[Kdrama] ‘Go Back Couple’ ~ 1-12 END review/impression/opinion ~

I got into this drama not for the romance or for the actually story, I wanted to see the characters coming to a reciprocal awareness, aspect that was never approached in the show. As I said in my previews post about this drama, I think most of us were aware of how the drama was going to end, it was a bit too obvious and transparent, but I still wanted to enjoy the road from the beginning to the end, the actual character development.

I really wanted to see by the end the two main characters understanding each other. From what I saw they mostly wanted to give in but not because they finally came to the same terms.  That was upsetting to see as a viewer since it was the only thing I was expecting for the writer to do. Even with the other couple, Bo Reum and Jae Woo, I couldn’t see a mutual understanding. I think this is what the story lacks in.  But in the case of Bo Reum and Jae Woo, they always ended up explaining their actions and no one had to guess anything. They didn’t go around making things complicated.

Jin Joo was mostly busy trying to make others understand and have compassion for what she believes is right, but rarely looked at the point of view of someone else.

Were there any characters growth? Yes, some changes were present but did that contribute to the relationships? Not really. It was more of a personal growth rather than growing and with that accepting the others’ mind and heart.

Go Back Couple never once made my heart flutter. I’m not talking about the romance aspect. Maybe, because I felt that some things, ‘righteous’ stuff’ were mostly imposed to the viewer and never gave a chance to choose. Throughout this drama I just felt the writer forcing the viewers to think like her/him. Even with the romance, the actors had great chemistry however there was nothing that made my heart go BOOOOM. I don’t know, there was something missing. Actually there was something, or more like someone who made my heart skip a beat and that was Nam Gil however that’s because the guy is handsome and I’m shallow af.

One aspect which I liked about this drama was the healed relationship between Jin Joo and her mother. Jin Joo needed an enclosure with her mother, thing that she didn’t have the chance for in the present.

Also, the OST played an important role especially in the angsty scenes. I liked that but nothing memorable about the songs of this drama. Good but that’s it, I don’t think I’ll listen to any of it outside the drama.

Usually I try not to be too vocal when it comes to recommending or not a drama, but I don’t think Go Back Couple has anything that can make it shine in the pool of dramas. I felt it to be quite flat. Apart from the comedy and the life of the characters as University students, I can’t say that it has anything to make it special. It’s just another drama. Not my taste but in the end I did finish it so I could say it was slightly better than the other over 100 dramas I didn’t finish this year.



  1. I laughed hard when you said that Nam Gil did make your “heart beat” and I’m totally like you because I can’t help but to fall for handsome boys hahahahahahha. Nuce critique though

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