[Kdrama] ‘Mama – Nothing to Fear’ ep 13 ~recap/review/opinion~

Tae Joo is such a selfish man. When he is supposed to take responsibility over Groo as his son, he runs away because all of a sudden he doesn’t want to hurt Ji Eun, but where were his good intentions towards his wife when he was cheating on her with Kang? Hypocrite. To be honest, I’m not blaming Seung Hee for not telling him about Groo when she was pregnant with the boy, I mean Tae Joo is clearly a man who can be played on why any person, more importantly by his mother thus regardless if she told him, he would’ve still break up with her.

I’m kinda scared of the fact that there is still no one to take care of Groo. I was thinking that Ji Sub would be a great help for him, but can Ji Sub take care of a teenager? I don’t think so. Of course, Ji Sub and Groo are very much alike but that’s the end to how they relationship should be. On the other hand, Ji Sub can be a great moral support for the boy considering their ‘situations’ and sufferings are pretty similar.

After leaving Groo in his room, Seung Hee tells Tae Joo to take his son away. However that infuriates Tae Joo since she gave birth to Groo without telling him and now she wants to give him the boy and that will make the situation he is in much worse. Seung Hee says that if she isn’t anymore then he is the only (family) Groo has left, Tae Joo replays back questioning Seung Hee if she ever thought about Ji Eun when she dared to ask that (to take Groo) – it’s not like Seung Hee has the time to care about others when her life is getting shorter by each day and leaving Groo with someone who can take care of him is the most important thing for her.

At home, Ji Eun was trying on the coat Tae Joo got from Ji Sub (as a sample during Seung Hee’s autograph session), annoyed he shouts at his wife to take it off, but Ji Eun misunderstands and acts all shy – then he goes on explaining that he doesn’t want to see that coat again. Tae Joo seems suspicions on Seung Hee’s intentions so he asks Ji Eun who approached whom first; the wife’s answers gives him a little comfort knowing that it wasn’t Seung Hee who made the first move.

In the morning, Seung Hee tells her son that she had a talk with his father so because they don’t have many days to live together the two should spend it without having to regret later on. She confesses to Groo that when they returned to Korea, she wanted to do a lot of things together with him, but unfortunately things turned bad. She musters her courage to ask Groo to create some memories together but he doesn’t seem to like the idea since all they always do is fight. (more like he was angered because Seung Hee says that they won’t see each other after he will start living with his father)

Tae Joo sees Groo with a sad expression and asks what happened but when the boy says that he will soon meet his father, Tae Joo’s expression starts to froze.

Ji Eun tells Seung Hee that no matter who she is outside, to her she will always be ‘Seung Hee, my friend’. Seung Hee is discouraged hearing that so she asks Ji Eun if in the future she can say it with the same confidence no matter what she will find out, Ji Eun doesn’t have the chance to answer because Seung Hee leaves the room.

Seung Hee offers to pay for Ji Sub when he will find a new place to live in (since she kicked him out all of a sudden). Ji Sub gets irritated with the whole situation and he chases after her, but Tae Joo appears. At first Ji Sub tries to chase Tae Joo away but Seung Hee tells Ji Sub to leave them alone; before Tae Joo gets to enter Seung Hee’s studio, Ji Sub tries to chase him away once more, but he just shoves the young man’s hand and enters the studio.

Tae Joo starts calling Seung Hee names for wanting to abandon Groo, in returns she tells him that all she wants is to give the boy a happy family; however despise that, Tae Joo thinks that she wants to marry Ji Sub and leave Groo behind thus he shouts at her that he will take care of Groo from now on. Ji Sub sees Tae Joo leaving so he wants to enter Seung Hee’s studio but stops before doing so.

Tae Joo’s mother wants to take Groo (after all Seung Hee is rich and all of her money are also Groo’s) so she starts making plans how to take the boy. Later Tae Joo’s brother sees Ji Eun with Seung Hee.

Seung Hee keeps her promise of making new memories with Groo and Ji Eun with her daughter are helping out. Although at first Groo isn’t willing to go at an amusement park, with the help of Bo Na, the boy changes his mind. While the children were playing, Seung Hee tells Ji Eun that everything is her fault so she should never blame Groo for anything in the future, but all that makes Ji Eun even more confused. Bo Na and Ji Eun put their plan into action so the two successfully make Groo and Seung Hee ride together. During the ride, Seung Hee’s hand starts to tremor and the boy sees it, however he thinks that his mother was afraid of the ride and takes her hand.

After having some fun, Seung Hee once again asks Ji Eun to treat Groo as her own son in the future.

Back at home, Groo sees his mother taking pills so he asks her what kind of pills are those. To hide herself she says those pills are vitamins. A few minutes later she receives a message from Tae Joo asking to meet Groo as his father. She informs the boy about his father wanting to meet him; confused he asks if he will meet his father then will she continue to live in that house (they are currently living in). Afterwards Groo wants to know if he can visit her later on, but Seung Hee refuses to tell him saying that she will live in a place where he can’t go to.

It seems like Ji Eun is pregnant.

Groo is supposed to meet up with his father but Tae Joo stood him up after finding out that Ji Eun is pregnant. He sends Seung Hee a message to go and pick Groo up, after she reads the message Seung Hee panics knowing that the boy will be alone. When Seung Hee finally arrives at the restaurant Groo and Tae Joo were supposed to meet up, she can’t find her son. Later Groo goes to the basketball court and asks Tae Joo to meet him up to tell him what he went through during the day (after his father stood him up). Tae Joo busy Groo dinner, during dinner the man tries to excuse ‘Groo’s father’ in front of the boy.

Tae Joo meets up with Seung Hee to apologies to her because he stood Groo up but she doesn’t want to hear anything and just calls him a bastard.

Groo pleads to his mother not to throw him away because he wants to live with her. The two hug each other and Seung Hee tells her son that she won’t leave and they can live together.

Next day, Seung Hee receives the picture they took at the amusement park.

Later, Ji Sub comes to the studio and sees Seung Hee sitting on the floor looking blank.

Seung Hee: “I don’t think I should die.”

Hearing Seung Hee that she doesn’t want to die, Ji Sub hugs her.

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