[Kvariety] Song Il Guk and his triple trouble triplets ~ ep 9

I’m once again late with posting the recap with the triplets. Hopefully next week I will post it on time – by the way, next week’s (more like this week) episode is going to be a special episode with all the families; and yes that means the first meeting between the Song Il Guk’s triplets and Lee Hwi Jae’s twins.

The episode starts with a dance compilation of the triplets – oh boy! They sure have a lot of energy!

The mission for this episode is to take photos of the boys for their IDs. As easy as it may sound, for Il Guk taking photos of his boys was a true work out. The moment he sticks a white paper on the wall, for the photos, Man Se and Dae Han torn the paper. For some reasons Man Se really loves to tease his father because while Il Guk was trying to stop him from tearing the paper, Man Se was more and more ‘attached’ to it – yes a true troublemaker, Man Se lives up to his …. image.

The first one to have his photo taken is Dae Han, but the youngest Man Se is still in the mood to annoy Il Guk. Every time Il Guk tried to take Dae Han’s picture, Man Se appeared on the screen or put his hand on the camera, all that result to the oldest son feeling stuffy/frustrated.

Man Se’s turn comes, but he still doesn’t listen to his father and when Il Guk was telling him to stay still, the little troublemaker reached to touch the camera. (by the way Man Se keeps calling the camera – ‘dinosaur’)

Man Se: Dad has a dinosaur.

While Min Guk was waiting for his pictures to be takes, Man Se appears once again to disturb Il Guk. Again thinking that the camera is a dinosaur, Man Se goes to catch it:

Man Se: I caught you!

Frustrated with the whole situation, Il Guk goes into a room to take something; meanwhile Man Se decides to disturb his older brother Min Guk. Man Se hits Min Guk by mistake but then the youngest goes and hugs his brother. (I just love the way they display affection towards each other)

Il Guk comes back with one of his ‘inventions’, he put a tablet under the camera with Pororo on so the boys won’t disturb him anymore, and guess what? It worked as the boys just stood there to watch Pororo (ah! what would a parent do without Pororo) – and so thanks to the Pororo, Il Guk took the photos for the triplets’ IDs.

After Il Guk finished making the ID photos, he took away the phone on which the boys were watching Pororo to show them the photos but that resulted to a great chaos (I mean who dares to turn off Pororo?) since the boys started to cry. Five minutes later they calm down but even so it’s not like the triplets are interested in some photos, after all Pororo is more important.

A while later, Il Guk tries to teach the boys how to dress, however it’s not like 2 years boys can pay attention to these stuff. First he explains them how to wear an undershirt:

Min Guk: succeeds in putting his undershirt over his head, but when it comes to putting his hand in, he ended up putting his foot. After a little bit more explaining from his father, Min Guk succeeds putting a hand in his undershirt.

Man Se: runs away! He isn’t interested in these stuff. However Man Se keeps telling his father ‘butt’, but Il Guk was too focused to dress him that he didn’t notice what Man Se was saying.

Dae Han: doesn’t pay attention.

While Il Guk was busy explaining to Dae Han how to dress, Min Guk took the undershirt off. Seeing Min Guk, Il Guk goes to dress Man Se. When he finished dressing Man Se…..something happened:

Man Se: I pooped.

Il Guk: Ahhhh! After I dressed you up!!

 Then Il Guk had to undress Man See to wash him…. Oh the life of a father with triplets….

After struggles, Il Guk finally dressed the boys and so the 4 of them went outside. On the road, we notice something, the boys are holding hands without running around.

During the interview Il Guk tells the staff that Dae Han, Min Guk and Man Se are enrolled to a ‘parental class’ (mostly for women to go with their children). During the class the children have to trims some bread.

After ‘cooking’ the mothers from the class seem curious about Il Guk and the boys so they start a conversation with the father. Most of the mothers were praising Il Guk for helping his wife when it comes to taking care of the boys. The conversations goes on, and at some point Il Guk explains that on the walls and floor he had to stick mats since they have 3 boys. Il Guk tells the mothers that after the boys finish playing with their toys, the toys are then gathered so that’s why the house seems rather empty (as in there aren’t toys around). Another mother tells Il Guk that she lives near him and she often sees him with the boys in their Song train.

Next episode will be a Chuseok special so all the families will meet in a studio. To be honest I’m excited to see the triplets meeting the twins.



  1. missconc3ption · · Reply

    Hi Soori!! i just wanted to thank you for posting recaps of the SIB triplets! I thought the twins were cute but omg i just love these three so much! they are just too cute..so many reasons why i just adore this family.

    i watch every new episode RAW (im chinese and sadly dont understand korean) each week and skip right to their parts..then i read your recaps..then wait for the eng subs that kbsworld puts out (and they are a few episodes behind) so i re-watch the new episode raw again and read your recaps again…(i know im weird) i never get bored watching or reading about them….keep up the awesome work…

    1. Thank you for your comment! ^o^

      You aren’t weird, I re-watch their episodes a lot as well. XD

  2. Thank you for doing this out of your busy schedule. The Song brothers are growing each week we see them. I’m totally taken and obsessed with their irresistibly cute dance move.

    1. Thank you for your comment.

      And I’m sorry for posting this week’s recap pretty late, hopefully I will post the recap for Sunday’s episode on time (since it’s a special episode XD)

  3. Hi…do you have the ep 10? waiting for review…I just love this show too…..

    1. I had some personal things to handle so I didn’t had the time to write it, but I’ll post it soon ^ ^

  4. Lanastuff · · Reply

    Really nice to read your recap even though I watch so many clips of the Song brothers on youtube, including clips with or without sub 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading ^ ^

  5. vo thu nguyet · · Reply

    oh love for Deahan most

  6. vo thu nguyet · · Reply

    cuties help you appa to fulfil missions better yah!!!

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