Mi Young is still worried about accepting the job at a company where her former bully also works at. After writing on a forum about her concern, she receives advices and in the end decides to leave the past away and work hard since maybe another job opportunity will be hard to find. Later that […]

Whenever a story has cheating I’m ready to go bazuka on its characters. Seriously, this show brings cheating to a whole new level. The highest stupidity level which the husband clearly reached.

Guess what? KBS is finally giving me a good weekend family drama after the disaster ‘The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop’. Well, not actually giving me, but they started airing a what it seems to be a 50 episodes drama worthy of watching.

I recently marathoned the Chinese drama ‘When a snail falls in love’ and it was a real delight. Although, lately it’s kinda hard to marathon dramas, mostly because of my work and also I did watch most of the dramas, or at least I tried to, I finally got to follow a drama and finish […]

I still don’t get this drama. I was really eager to see these two episodes thinking that we will at least get some hints about where the story is going towards. But this time as well, the writer was stinky and didn’t share anything that could possibly make me understand this show or its characters.

I will be quick with this opinion post. I like ‘Tomorrow with you’ but I’m not fully enjoying it. I don’t know, maybe I’m missing way too many hints thus I’m unable to focus on the story.

Teenagers versus adults, we all have seen this type of stories until now. It isn’t something new but compared to the other dramas or movies with the same subject, Solomon’s Perjury had the advantage mostly because it wasn’t fully about the battle of the generations. By the end, each character understood its own mistakes and […]