[Kdrama] ‘Will you love and give it away?’ episode 4&5 ~ quick recap/opinion ~

Even after watching these two episodes I still think that Mi Joo’s reasoning of breaking up with Jae Min is plain stupid. The guy was running around to get a job so he can support Mi Joo financially after their marriage but nope, she once again thinks that him being late to meet up was an enough reason to want to break up. As I said it in one of my other posts about this drama, he wasn’t late because he is an irresponsible person but because he was at work. At this point I want Jae Min to end up with Ha Kyung.

Mini recap (quick recap of episodes 4 and 5)

After failing to make it to the meeting, Jae Min tries to find Mi Joo to apologize but with no results. When he arrives home, Yoo Ra starts her usual routine of hitting Jae Min with harsh words, afterwards his father also starts shouting and telling Jae Min that no girl in her right mind will marry him, making Jae Min to finally break out and shout:

Jae Min: No matter how hard I try, it doesn’t work out. What am I supposed to do?!?

The only one who gives him some moral support out of all the family members, is Yoo Jin.

Later at night, Jae Min goes to Mi Joo’s apartment building to ask her to speak with him, however because Mi Joo wasn’t answering the door and since Jae Min was making a scene, disturbing everyone, he got kicked out by the security person.

Drunk and still saddened, when Jae Min arrives home, he tells his father that he knows he is ashamed of him. He also says that he wished to make his father proud of him so he could go around and tell people “he is my son”.

Another day, Mi Joo visits her mother. Their conversations leads the mother to ask Mi Joo how did the visit to Jae Min’s family was like, and if the family liked her. However Mi Joo confesses to her mother that in the end she didn’t go because she thinks that Jae Min doesn’t love her.

Mi Joo: That person’s heart towards me doesn’t seem like love.

Next morning, after Jae Min’s drunken incident, and maybe after seeing his son in that state, the father tells Jae Min to try and take the public servant test and until then he should quit the part time job and just focus on studying, but Jae Min doesn’t accept his father’s offer and tells him that he will sort himself everything.

Jae Min still can’t find Mi Joo and decides to go to her work place. After a little while the two finally start talking, even so they end up fighting in the middle of the street. Mi Joo tells Jae Min that he should’ve think about their situation from her point of view as well, but Jae Min tells her that she is using his lateness to the meeting as an excuse to break up. In the mists of their fired conversation, Mi Joo slaps Jae Min.

Later, Jae Min meets the factory owner who worked with Ha Kyung. The owner tells him that because of a mistake he got fired and because Ha Kyung’s parents company was a major client, he now will probably have to close down.  Next, Jae Min goes to Ha Kyung and tells her he is quitting the job of working as her driver. They also end up fighting and Jae Min tells Ha Kyung that without her parents’ company she would’ve been nothing.

Jae Min goes again to Mi Joo and tells her that although he may look pathetic in front of her now, he will work hard and stand proud. Later Ha Kyung finds him and wants to apologize that because of her, he was late to his appointments, however Jae Min gets irritated because when she starts asking him what where those meetings about and leaves.

Eun Joo invites Mi Joo to the restaurant she works at. Because all the tables of the restaurant were full, when Ha Kyung, who wanted to visit her brother (the owner and chef of the restaurant), Eun Joo asks her if she can share a table with another person, and tells her to sit at the same table with Mi Joo. Since Ha Kyung is a rather talkative nature, she makes Mi Joo somewhat uncomfortable, after all it was the first time the two meet.

Jae Min’s father orders some japchae from Mi Joo mother’s restaurant and calls Yoo Jin to send the japchae to Yoo Ra’s apartment.  But because she didn’t have time, the father goes himself to Yoo Ra’s apartment. A little time after he arrives there, another man enters Yoo Ra’s apartment.


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