Kdramas to watch in 2012

My most ‘can’t wait to watch’ (upcoming) dramas for 2012. This year – 2011 – was somehow disappointing, I mean there are only 3 dramas that stuck into my mind – the rest were just OK dramas….or good to forget. From the teasers I’ve seen so far got me excited to start watching those dramas.

First of all, my most most most most most most -oh my God I can’t wait- it “Bachelor’s Vegetable Store” mostly because Ji Chang Wook is my favorite actor so this drama has a big plus from the start (at least from my part).

I haven’t watched not even a single episode, I’m gonna wait until it will finish airing in Korea, and them do a marathon. But I did read a few comments about this drama on other sites,and there are a lot of people comparing “Bachelor’s Vegetable Store” with “King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo” – witch by the way I also love. Also, the other actors are a big plus from my part – eg Park Su Bin, Kim Young Kwang  & Lee Kwang Soo- and let’s not forget about the new actors making their debut in this drama.

“Bachelor’s Vegetable Store” is based on the true story of Lee Young Suk who started selling vegetable at a small store in 1998 and now owns 33 vegetable stores nationwide. A book was published in 2003, and now the story takes to the screen.

– koreandrama.org

Although, the plot is rather …plain/simple(?), + the flower-boy-kinda-gang seems a little too used especially in drams from 2011, I’m sure I will enjoy watching “Bachelor’s Vegetable Store”.

“The Moon Embracing The Sun” – Han Ga In – that’s all I can say about this drama.  Personally, I’m not really fond of historical dramas but somehow I’m waiting for this one.

The story of the secret love between Lee Hwon, a fictional king of Joseon, and Wol, a female shaman.

– Dramawiki

No, I didn’t forget about Kim Soo Hyun nor Jung Il Woo – and I’m sure those 2 will bring the best out of their characters. Hope to see more of Song Jae Rim as well, since in ‘Flower Boy Ramyun Shop’ he wasn’t that visible.

“Wild Romance” I hope this drama won’t turn into a spy myung wool-like drama…cuz that one was a big disappointment.

This drama tells a love story between a baseball player and a female guard who is a former judo athlete.

– Koreandrama



  1. I watched the first four and a half episodes of Bachelor’s Vegetable for Ji Chang Wook, too. The first two episode was okay but it got really slow afterwards. I feel so guilty for stopping not even halfway. If I have more time, I’ll try to watch it again because I feel like the the fun won’t start until they start opening that shop up.

    1. Unfortunately I also don’t have much time on my hands because of my school. I haven’t started Bachelor’s Vegetable I’m still waiting for better quality, but saw some small parts on tumblr and it seems good.

      By the way, Ji Chang Wook had an car accident recently – he hurt his face mostly – and they had to change the story a little. His agency said he is OK – hope he REALLY is OK 😦

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