[Kdrama] ‘Mama – Nothing to Fear’ ep 10 ~recap/review/opinion~

Sometimes I feel like Seung Hee needs to do as JI Sub says, mostly because he knows how Groo will feel in the future, after all his and the boy’s lives are the same and Ji Sub is the person like whom Groo will become later on.

Tae Joo is dumbfounded hearing from Ji Sub that Seung Hee is his girlfriend – and as they were leaving, Seung Hee kept looking back, but Ji Sub tells her to look forward; seconds later Kang appears and starts talking in front of Tae Joo about how his wife’s friends has such a young boyfriend; afterwards Tae Joo finally finds out that Kang meet up with Seung Hee a few days ago.

Before going into the doctor’s office, Ji Sub starts bragging about how Tae Joo’s face dropped when he said Seung Hee is his girlfriend. Seeing her reaction, he fast jumps to the conclusion that she may still love Tae Joo, but Seung Hee si quick to infirm it with her fade answer that even if one days you feel like dying for the person you love as time passes by, love will vanish. Then Seung Hee tells Ji Sub to call her ‘noona’ since she is 10 years older than him, but he refuses. The two bicker for a while before Ji Sub reminds her they have to act as a couple in front of the doctor as well, since the doctor still thinks of Ji Sub as her guardian. Although he is a little forceful to act like a couple, Seung Hee pulls his hand aside.

Tae Joo finally finds out from Kang about the meet up between her and Seung Hee. He follows up telling Kang that she can do anything she wants to him without bothering his wife. Of course that angers Kang and she asks him to divorce his wife and marry her. However even after hearing Kang’s plead, Tae Joo leaves refusing to answer such atrocious idea.

Ji Eun goes to confront the mothers who send the picture with Ji Sub and Seung Hee to everyone. But the two mothers responsible for the issue start blaming each other. Meanwhile the kids from the neighborhood start leaving Groo alone (the mothers of the kids tell them to ignore Groo).

Ji Eun calls Seung Hee to tell her about the whole situation so she has to rush out from the hospital room. Seung Hee sees Ji Sub sleeping aside her and she just puts his shirt over him before leaving to meet up with Ji Eun.

Seung Hee goes directly to Ji Eun to ask what happened, however she doesn’t understand why her friend kept the issue away. Ji Eun explains she was afraid that Seung Hee will make the situation blow out of proportion on top of that Groo asked to keep it a secret from her. When Ji Eun tells Seung Hee to call her husband to come back to Korea so the rumors will be taken down (about her cheating), Seung Hee finally reveals to Ji Eun that she and her ‘husband’ broke up a long time ago. Seung Hee tells Ji Eun her story with Groo’s father and why things ended the way it did, however she doesn’t confess about Tae Joo being the boy’s father.

Seung Hee’s lawyer pays her a visit – it seems she put all of the properties on Ji Eun’s name.

Ji Sub finds out from the doctor that there isn’t more he can do for Seung Hee since the disease in the last stage.

Meanwhile Seung Hee goes to pick up Groo from his after school. Later Tae Joo appears to pick up Bo Na as well, but before the kids appeared, Tae Joo remembers the past when the two were supposed to meet a day before his weeding with Ji Eun, however Seung Hee didn’t go to meet up with him, thus he tells her that they didn’t end as they are right now only because of him, but in fact she also has half of the blame. The conversation ends fast since the children appear – the scene was watched closely by Kang who seems to have followed Tae Joo around.

At home, Tae Joo tells Ji Eun not to meet up with Kang if she ever calls.

On their way home, Seung Hee tries to teach Groo not to give up on the things he wants to do, but the boy seems distant. Groo bring up Ji Sub into their conversation and surprisingly Ji Sub appears at the same time, making the boy becoming even more irritated. Seung Hee takes him away and starts yelling at Ji Sub for coming at her house, however her words hurt Ji Sub who came only to bring her medicine.

Seung Hee: “From now on, don’t worry about me. Don’t worry if I die or not.”

When Seung Hee comes back home she sees Groo waiting for her. The boys tells her that it’s the first time a guy came to her house, the first time she talked during the night with a guy over the phone thus he must be special to her. Groo goes forward saying that the reason they fight now more than they used in Canada is because in Canada she was barely at home, therefore they need to live in Korea as strangers. Seung Hee pick up his speech and asks Groo what if she dies, however it is clearly he doesn’t want that, but he just pretends that in Korea you need a guardian for everything, so she should stay with him until he becomes an adult.

The next morning Seung Hee decides to go to the school board – Ji Eun tries to stop her but with no result. The director tells the other two mothers that it will be better to apologize to Seung Hee, even so, one of them refuses to do so, but in the end she comes to Seung Hee to give her apology.

Ji Eun asks Seung Hee about the guy in the pictures and tells her friend to catch him fast. No matter how much Seung Hee says that Ji Sub is just someone who she receives help from, Ji Eun says she wishes to see her happy.

Back at her studio, Seung Hee notices the quiet atmosphere and goes up to Ji Sub apartment – there she tries to make a conversation with him but he just ignores her….creating an awkward silence between them. Later on the two finally start to talk again. When Seung Hee starts talking about the paper she is working on, Ji Sub gets angry saying that it isn’t the time to work when she should get treatment. Even thought he still doesn’t get her worries about the papers, Ji Sub tells her he will be away for the nigh however she should call him if anything happens.

Kang calls on Ji Eun’s phone but her mother answers. The woman rushes out but on the way she goes to another apartment – the one Ji Eun’s father gave to his mistress – this scene pretty much shows that her mother got dementia. After taking her mother home, Ji Eun receives a message from Kang to meet up.

Bo Na takes Groo around and later he finds out the girl wanted to run away from home. Surprisingly Groo is a pretty mature kid and calls Tae Joo to pick her up. When they arrived at Groo’s house, the boy tells Tae Joo that Bo Na took him to her grandmother’s house and that it was nice there to the point of feeling jealous of Tae Joo fro having such a family.

Groo arrives home and Ji Eun tries to make a promise with him that she will take care of him in place of his mother and also that she will keep all the secrets the two will make in the future without telling Seung Hee. (she didn’t intended any harm, Ji Eun just wanted to get close to Groo). Seung Hee sees the scene and then JI Eun makes fun of her for being jealous. While they were talking, Ji Eun keeps getting phone calls from Kang and Seung Hee tries to stop her from thinking about Kang or even meeting her.

As Groo was sleeping, Seung Hee comes into his room to see him sleep.

Seung Hee: “Will we be able to hold hands like we used to?”

The next morning, Bo Na still acts rude towards her father. After Tae Joo left for work, Kang sends her own picture to Bo Na’s phone, luckily the girl didn’t see the picture because Ji Eun deleted it before that but she ended up going to meet up with Kang.

Reporters appear at Seung Hee’s studio and Ji Sub rushes to take her out without letting them see her face. Apparently the reporters were sent by Director Kim but Ji Sub ends up beating up Tae Joo. After that, the CEO appears and sees Ji Sub. Seeing his son there and finding out from Tae Joo that he is Stella’s secretary the CEO asks for a meeting with the ‘secretary’.

Ji Eun meets with Kang where Kang tells her that Tae Joo and Seung Hee are seeing each other.

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