[Kdrama] ‘Mama – Nothing to Fear’ ep 9 ~recap/review/opinion~

At first I felt sorry for Ji Sub since he will fall for Seung Hee and it was already hard for him losing his mother, how he will lose the person he falls in love with. However as I watch more, the meeting between Ji Sub and Seung Hee can be a lesson for both of them. Meeting Ji Sub will make Seung Hee understand love, and for him it will mean changing himself and understanding what’s important in life.

Tae Joo goes to Seung Hee to directly ask her  who the real father of Groo is. Seung Hee replays back with a question to test how Tae Joo will react if she tells him Groo is his son, but he starts panicking that Seung Hee wants to turn him into a bad person who abandoned his child when he has no fault in it. From afar Ji Sub watches the scene without interfering for now. Seeing Tae Joo’s reaction, Seung Hee tells him that his life wasn’t perfect to begin with so he has no right to think of Groo or herself as people who ruined his life.

Seung Hee: “Don’t kid yourself, as far as I know your life is a mess.”

When Tae Joo asks one last time if Groo is his son, Seung Hee give a negative reply, however his attitude was the last drop to her since she yells at Tae Joo to not dare act as if Groo is a burden when for her, the boy is the most important person in the world.

Until the end of the conversation between the two, Ji Sub doesn’t interfere but when she leaves, he follows her – He finally catches up with her, Ji Sub sees Seung Hee crying on the street. The first thing he says to her is that she lied all along since he acted like a strong person as everything was fine. When Seung Hee asks him if he heard anything from her talk with Tae Joo, Ji Sub says he couldn’t hear a thing (but he actually did hear everything).

During the meeting of the mothers’ club, one of the mother starts badmouthing Seung Hee (because Groo is a candidate for class president and he may take her son’s spot), but luckily Ji Eun was there to save the day and pretty much lashed on the other mother – the two women have a verbal fight as a result Ji Eun wins the fight.

Ji Sub takes Seung Hee to her studio where he tells her to quit working and stop caring about that person (Tae Joo), but he tells him that she cares about that person because she is dying while he is staying.

Ji Sub continues and tells her that she should think first about Groo because all he saw was that she never thought of herself as a mother thus he didn’t see that Groo has his worries about life. The Ji Sub connects the story to his and says the thing he hated the most was when his mother treated him as a kid, thinking he didn’t knew anything when in fact he knew it all.

Seung Hee: “I think your mother is really proud of you, seeing how you grew up. She must have wanted to see more of you.”

In the afternoon, Seung Hee finds a lunch box with a message attached on it that said to eat and exercise regularly. When she looks up she sees Ji Sub fussing around.

Ji Sub:”It’s trying when I see her but I get worried when I don’t see her. This is driving me crazy.”

The CEO advices Tae Joo to be careful about his relationship with Director Kang , so people won’t spread rumors around the company. Kang gets on the same elevator as Tae Joo and asks him to make some time that night but he refuses saying that he won’t meet her from now one and she can just reveal everything to the company’s board since he already reached bottom.

Tae Joo watched Groo play basketball and when Groo notices him he asks to play together a game of basketball. After the game, the two have a heart to heart talk where Groo says that all his memories from his childhood were him being alone waiting for his mother. Then Tae Joo asks what about his father – the boy tries to lie but Tae Joo is fast to understand that Groo was lying about his father being overseas.

Groo returns home and sees his mother taking pills but she lies to him saying that those pills are vitamins. A few seconds later Seung Hee receives a messages from Ji Sub in which he was asking if she already talked with Groo. She goes to her son to see what he will think of her working for the company (since after people will find out, the reporters will start digging in her personal life), however Groo doesn’t seem willing to talk with her so Seung Hee gives up.

Kang tries to call Tae Joo but he doesn’t answer so she sends Ji Eun a message but it ends up at Seung Hee (because Ji Eun forgot her phone at Seung Hee’s apartment) asking to meet up if she isn’t afraid to lose her husband – Seung Hee accepts but Kang think it’s Ji Eun who accepts to meet.

Groo is facing problems with the school elections since one of the mothers send the picture with Ji Sun and Seung Hee to the mothers’ club with the title: “is she fit to be the president’s mother?”

Seung Hee meets up with Kang and the first thing she says to her is:

Seung Hee: “Don’t mess with my friend!”

Kang tries to threaten Seung Hee but Seung Hee isn’t easily influenced so she takes Kang’s phone and drops it in the coffee before leaving.

Groo becomes irritated after seeing the picture with JI Sub and his mother. Meanwhile Ji Sub installs a inter-phone between his house and her studio. However while they were talking, the girl who likes Ji Sub appears with her hair ccut and dressed as Seung Hee – in the mist of him being shocked the phone disconnects so Seung Hee goes up to his apartment. There she sees Ji Sub with the girl and from the back it seemed like the two were kissing but in fact Ji Sub wanted to take out something that got into her eye. Seung Hee excuses herself and leaves, when he wanted to chase after her, the girls stops him.

The daughter in law of Ji Eun’s mother wants to make her seem like she has dementia, after a fight Ji Eun and Tae Joo decide to take her to their house. Later Tae Joo goes to the basketball court to search for Groo but the boy wasn’t there so he sends him a message wishing him good luck on the election.

Meanwhile Ji Sub calls Seung Hee to pursue her to talk honestly with Groo. Hearing Ji Sub she decides to go and talk with her son. When she goes to Groo, the boy asks her to cut his toenails; while she was cutting his nails Groo tells her:

Groo: “Don’t hurt me.”

But I’m not sure if he was referring to his toes or himself as a whole. Seung Hee is finally getting courage to ask Groo what he thinks about her working for the company since later on she will have to do interviews and people will also find out about him (not having a father). Groo tells her that he hates it (doesn’t want it) seeing people talk about her, but she mistakes his words as being embarrassed of her, when in fact Groo wanted to say that he hates people talking bad about her.

Groo: “Although I don’t like you, I’m not embarrassed of you. Although I don’t like you, I still think of you as a great person. I’m rude to you but I don’t like others being like that towards you.”

After hearing her son’s words, Seung Hee leaves the room so Groo won’t see her cry. At the same time, Groo starts crying in his room. Then the boy goes to rip his speech (since him being in the election may be a reason for people to spread the picture with Ji Sub and his mother).

The next day, everyone finds out about Groo giving up on the election and Ji Eun finally finds out about the picture with Seung Hee and Ji Sub. Meanwhile Kang calls Tae Joo telling him she is sick (bullshit I say). At first he refuses to go but in the end he arrives at her apartment.

Later that day Ji Sub takes Seung Hee to her check up appointment since the doctor still thinks of Ji Sub as her guardian (that’s just an excuse Ji Sub, an excuse…. ), but before leaving Ji Sub feels like making it clear that the girl who comes to visit him isn’t his girlfriend.

Tae Joo also takes Kang to the doctor and of course, there, he meets up with Seung Hee and Ji Sub. Tae Joo is confused seeing Ji Sub with Seung Hee moreover he has a shock when he hears Ji Sub that Seung Hee is his girlfriend.

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