The Princess’ Man – Shin Myun second lead syndrome

….strikes me again. Do not read this post if you haven’t seen ‘The Princess’ Man’ until at least episode 12. It may contain spoilers.

I’m actually thinking seriously to add Song Jong Ho (Shin Myun) to my ‘favorite Korean actors’ list alongside Ji Chang Wook and Shim Ji Ho.

‘Second lead syndrome’ – as most of you (or those who actually read my ‘Color of Woman’ recaps) – I pretty much …most of the time, am more interested in the second lead’s story rather than the main ones. The thing I hate the most, it that they all break my heart.

Once I’ve read someones comment saying something like: second leads are not that complex, don’t care who plays it, most of them are plain, the main is more important (not the same words, but something like this). I personally think that second leads are much more complex than just filling a blank spot. The second leads are what actually give flavor to a drama, they just  flood the viewer with anger/rage and aghast but for me that’s a delight. Now now, don’t call me crazy ….at least not yet. (lol) What I’m trying to say is that not anyone can play the second lead.

Anyway, actually this is my second time seeing Song Jong Ho act, first time saw him in the melodrama ‘Will it snow for Christmas?’ – there he played the second lead as well, but at that time he didn’t caught my eye. This time, in ‘The Princess Man’ Song Jong Ho managed the catch my attention (aren’t I a little too arrogant – sorry – ).

His character in this drama is just….arghhh – want to give him a hug and say ‘it’s all right’. Well, I don’t agree with the things he did, but let’s face it, Prince Suyang did had a psychological game with Shin Myun. Also, the girl he falls in love sees him only as a criminal, actually not just her, but people who he was close to (eg. Jung Jong). So Shin Myun, from the episodes I’ve seen so far, constantly has to struggle with his emotions/inner self.

Honestly, for me as a viewer is painful to watch (again, no I do not agree with what he did) but for this, for these painful feeling he conveys I want to congratulate Song Jong Ho for his great acting skills.

Would you have believed me? You would have thought it was a ruse to kill them and nothing more.After all, isn’t that what you think of me? A cold-hearted beast, although you’d never even listen the reason why I was forced to do so. A heinous recreant who did not think twice about killing a dear friend.

Episode 12, for me, it was a rollercoaster of emotions – when he heard that the ship witch Sungyu was on sank he was clearly devastated. Also when Se Ryung thought that Shin Myun killed Sungyu’s sister-in-law and her daughter.



  1. I’m so happy to see you liking him ❤ He has a pair of expressive eyes…and the fact that nothing is working out for him is really heartbreaking. Isn't there anyone who's going to give him some love? If no one, let us give him warm hugs and console him :')

    so, which episode are you watching right now? or are you finished?

    1. Hahaha I’m also happy to see more people liking him – I do have a thing for second leads hahaha – no worries I’m here to give him hugs and love. On a serious note…..I don’t think he’ll have a happy ending T__T

      I didn’t finished it, I’m at episode 17 – you? ^o^

      1. currently watching ep 22 ^^ I want to finish it today if I can..I can’t stand it anymore..having seung yoo coming into my dreams every night ^^; guess I’m quite addicted with this drama…

        sometimes I think I hate it..but then I realize Myun is torn between people around him..but sadly, that’s what I think too..poor Myun! T^T

      2. I need to stop liking second leads with a (possible) tragic ending! Whatever happens I will still love this drama – the acting is awesome from all the actors, The story is kinda what most historical dramas show, but the acting is pure love ^O^
        Still, because of the (few) historical dramas I’ve seen this year, I think I should try more of this kind of dramas.

        As for Myun – for now I think he will have a tragic ending,and it’s saddens me because his whole situation (well, mostly 85%) is a psychological game made by those around him….with all those political issues.

        Really wish he won’t die… at least.

  2. love him so much

  3. POBAYASHI · · Reply

    Sometimes I like him more than the main character!! Song Jong Ho looks awesome in those attire.Just so sad that he never get the girl. ;( He looks like a sad puppy 99% of his screentime, I’m waiting for his next project and hopefully he’ll be the male lead so he can end up with the girl he like!!! ❤ SONG JONG HO. i like his eyes :)))))))))

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