Groo. As he approached her, Seung Hee asks him to give Groo the paintings when the boy will grow up.

At her mother in law’s house, Ji Eun finds by mistake a picture with Seung Hee and Tae Joo. The woman starts remembering everything and all of a sudden pieces are starting to come together.

Ji Eun leaves the same picture on Seung Hee’s desk. When Ji Eun arrives at Seung Hee’s office, the later one finds out that it wasn’t the reporter who put the picture on her desk put Ji Eun.

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