[Kdrama] ‘Age of Youth 2’ ep 1-4 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

I’ve been delaying my post for the past two weeks but here I am now. I’m going to keep it short with my first impression. For the first two episodes, I felt like I need to watch more otherwise, I would’ve left Age of Youth 2 behind.

Despite not being a HUGE fan of the first season, I do think that Age Of Youth is a gem. It was a nice human drama which focused on personal life difficulties of its characters. The first episode was a complete no no for me. I mean, the whole “car trip” was a good idea but it was covered in the whole episode. From the second one I started to re-enjoy this show and the story overall went from a straight line to an eventful series.

I know people who were angry with the casting and characters changes. Somehow I was too but the changes didn’t annoy me at all. Well, others may say that Park Hye Soo was better. Of course she was! She was the original who gave life to Eun Jae, had her own version of Eun Jae that people think of as the “Original Eun Jae”. If Ji Woo were to be the first to play Eun Jae and Paek Hye Soo the second, then people would’ve say that Hye Soo isn’t doing a good job. The “new” Eun Jae may come off as hard to swallow at first but now I’m okay with her. However I don’t like how the writer turned her into a whiny ass girl. I liked her in the first season since at times I could relate to her but this time all Eun Jae does is either whine or judge people. I especially didn’t like her judgemental moments over the new, tall girl.

Since I’m still talking about Eun Jae. The writer is playing nice with her story showing how people react and act after breaking up a relationship that seems fine at first. While we still don’t know what happened for sure, I’m enjoying the side eyeing and awkwardness between Eun Jae and Jong Yeol.

The new female character is nice. Jo Eun will probably turn to be my favourite and I enjoy how she’s okay with herself despite not looking like a girly girl. She’s okay and comfortable no matter how people look at her. But then I do have my hunch with her character.

Jin Myung is kinda non-existent in the drama. She does appear, but I can’t feel her presence. She interacts with the new boy, “Heimdal” and with the other girls yet I feel that I don’t see her enough.

I’m interested in Ji Won’s past and why she fainted at the club, in episode 3 I think it was. Her interactions with Sung Min are lovely and I enjoy their bickering. Meanwhile the writer is doing a good job with Ye Eun’s part. It’s good that we, as viewers, see her dealing with the aftermath of her past relationship. It wouldn’t be good if we would see a completely ‘normal’ Ye Eun. And truthfully if that was to happen then the show would’ve lost is fragrance. Anyway, in short, it’s good to see Ye Eun trying to heal after the thing she went through.

Overall, Age of Youth 2 is the show that always makes me come back to its story. Each episode feels too short. The editing and scene switch is good, the musing is also good as it created the right mood. I liked what I saw in these past 4 episodes.

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