[Kdrama] ‘Cunning Single Lady’ ep 8-10 ~ impression/opinion ~

Such annoying main characters.

Leaving aside their past problems, as a couple, I find both Jung Woo and Ae Ra so annoying to watch. Those two, if they divorced then they should already cut ties, if they still feel something for each other, then be it, but why make others feel pitiful as well?

I personality don’t think they take the feelings of the siblings, meaning Yeo Jin and Seung Hyun, in count, they clearly know the feeling of the other two for them, however decide to use them to make each other jealous – be it in a funny situation or not. Making fun of others feeling it’s annoying to watch. I’m still hopping for Jung Woo and Ae Ra to make it clear if from an emotional point of view they are free or not, if not, then stop giving an open spot to Yeo Jin and Seung Hyun to try their best.

Kudos to Ae Ra for actually rejecting Seung Hyun straight on, rather than letting him think that he has a bigger chance with her, still she also dragged a period of time the whole issue. On the other hand, Jung Woo is annoying – OR at least that’s how I’m finding him. I mean there isn’t a straight forward message from him to Yeo Jin into making it clear that he isn’t open, that his heart is still in the past and so on. But he chooses to drag the whole issue, and of course Yeo Jin thinks that she may become an item with him- not to mention that she being all protective over Jung Woo. I do understand him for not bringing the issue in public, but in private he could have a talk with her, but he just takes the situation into his favor whenever he needs to make Ae Ra jealous. Ae Ra and Jung Woo need to seriously talk they stuff out and stop adding in other people in their personal issues.

Aside from finding Jung Woo annoying, he is also rather childish. One moment he goes all against Ae Ra, saying how much he hates her for not supporting him in the past, and the other moment he turns into a second grader, making her do all kind of stuff to prevent Ae Ra meeting other men, in this case Seung Hyun. I’m not seeing him being a romantic guy by doing this, as how others seem to think of him (others = viewers), he is just pitiful, trying to convince himself that those around him are at fault for everything, especially Ae Ra for not supporting his dream when they were married. Grow some balls already!

Another thing about Jung Woo, I don’t understand his opposition towards Seung Hyun. He has no right over Ae Ra, they are divorced, why stop Seung Hyun into sharing his feelings to her? I would rather see Ae Ra seriously giving Seung Hyun a chance, compared to her getting back to Jung Woo. I mean Jung Woo has not ‘power’ in supporting her as a husband, except for his financial power. What’s in the past should continue staying in the past, why reopen everything if you aren’t ready to discus about it.

When it comes to Seung Hyun, I think that the writer is just giving us (those that think Ae Ra should go towards him) false hopes. Like for example the moment when Ae Ra kept bugging Seung Hyun and her flatmate when they were busy making those candles. Still, to be honest, he isn’t a good choice for her as well, I’m not sure if he is able to ‘heal’ her and be ready to start something new, after all she is still stuck in the past with Jung Woo.

As for Yeo Jin, I wished that the writer wouldn’t make her turn into such a low person. Her love shouldn’t be portrayed in such a abject manner. Outlining her desperate side of her personality while she becomes more and more possessive with Jung Woo although she has no right over him makes her feelings seem petty compared to the other characters, and it’s kind of sad, after all what makes her emotions be in a lower scale than Jung Woo, Ae Ra or even Seung Hyun?


  1. Heheh I think Jung Woo has to be a bit like Regina George here “Stop trying to make fetch I mean us happen. It’s not going to happen” 🙂

    I agree on pretty much all of your points here – mainly because I have it bad for Seunghyun – he’s too cute and really, who could resist someone who so openly adores you when compared to the main lead who is mixed messages central and petty.

    Yeojin started out as a cool second lead, but she’s now delving into the crazy female territory which is a bit of a waste of her character. I would have preferred if the writer could have made her a better rival for Jungwoo’s love which would have made the quadrangle much more interesting.

    I’m still really enjoying watching though! Cute puppy Seunghyun is headed for heartbreak though.

    1. Yes, it’s kind of sad the way they made Yeojin turn around. She becoming more and more possessive of Jung Won almost thinking that she has a right over him.

      As for Seunghyun, he is starting really good, but yeah Ae Ra and Jung Won are still not sure of their own feeling, thus making the others feel pitiful.
      Even so, weirdly, I’m still enjoying this drama.

      Thank you for reading my post! ^o^

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