[Kdrama] ‘Color of Woman’ episode 8 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

While other are hating Jin Joo, I’m actually starting to like her. As I said previously, the writer and the producer definitely have something in their sleeves prepared for Chan Jin. Also, with every new episode, I’m getting more and more annoyed by the couple So Ra- Joon Soo…

Because of all the chasing and night-dating, all the 4 main characters are sleepy at work. During a meeting, the lack of seep strikes Joon Soo and he falls asleep (that was one laud snore). Of course he and the Director start a new (verbal) fight. After the meeting, Joon Soo asks Chan Jin if the Chairman (Joon Soo’s dad) called him, but Chan Jin says he didn’t received any call.  A their discussion continues, along the way, Chan Jin tells Joon Soo that is his fault for falling asleep during the meeting:

Joon Soo: So it’s my fault?
Chan Jin: Eh! I’m just saying that Director Sung is exceptionally prickly.

Joon Soo suspects Chan Jin of possibly betraying him,saying that no mater how the situation is he would never betray Chan Jin. But  Chan Jin tells sunbae, that it’s more  likely for Joon Soo to betray him.

After Chan Jin leaves, Joon Soo remembers the call he received from his father during the date with So Ra:

Chairman: What does Chan Jin have to say? If Chan Jin likes the idea, then give it a try.

In the Director’s office, she tries to let’s say take Chan Jin on her side – when she offends Soon Joo, Chan Jin takes his side:

Chan Jin: The Chief (Joon Soo) is also diligently learning. Soon….

The Director, interrupts Chan Jin, saying: “Soon there will be a shocking event happening.”

Chan Jin: I respect you, Director. But, Chief is like a blood brother to me.
Director: If it were me, even if it was my own brother, I would like to steal the position. Do you not have enough ambition?
Chan Jin: It’s because I’m the type not to dream the impossible.
Director: Impossible dream?

Joon Soo sees, Chan Jin in the Directors office, and his suspicions grows stronger. (or at least that’s the impression he gave me).

While, Chan Jin was working in his office ( or tying to work since he is sleepy) – by the way, his drawing are looking as if are So Ra portraits – anyway So Ra steps in, Chan Jin asks her to help him, they received a new face-masks and wants to see if it works.

So Ra: If it was Joon Soo sunbae, I’d butt heads with him, but since you’re my friend, I’m putting up with it.
Chan Jin: That’s a give. Is a friend the same as a lover?

It saddens me, seeing how Chan Jin is always caring/defending Joon Soo, and how much he wants Joon Soo and So Ra to be happy together, although he is in love with So Ra as well, while Joon Soo all he does is suspecting Chan Jin of betraying him…

Chan Jin receives a call from the Chairman – but it isn’t shown what they talked about – when he comes back in the office, So Ra was sleeping. So he puts his coat on So Ra to keep her warm, turns the lights off and lets So Ra sleep for a few moments, while caressing her hair (you you you ….are breaking my heart damn it!!!) – after she wakes up and leave to her work, Chan Jin gives again that lonely look….

When Jin Joo was working, doing her secretary stuff (like actually working – lol) the Director appears, and tells Jin Joo, that rather than chasing after Joon Soo, she should find the king of a new country – at that moment Chan Jin appears.

The Director: See! You’re so foolish, you don’t get what I’m saying. That’s why I’m saying it can’t work for you.

Joon Soo gives So Ra a call, and asks her to go out and eat together – she says she wants to eat jjam-bbong (remember in the previous episode, they agreed to say jjam-bbong when they want to kiss):

So Ra: I was hungry all night long. Le’ts eat jjam-bbong.
Joon Soo: All night long jjam-bbong? You definitely said, ‘jjam-bbong’ you know. (…) It’s already too late. I’ll feed you a really special ‘jjam-bbong’.

I thought their discussion was rather kinky – lol – but then I remembered …it’s So Ra and Joon Soo they act all sky even when it comes to a kiss.

After the call, Joon Soo was telling Jin Joo that he doesn’t like jjam bbong (the actual food) but he will eat for that person. Of course Jin Joo butts in again, buying an  expensive lunch box for Joon Soo, but he runs away from her – and tells Chan Jin to eat the lunch box in his place.

Later, we see Joon Soo and So Ra running like crazy to the meeting point – when they meet, again, a talk about kissing starts, and when Joon Soo tries to kiss So Ra she  is startled – of course in the end they don’t kiss.

Jin Joo doesn’t find Joon Soo in his office, so she think he is meeting So Ra on the 13th floor again, but there Jin joo finds Chan Jin = they end up eating the lunch box.

At the jjam bbong restaurant, So Ra goes to the bathroom to wash her hands. While, So Ra was in the bathroom, the Secretary (married) couple makes its appearance at the same restaurant – they and take a seat at Joon Soo’s table. Joon Soo sends a message to So Ra telling her about the situation. Joon Soo ends up eating to bowls of jjam bbong.

In Chan Jin’s office, Jin Joo says that now she doesn’t even feel like putting make-up, then Chan Jin tells her that now maybe she can understand So Ra’s feeling during these 10 years because of the wound caused by her first love.

Jin Joo: Chan Jin ssi, you don’t put makeup on but still you can hide your inside feelings.
Chan Jin: Me? Becacuse I am a pro amongst the pros.

Then they continue having a talk about makeup – I seriously love the way Chan Jin comforts people around him.

Jin Joo: Do you still wish So Ra and Chied to do well?
Chan Jin: Of course I do. Until this time.

At home, while So Ra was playing with that big teddy bear from the park, she hears a cat (aka Joon Soo) – then she prepares a plan so that Jin Joo won’t follow her out – the plan ‘taking out the garbage’.

