[Kdrama] ‘Mama – Nothing to Fear’ ep 11 ~recap/review/opinion~

Seung Hee arrives before Kang got to tell Ji Eun more of her idiocy, however the mistress had the time to tell Ji Eun that Seung Hee and Tae Joo are meeting each other. Infuriated Seung Hee threatens Kang not to mess with Ji Eun and while the woman was preparing to say something in return, Ji Eun got a glass of water and splashed it on Kang. After the two friends left the restaurant, Kang wanted to follow them but the detective hired by Seung Hee kinda gets in her way.

In the car Seung Hee keeps asking Ji Eun what Kang told her but she refuses to answer. Still thinking about what Kang told her, Ji Eun decides to ask Seung Hee how did she got to meet Kang days before and from whom she got that woman’s phone number. Seung Hee reminds Ji Eun about the day when she forgot the phone in her house – that night Kang sent a message on Ji Eun’s phone. Hearing that from Seung Hee, Ji Eun starts feeling calmer (at first she was thinking that Seung Hee had the phone number from Tae Joo, and if she did had it from him, then what Kang said about Seung Hee and Tae Joo meeting up could’ve been true, however now her worries are starting to fate a little). Regardless, Seung Hee is still angry after the whole situation with Kang so she decides it’s the time to screw up the mistress.

At home, Ji Eun sees the rock figure Tae Joo received (in episode one) from Canada but on the package the sender’s address wasn’t written, thus she starts thinking again about what Kang told her.

Seung Hee calls the company’s CEO to inform him that she will accept the contract’s requests but with two conditions and she mentions Kang and Tae Joo. Later Kang goes to Director Kim to tell him about Stella Han accepting the contract when in fact the two wished her to drop it so Kang can have her revenge on Tae Joo (since he is responsible of the project with Stella). Director Kim doesn’t seem to get why Stella accepted the conditions so he thinks about investigating her.

Tae Joo comes home and tells his wife about the project finally coming to light. During dinner Bo Na asks about the famous artist he will work with, however when he mentions about Stella being from Canada, Ji Eun starts thinking once again about Kang’s words in the afternoon.

Groo tells Seung Hee about his visit at Bo Na’s grandmother, but that seems to anger his mother. Groo then changes the subject and asks about his father and if the man is someone miserable seeing how Seung Hee won’t let them meet. The boy continues with his questions and asks what kind of person his father is. Seung Hee doesn’t give a proper answer and just asks the boy back what kind of person he wishes his father to be, if Bo Na’s father is close to his ideal. Groo tells her that Tae Joo is okay as a father but he can’t wish for that much.

The conversation about the father ends there as Seung Hee tells Groo that she accepted to do the project for the company, hearing that, the boy gets angry because he doesn’t understand why his mother even bothered in asking him if she wasn’t ready to consider his opinion regarding the matter.

Groo: “I almost trusted you.”

Next day Ji Eun asks Seung Hee if she is hiding something. Seung Hee hesitates a little but then she says that with time Ji Eun will find everything.

Ji Eun still didn’t calm and after seeing Tae Joo’s phone number in Seung Hee’s phone, the wife calls her husband to ask why he called Seung Hee a night before. Tae Joo who is quick as always, tells her that he promised Groo to play basketball but because he couldn’t get on with the promise so he had to call Seung Hee to inform Groo about it.

The desperate wife decides to break into Seung Hee’s safe, but it wasn’t easy so she calls the safe company posing as Seung Hee.

At Seung Hee’s studio she kinda makes Ji Sub do some work around there. After he finishes, Seung Hee tells him that it’s time to compensate all the work he did until now. Looking around, he sees a bike so he asks for it, but she refuses saying that it is Groo’s birthday present for when he will be 20 years old after all she can’t be there at that time thus she got the present for her son in advance. Ji Sub gets angry with her saying that she wasted her life caring about Tae Joo and raising Groo, but she did nothing for herself.

While the two were discussing, Sung Hee’s hand starts to tremor, although she tries to hide it, Ji Sub sees everything and tells her to hold his hand.

Ji Sub: “You are the most pathetic woman I’ve seen in my life. You will die soon, don’t you at least want to relay on someone regardless of who that person is. Even so I already know everything so hurry up and hold my hand.’

Back to his floor, Ji Sub’s friend (who is also Tae Joo’s younger brother) sees him sighing around and asks him what happened.

Ji Sub: “I’m in trouble, I think I like that woman.”

Tae Joo and Seung Hee meet up after both of them sensed that something is wrong with Ji Eun after the meeting with Kang. Seung Hee tells Tae Joo that she will soon leave, and asks him to do whatever he wants to her but he shouldn’t to anything to Groo since the boy grew up without a father and because Groo seems to like Tae Joo, Seung Hee pleads to him to be nice towards her son.

Later that day, Tae Joo meets up with Groo and gives the boy a basketball ball as a gift.

Ji Eun comes clean to Seung Hee about the safe. She excuses herself saying she was thinking Seung Hee was hiding something from her. Once again Seung Hee tells Ji Eun that everything she needs to know will be revealed soon.

The wife tells Tae Joo about what Kang said and that she is starting to feel weird about the whole situation, but Tae Joo says there is nothing between him and Seung Hee. During the night Ji Eun sends a message to Kang in which it says she doesn’t believe the thing regarding Tae Joo and Seung Hee as being true. In reply Kang says she will confirm everything for Ji Eun.

The mistress and the wife meet again. Apparently Kang has been following Tae Joo even on the day he meet up with Seung Hee to talk about Ji Eun. But seeing the picture from Kang, towards Ji Eun it looked like Seung Hee and Tae Joo are meeting each other.

Before the press conference, Ji Sub takes Seung Hee to a beauty salon. After her big transformation, Ji Sub is all mesmerized and flustered.

At the place where the press conference was suppose to take place, Kang sees Seung Hee and it’s pretty obvious she is Stella Han….afterwards Kang’s face kinda drops on the floor. During the press conference Tae Joo finally finds out about Seung Hee being Stella so his eyes are down to his shoes.

One of the questions from the press conference was how she got this successful, Seung Hee sincerely answers that if she didn’t had her son then she wouldn’t have succeeded so she did everything for her son. Out of shock Tae Joo gets out of the hall and is followed by Ji Sub. While Tae Joo was out of the hall, Seung Hee told everyone her life story, how her boyfriend from the past left her alone because she had nothing and so on. After the press conference ended, Kang sees Tae Joo acting weird.

Seung Hee: “People think my past was difficult, but strangely I was happier back then.”

Bo Na tells Tae Joo that Ji Eun told Groo to stay at their house because her mother had to say something important to Seung Hee. However, Tae Joo successfully takes Ji Eun out of Seung Hee’s house; then he tries to tell his wife that Seung Hee is the artist he worked with but in vain since Ji Eun didn’t want to listen.

The next day everyone finds out about Seung Hee being Stella Han, the famous painter who returned back to Korea – even the mother’s club and Tae Joo’s mother and brother; Ji Eun also finds about it from a news paper.

Tae Joo visits his mother and the woman has a tongue slip about Seung Hee’s child so he starts connecting everything about Groo and rushes to Seung Hee’s house.

Tae Joo: “Why did you deny it, why didn’t you tell me Groo was my child?”

Seung Hee continues to stay strong while telling him that Groo isn’t his son. But in the end she can’t keep it up and indirectly reveals everything – seeing her cry Tae Joo hugs her.

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