Joo Man tried so hard to find excuses for his own actions. His idea that he got swayed by the intern girl because he was reminded of Sul Hee in the past is a complete bullshit. He had the “original” Sul Hee, in the present, with him. The main character of his past memories with […]

  I think Arai acted well the pushover and introverted Kanta who always pursues his dreams. Although I saw some comments of people complaining that the main actor is ugly, don’t let such comment keep you away from a heart warming, well written show. He is an actor with a lot of power in his […]

It’s already been a few days since I finished this drama. I just wanted to let it sit so I won’t write my post quickly after I completed watching the show.

There were some steamy scenes in episode 9 and 10. But noting over the board. In fact, if the writer were to make a “drunk sex scene then we started noticing our feelings for each other” type of thing then I would’ve dropped this drama all together. Good that it wasn’t the case. For Ae […]

Fight For My Way continues the trend of summer dramas with a bubbly and fluffy show but that’s not all it has to offer. The drama shows the hardships young adults go through while trying to pursue their dreams. Although the idea of the show may seem quite heavy weighted, it’s in fact quite laid […]

Hye Young is so good with words. She clearly knows how to deal with her mother-in-law.  I think that it will be fun seeing the two become a team in the future episodes. I mean that for sure is going to happen.  But until they’ll become a team, I have to say a thing regarding […]

This post contains MAJOR SPOILERS from episode 7 and 8. Read at your own risk. Well, all my posts contain major spoilers but I felt that I needed to warn people before I started my opinion.