[Jdrama] ‘It’s All About The Looks’ ~ 1-10 END review/impression/opinion ~

This was such a cute show. Although superficial at times I always was under the impression that at the end we’ll have some big ass teaching “don’t judge a book by its cover”. But what did the writer do? The writer made a mess of the show!

I’m someone who normally runs away from dramas with the main actress, Kiritani Mirei. I don’t know why, but I just can’t like her acting, it’s so meh. But this drama was cute and I was ready to invest time in it.

It’s still an achievement that I got to finish it. Well, but I didn’t watch all 10 episodes because it was an amazing show, after episode 9 I just wanted to see if the writer will try and correct the mess thus I went in and watched the last episode as well. I just wanted a nice fluffy summery drama with a handsome guy falling for a girl who doesn’t actually ‘fit’ the demands of society. I do understand that maybe the writer wanted to show how we all have flaws and we need to accept each other but BOOOYYY. That guy is a wacko! The end!

Leaving aside my desire for the Sakaki-Jounouchi ship to sail, there were a lot of complains on how the story portrays a side that puts light on looks, I found it to be showing society as it normally is. Yes, it focuses on looks, but the world we live in is clearly no utopia and looks are important – even though it shouldn’t be. First impression? It is important. The way you dress? It is important. Everything else showed in this drama is indeed important. Not saying that paying 1 million dollars for a bag or for a pair of shoes is important, because it’s not. Wasting money on branded stuff shouldn’t be important, however giving importance to your looks, wanting to take care of yourself, to improve not only your outside appearance but also to improve your feelings regarding the way you see yourself it is important. By the end of the show, that was the main idea, to see the main characters improving the way they think about themselves.

I enjoyed the changes done step by step by the 3 girls. They all grew slowly but steadily and started to accept themselves. Rather than being pressured by society and its rules, by the end of the show they wanted to change not for others but for themselves. They wanted to do things that made them happy and content with their lives.  But the changes in the girls were not enough of a reason to spend 10 hours on this drama.

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