Favourite 2017 Asian dramas ~ Kdrama/Jdrama/Thaidrama/Twdrama

I wanted to do a year in review but I’m too lazy for that kind of thing so I thought I should at least make a post about the dramas I actually liked in 2017. Frankly speaking, I didn’t finish many dramas and even among those I finished, I can say that I genuinely liked them thus to have what to post about (ouch) I’ll include all Asian dramas here. Anyhow, in this post I want to write only about the dramas I liked or left a good impression on me. Keep in mind that I’m not giving information about the plots of the dramas I’m writing about, I’ll just say why I liked the following dramas. For plot or casting information, please check MDL or AsianWiki.

Voice (OCN/ 16 eps/  Jang Hyuk, Lee Ha Na, Kim Jae Wook) – South Korea

It’s not an exceptional drama or anything of such sort, however, it was good enough of a drama that provided me entertainment with each new episode. My curiosity and interest in the story went up fast and truthfully speaking Kim Jae Wook’s character, Moo Tae Goo, spiced the drama well enough. In fact, I do think that Moo Tae Goo should be a character to remember.

Tokyo Tarareba Musume (NTV/ 10 eps/  Yoshitaka Yuriko/ Eikura Nana/ Sakaguchi Kentaro/ Tanaka Kei) – Japan

Not the drama that will make its viewers happy about the overall production but well balanced to make its viewers fall in love with the characters, despite the minimal growth. I loved the friendship between the 3 main girls and their small talks and meetings, probably more than the love relationships. Each character blended well with the story. Not the most awesome nor perfect show but for me it was worth the time. Warning! It can create a love-hate relationship between you and the characters.

Quartet (TBS/ 10 eps/ Matsuda Ryuhei/ Mitsushima Hikari/ Matsu Takako/ Takahashi Issei) – Japan

I can’t find words to describe how much I loved this drama. It was simple but complicated and more than that it had Matsuda and Hikari! It was perfect for me and I loved every aspect of each episode and how the story developed by giving us small glimpse and hints about the characters. Best Japanese drama of the year for me.

My father is strange (KBS/ 52 eps/ Lee Yoo Ri, Lee Joon/ Jung So Min/ Ryu Soo Young) – South Korea

The only worthy family drama of the year. 2017 was such a let down in terms of Korean weekend family dramas, luckily My Father is Strange saved the day, or should I say the year? It had everything I like about family dramas, the acting was good and the story maintained my interest. Comedy was on point.

U-prince the series: The single lawyer (GMM One/ 4 eps/ August/ Apple) – Thailand

I liked the U-prince series, yet the only one of the bunch that’s good to be mentioned is ‘The single lawyer’. Not only the story, and the okaish male and female lead, but the actors were on my liking. I would gladly go back to watch its 4 episodes anytime. It was cute and fluffy with understandable characters.

Hiyokko (NHK/ 156 eps/ Arimura Kasumi/ Taeuchi Ryoma, Sawamura Ikki) – Japan

My bubbly daily breakfast drama!! I still haven’t posted my review on Hiyokko but I really loved this show. The characters were all lovely and there’s no one I disliked in here. Everyone was on point, provided heart-warming stories and despite the what it seems long time investment, Hiyokko is the type of drama that will catch you and will never let you go.

CRISIS ( Fuji TV/ 10 eps/ Oguri Shun/ Araki Yuko, Nishijima Hidetoshi) – Japan

The typical detective/mystery drama. For me, the cast was the turning point in liking CRISIS. I can’t say that the story was something new, because it wasn’t, but it was well written, the characters played a big role in building interest for the drama.

Love, Timeless ( TTV/ 15 eps/ Chou Nick, Meng Summer, Huang Wei Ting, Chang Chieh) – Taiwan

It was such a lousy drama but I absolutely loved it, if that makes sense? You definitely need to watch the whole drama to come to love it. If you stop in the middle, it will remain as a drama you’ll forever hate. The ending makes so much sense even though for most parts of the drama, everything will just make you dumbfounded. Side note, this drama made me fall in love with Huang Wei Ting! She stole everyone’s spotlight.

Great drama if you need to scream and pull out your own hair.

