[Kdrama] ‘Go Back Couple’ ep 1-8 ~ first impression/opinion/review ~

I haven’t been a good blogger even though I started a lot of dramas this season. Well, truthfully speaking, it is easier to say a quick opinion on twitter about a drama I’m currently watching than making a full post and even if I make posts for the blog, I wonder if there are still people reading. However, when I first started my blog, it wasn’t to have others read my posts, I just wanted a space to lay out my opinions on. Therefore even though there may not be people reading this post, I still want to share my view on ‘Go back couple’ and its characters.

Firstly, I don’t know for how long I will get to watch this drama or if I’ll get to watch the ending. I like it, but it’s the type of drama we all know how is going to end. It’s just too obvious. But, even so, I don’t watch dramas just to see an ending that would satisfy me as a viewer, I watch dramas for the process between the start and the ending. The middle, that’s the fun part.

For me ‘Go back couple’ is a good watch, clearly not my first choice this season and definitely it’s not a drama I will remember for years. It’s a normal, simplistic show with an easy plot to digest. Despite that, I actually like its simple flow.

Out of the male characters, I do like Nam Gil more, but that’s just my personal preference. If we are to talk about which one is better for Jin Joo, then that’s Ban Do. Yes, they had problems in their marriage but that was mostly because of the crazy amount of misunderstandings. During their marriage, the two just failed to see that the other is also struggling as well and highlighted the problem of each other without putting a limit. Jin Joo and Ban Do do love each other, yet married life made them forget why they married in the first place, moreover daily hardships blinded their love for each other thus the two always throw sharp arrows.

A thing I really appreciate the writer for, is the fact that he or she is showing both sides of the fence. In fact, if shows the point of view of all the characters, be it negative or positive.  We can’t just side with a certain character whole heartily since we know both sides of the story.

We have Jin Joo who works hard for her family at home while forgetting about herself, we have Ban Do struggling at work to provide his family. We have the cool senior’s point of view, Nam Gil, who is also insecure even though others may not see it. There’s also the group of friends that is given moments to show their perspective on certain things.

Getting to know everyone, as a viewer, I can’t side with one character and hate another. Everyone is struggling in their own way.  But there’s something that bugs me about this drama, mainly about Jin Joo and Ban Do. The writer makes them act and think a bit too old for their 30 something age.

This might be the first and only post I make about ‘Go Back Couple’, again since I don’t know if I’ll finish it. For now, everything was fun and cute but I’m pretty sure things will get ‘cry cry’ starting episode 9. Regardless, I enjoyed these 8 episodes, although there were times when I used the magic of the fast forward button.



  1. I feel the same way about watching lots of dramas and then not really blogging. Lol but yeah I am enjoying this drama and your opinion on it.

    1. Hello! Thank you for the comment and for reading XD

  2. Table122000 · · Reply

    Well, I just wanted to let you know that I do read your reviews and I check your website often. I like Jang Nara but I could not get into this drama. I agree with you that the ending is clear, and that deep down the main couple love each other. This was made obvious to me in ep. 1, when we’re told the couple has been married for about 14 years, 11+ of which were just the 2 of them, no children since their son looks to be about 2. It wasn’t a marriage where they had stayed together for the sake of the kids. If there were truly deep problems from early on, then divorce would have happened long ago in my opinion. Plus the fact that neither one really wanted the divorce at end of ep. 1.

    1. It is clear that they always loved each other, however both failed to see how much effort they put into their marriage. At the end, they just need to talk things out and everything will be fine.
      Thank you very much for reading my posts ~ really appreciate it!

      1. Table122000 · ·

        Thanks for writing them and keeping this blog. I always enjoy reading other people’s informed reviews. I look forward to your future posts!

  3. mochimiamor · · Reply

    Definite reader here !!! I come here regularly in the hopes you’ve posted something, for my part i hope you keep it up. I enjoy seeing your choice in dramas from all over and your sense and sensibilities when it comes to writing about them …

    1. Aww thank you very much for the comment~ I’m glad you are enjoying my posts!

      I’ll try to post more often, the past two comments (your and the one from above) got me in a mood to write XD

      Thanks again, you guys made my day~

  4. I actually really enjoyed the Drama. Although the plot was predictable, what drew me in was the fact that Jin Joo could not be in a time with both her mother and son. The ache that she felt for her mother in the present, and that same ache she felt for her son in the past, had me torn about whether or not she should want to go back to the present. For me, it was a refreshing look at loving those around you. And at the very end of episode 12, I did enjoy the cute explanation for the time travel.

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