[Kdrama] ‘What Happens to My Family?’ ep 1-8 ~ first impression/opinion~

I’m finally back to drama land after a long road of studying and doing projects, and the best way for me to restart integrating myself into the Kdrama land is a family drama – “What Happens to My Family?”. As I already said it since I started my blog, I love family dramas, mostly because of its length that gives every character a chance to shine and develop.

In most dramas (I’m talking about the normal 16-24 episodes dramas) the spot light is given to the main characters so the story may get boring, however since family dramas have a lot of characters (normally 3 siblings and the other people around them), the plot line doesn’t follow only the two main ones but in fact follows every character to the point of making it seem like numerous stories are happening at the same time while showing both sides of the fence.

The most plots I’ve seen on other sites regarding this drama were rather wrong, because all of them were talking only about Kang Shim and Tae Joo. In fact the plot for “What Happens to My Family?” is: A drama that follows 3 siblings, Kang Shim, Kang Jae and Dal Bong who struggle to succeed in society. As the story will progress the 3 of them will start understanding the love of their father and more importantly, appreciate his love without taking it for granted.

Kang Shim is the main secretary of Moon Dae Oh – because Moon Tae Joo, the son of her boss keeps acting like a brat (at 37 years old) after finding out that his father will soon re-marry with a television star, Kang Shim decides to switch from working for Dae Oh to Tae Joon so she could ‘tame’ him.

Kang Jae is a doctor who although has a girlfriend, accepts his boss’ proposal of marrying his daughter, Kwon Hyo Jin. However the marriage includes cutting all his ties with his family.

Dal Bong is the youngest out of the 3 siblings and apparently the one who starts to appreciate his father’s care the most with the help of Seo Wool. Seo Wool is a country girl who came to Seoul to marry Dal Bong after a promise they made 12 years ago. But she finds out that the one who promised to marry her was Dal Bong’s friend who pretended to be Dal Bong. What Seo Wool doesn’t know is that Dal Bong used to like her when they were younger. The whole thing becomes a bigger mess when the friend who pretended to be Dal Bong, Yoon Eun Ho makes his appearance and takes a liking on Seo Wool.

For now, I don’t want to talk much about the characters, however two of them had a somehow bad impact on my overall opinion of them. Those two are Tae Joo and Kang Jae.

First of all Tae Joo still acts like a brat at 37 years old. I do agree that everyone has a right to feel or act young without putting much importance on their actual age, but I would’ve liked more if Tae Joo could try and understand others before wanting to have everything his way. I understand the promise his father made towards him, but let’s face it, because of an unfortunate event in their life, should the father just leave behind his personal life? No. More importantly, Tae Joo should understand that the father also has the right to live his own (personal) life.

As for Kang Jae…. what the heck is this guy’s deal? He is a complete bastard. It’s understandable to want to succeed in life, but blaming his father because he didn’t had everything like rich kids had is making him seem like a low life. The 3 siblings clearly lived into a loving family thus Kang Jae’s rude and disgusted attitude towards his father respectively his younger brother Dal Bong, are hard to understand. At some point I started thinking if Tae Joo doesn’t like Dal Bong because their mother died giving birth to Dal Bong, but at the same time I keep thinking that there must be something more to it. Even a birth secret can be behind everything else since Dal Bong doesn’t share his name with the other two (the Kang part that the Kang Jae and Kang Shim share).

Anyway I will stop here my anger for Kang Jae and Tae Joo since I’m sure there the story will progress more and reveal the reasons of why these two act the way they do.

Regarding the drama as a whole, I love it. It’s currently my favorite currently airing drama. The blend of comedy, seriousness, fatherly/filial love and green romance makes “What Happens to My Family?” a pleasant watch. I’m looking forward to see how things will go further and what the writer has in hands for us.

By the way, the writer is actually the same one who wrote two of my favorite dramas “Baker King Kim Tak Goo” and “Dalja’s Spring”. She always gave a great amount of attention to every character of her drama, even though the story may be heavy, in the end the result made me think that the way everything developed was the right way. I’m sure the writer, Kang Eun Kyung will turn “What Happens to My Family?” into a drama that can reach great ratings as she did with “Baker King Kim Tak Goo. For those that don’t know, Tak Goo surpassed the 50% rating points when it aired.



  1. sorry – I find the actress playing Seo Wool tone totally cringe-worthy and the premise of half the plots to be ridiculous. This drama is all over the place.

    1. Nam Ji Hyun is one of the best child actresses Korea has, however both of us are subjective. I mean, like it or not, the whole thing is based on personal preferences. But since when the tone of her voice has anything to do with her acting?

      I’m curious why you find the plot to be ridiculous? Like real motives, simply saying that it’s ridiculous it’s too easy. Moreover let’s be honest, all the plots from Korean dramas are pretty ridiculous.

      Also why do you think of the drama being all over the place?

      You see, as I already said it, criticizing is pretty easy – just typing words it’s pretty easy as well without giving real motives on why you ended up thinking like that, again I’m curious to see why do you see this drama as being ‘ridiculous and all over the place’.

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