100-manen no Onna-tachi (Netflix Japan/ 12 eps/ Noda Yojiro, Matsui Rena, Fukushima Rila, Araki Yuko) – Japan

Who would’ve thought that this drama would turn out to be one of 2017’s best Japanese drama. I started watching it with no major interest but I ended up devouring all the episodes in a pretty short time.  I can understand why some may find it boring, for me it wasn’t but it clearly requires a certain mood. Quite dark and gives off a melancholic vibe, not the type of drama that anyone could enjoy.

Hito wa Mita Me ga 100% (Fuji TV/ 10 eps/ Kiritani Mirei/ Mizukawa Asami/ Narita Ryo) – Japan

The writer had good intentions with this drama but the process gave me so many WTF moments. Production wise (mostly writing) it was bad, even so, looking back, it was quite a nice show. It made me eager to want to find more. Normally, I wouldn’t recommend this type of drama, as I said it was bad but I don’t know, strangely I enjoyed this shitty drama.

The Cupids Series: Kammathep Sorn Kol (Channel 3/ 7 eps/ Nicha, Tono Pakin) – Thailand

The drama that came like a lighting to me when I wanted to watch something lovely and full of fluff, although it was a pretty predictable show. The chemistry of the main actors made me wish for more of their story. I would recommend this drama to anyone who is in need of a nice romantic-comedy drama. Millin and Saran have to be the best couple of the year for me.

Project S The Series: SPIKE  (GMM One/ 8 eps/ Oab, Bank, Imanothai Kawin, Saiparn) – Thailand

The best Thai drama of the year. Although the staff working behind this drama was the main reason for me to give any attention to it in the beginning, after the first episode, I fell in love with the drama as a whole. It had everything I liked. Great directing, acting, writing, action, friendships, strong bonds between the characters, development, backup stories! Just perfect!

I’m quite crazy about the meanings behind the colours used in tv shows and Project S the Series: SPIKE was full of that. The colours picked for this one, blue and white, express everything about the characters and their stories, their personalities and so on.

Even if you are not into sporty- teenage shows, the cinematography will make you love SPIKE.

Kahogo no Kahoko (NTV/ 10 eps/ Takahata Mitsuki/ Takeuchi Ryoma) – Japan

Anyone who watched this drama will understand why I included Kahoko on my list. Also, it looks like this year I was really into fluffy shows. Leaving behind the obvious puppy love, despite its childish aspects from time to time, it was a nice drama that showed Kahoko’s road towards adulthood.  I liked it especially because the writer didn’t make Ryoma’s character, Hajime, to be the one to overall change Kahoko, in fact he was just the trigger of her change. The development and growth came from within Kahoko. Lovely show, acting and characters.

Save Me ( OCN/ 16 eps/ Seo Ye Ji, Ok Taeckyeon, Jo Sung Ha, Woo Do Hwan) – South Korea

Disgustingly interesting. A show that entertained me throughout its airing. Interesting portray of a cult and full of characters that I ended up loving to hate. Characters that gave me the shivers were more than the ones I genuinely liked, I found the negative characters to be a feast.  It didn’t showcase a character more than the other however along the way, I couldn’t help but enjoy the performance of the secondary characters more. To me, Save Me was disturbing and creepy, but won a rightful place on my 2017 favourite Asian dramas.

Girls’ Generation 1979 (KBS/ 8 eps/ Bona, Chae Seo Jin, Lee Jong Hyun, So Young Joo) – South Korea

We, in Asian drama land, crave for strong female leads and this drama most definitely didn’t lack in that aspect. I found not only the main characters, but the other secondary female characters to be strong while the males were pushed towards the shadow. Also, it’s a drama about females in 1979! I think this drama appeared at the right moment.

Avengers Social Club (tvN/ 12 eps/ Ra Mi Ran, Lee Yo Won, Myung Se Bin, Jun)- South Korea

Another drama that came to me at the right moment. I’m glad I watched this and to be quite honest, I think that Avengers Social Club is my favourite Korean drama of the year. It doesn’t have much to offer in the beginning, yet you can’t help but fall in love with the members of the club. I found it to be a rather simplistic drama but it gave me joy as I watched all 12 episodes. A true hidden gem!

I think this is it! Keep in mind, I didn’t write about the best dramas of 2017 but about the dramas I liked this year, the ones that had an impact on me or just simply entertained me.

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  1. great list. thanks for sharing.

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