Th plan seems good, since Jin Joon doesn’t follow her. Outside, So Ra and Joon Soo act again cute-bubbly, but I steel don’t feel the spark between them…

Meanwhile, Chan Jin gives a call to Jin Joo, about a lipstick that will mach her. Back at So Ra and Joon Soo – well, these 2 are still trying to kiss, in the end they finally kiss – damn this couple is frustrating.  I understand people are nervous when they have their first kiss (real kiss) but those to are a little tooooo much.

When they try to kiss a second time, tadaaaa – Jin Joo and Chan Jin appear. Chan Jin invites everyone to eat together, but in Chan Jin and Joon Soo’s refrigerator there aren’t many ingredients to cook. So Chan Jin tries to tell Jin Joo – by making all kind of signs – to go with him to buy some stuff to cook. But Jin Joo acts as she didn’t see him, and says that So Ra is good at those kind of stuff. Then Jin Joo takes her coat away to show, let’s say more skin.

At the supermarket, Chan Jin tells So Ra:

 Chan Jin: Don’t you know that men have two heads. One is on the top and one is on the lower.

But she shouldn’t worry since, Joon Soo sunbae is different.

So Ra finds out from Chan Jin, that the Chairman (Joon Soo’s dad) paid for his studies.

Back at Joon Soo’s house, Jin Joo tries to act all slutty, but Joon Soo doesn’t ….react (?) And puts Jin Joo on a chair with the pretext that if she touches everything, later it will be bothersome while cleaning. Then he asks her if she know who send that dress to So Ra (you know the dress from their first date. Jin Joo says she know, but doesn’t tell him, at least not yet.

At the dinner table, Jin Joo get irritated byt Joon Soo and So Ra’s little play under the table with their feets. At some point she explodes:

Jin Joo: Chief, you said you were curious about who sent that dress to So Ra? That person is none other than…Chan Jin ssi. So Ra, the feelings that Chan Jin has for you, is a friendship that surpasses love. No….actually, it is a love that surpasses friendship. Can you throw that away as though it were nothing?

Some Color of Woman, fans seem really pissed with Jin Joo, am I the only one who actually likes her. Yea she is indeed …a little bitch, but she and Chan Jin give flavor to this show.

Also I suspect that the last part, was just her imagination.

Big thanks to the Color Of Woman viki team for the English parts/quotes


  1. thank you thank you !!!!! YOU MAKE MY DAY

    1. I’m glad you are enjoying my posts (*/∇\*) thank you for reading ^o^

  2. Thanks for the recap, Jie-Yu!

    Aargh — the main couple is sooo boring! I’m sure their teasing and hesitation is supposed to be cute, but since they have zero chemistry, it’s comes off as fake and super-boring!

    Sadly, if I could fast forward through most of their scenes, I would… At this point, I’m mostly watching just for Chan Jin… Like you, I don’t mind Jin Joo, She’s a bit catty, but she’s funny and direct and she’s keeping the plot moving! Otherwise they’d probably be going backwards!

    As for Chan Jin’s character story line, I am still worried that the show is trying to make him bad. But even if he is bad, I’m still rooting for him and hoping he gets a happy ending!

    1. I’m a little worried, since the Director keeps talking about a ‘king of a new country’ – I think the Chairman wants to put Chan Jin in Joon Soo’s position…that will kinda tear apart their friendship for sure, or at least from Joon Soo’s part. If they are to put Chan Jin in Joon Soo’s position after all, I’m sure Chan Jin will try to like get rid of the Director, but still Joon Soo will certainly have some kind of hatred for Chan Jin…

      Thank you for reading ^o^

  3. thank Jie-Yu for the recaps…without the recaps, i dont think i can understand without the english subs..anticipating for episode 9 recaps!!! thanks in advance

    1. Thank you for reading, I’m really sorry for the delay with the recap for episode 9 and 10. I think I’m gonna post them Thursday

  4. The only blog that recaps Color of a Woman. I’m happy that there is one. :)) Keep this up. 😀

    1. Thank you for reading my recaps ^O^

  5. why why why i get the feeling Chan Jin gonna get So Ra in the end? I feel like the writer are focusing more on Chan Jin than Jun Soo.. I dunno if it will turn out just like in Dream High where Suzy choose Soo Hyun instead. (i’m still surprised of DH ending) Haha sorry for that..Btw, Thanks for the recaps!! ^^

    1. agree, they really are more focused on Chan Jin since his story seems more detailed but mysterious compared to Joon Soo. Well, I hope they will end up together. Thanks for reading ^o^

  6. I have been putting off watching episode 8 for the longest time. I am even fast forwarding which is something I rarely (or never) do… Sigh… I’m trying to watch it for Chan Jin. Unfortunately, Jun Soo and So Ra bore me and their relationship (and attraction) seems so forced. Thank you for continuing with recaps! Your recaps may end up being the only way I follow the drama if it continues to be blegh~

    1. Please don’t give up watching this drama. Saw episode 9 (right now I’m writing the recap) and some stuff happen – also the preview for episode 10 made me so happy – and if you are a Chan Jin fan it will make you happy as well ^o^
      Thank you for reading, and for your comment! ^^

  7. Hy there, the only reason i don’t watch this drama because Jae Hee 😆
    Though he’s cute, i have my own type 🙂
    And Ji Ho will be the only reason why i watch this drama later 😉 (sad i just now it right now)

  8. this show is too silly with no real romance. i keep hoping it’ll get better and it doesn’t. we’re halfway already.
    only the recaps are helping me stick with it. thank you.
    well the recaps and i’m sick in bed anyway.

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