[Kdrama] ‘Strongest Deliveryman’ episode 7 ~ recap/review/opinion~

Kang Soo is taken in by the police but Dan Ah can’t believe what is happening. At the police office, scared that there might be further investigation on the issue, Kang Soo admits he is the one who did it and asks for the investigation to end (if it continues, his friend will be found out to be the real culprit). Back at the restaurant, Dan Ah can’t understand and doesn’t want to think that Kang Soo would be capable of hitting Jin Kyu with the intention of committing murder, on the other hand Jin Kyu tells her to stop as things are now what they are.

Distressed and maybe he also doesn’t want to believe, Jin Kyu leaves, he meets Ji Yoon who was on her way to see Kang Soo. At first she ignores him but when she finds out that Kang Soo was taken in by the police, Ji Yoon calls for help…the other deliverymen.

Dan Ah’s roommate outlines that she wasn’t so worried when Jin Kyu went to jail.  Meanwhile, the deliverymen and Ji Yoon are worried about Kang Soo. Minutes later, Sung Jae, the one who actually wanted to hit Jin Kyu, appears and confesses that he is the culprit. The police officer doesn’t want to believe him as there were other people saying that they were the one at fault and not Kang Soo. The police officers are annoyed with them especially when Ji Yoon appears in the picture and acts pregnant, eventually everyone gets kicked out and are told that if they want to save Kang Soo, they need to bring evidence.

On her way to make a delivery, Dan Ah sees a police car and thinks that maybe Kang Soo is inside. Coincidently he was inside but she can’t see and then the writer and the director create a cheesy scene…

Ji Yoon goes to Jin Kyu so he will tell her what happens when someone is sent to jail. He detailed the process making JI Yoon cry for her “Mister”. When asked to drop the case, Jin Kyu gives a bad news; he can’t do anything as Kang Soo is imprisoned for attempt of murder. While crying like a baby since Kang Soo won’t be released and he has to do an anus search, according to Jin Kyu, Ji Yoon’s mother knocks on the door. Although Ji Yoon was hiding, her mother knew about it and can’t help but think that Jin Kyu is progressing quite fast with the plan of making Ji Yoon fall for him so they will marry.

The granny goes to Ji Yoon’s mother to talk about their restaurants but in the end the woman lectures the granny that she doesn’t know how to do business.

At the prison, Kang Soo plays some football with the others inmates and also remembers Dan Ah’s face. On the other hand, Dan Ah considers Kang Soo to be too nice to hit Jin Kyu but to her roommate it just looks like Dan Ah is falling in love with him. Dan Ah doesn’t want to admit that Kang Soo did made her heart skip a beat sometimes but her roommate tells her that she normally doesn’t even worry about her family, why would she worry about Kang Soo.

Dan Ah can’t focus on studying or working but somehow she finds out that Sung Jae was the one who insisted that he is the one responsible. When she meets Sung Jae, he says he doesn’t have evidence to get Kang Soo out of jail.

Jin Kyu goes to Dan Ah to invite her for a drink as he received his first paycheck but she refuses. Before leaving he tells her to accept at least a part of the money he promises and each month he will continue to give her money. She refuses again even though he pleads her to accept after confessing that she was the first person to see before dying, the first one when he came back to life and the only person he saw when he was in prison. Dan Ah doesn’t want to listen and kicks him out while throwing the money he gave her.

Ji Yoon pesters Jin Kyu about how she should visit Kang Soo in prison or what she should buy for him. After being kicked out by Dan Ah, Jin Kyu isn’t in the mood to hear Ji Yoon and tells her that he doesn’t know who is in prison, him or Kang Soo.

Sung Jae can’t handle it anymore and pays Jin Kyu a visit. He tells Jin Kyu that he should remember his clothes, face and everything so he has 3 days to put him in jail and take Kang Soo out, otherwise he will kill him. Jin Kyu doesn’t intend to do as he says and says that he should be killed because he won’t get Kang Soo out moreover will put the whole delivery  gang in jail as well as his life crumbled because of them. As Jin Kyu had a mental breakdown and Sung Jae was on the verge of hitting him, the granny appears and stops the fight saying that her grandson woke up. Seeing Jin Kyu emotionally down, she tells him now that her grandson is awake; no one will blame or point fingers at him anymore.

Next day, guess what, Jin Kyu goes to the prosecutor that was in charge of Kang Soo’s case and drops the charges saying that it was a simple assault and that he lied when he said Kang Soo wanted to kill him. Kang Soo gets out and is welcomed by the delivery gang and Hyun Soo, the guy who was in a coma. I mean after being in a coma, one would walk like a normal person minutes after he gets out of bed…

At night, Dan Ah who was alone cleaning in the restaurant can’t help but imagine Kang Soo being around. She gets drunk but the real Kang Soo appears and take her home. On their way, she keeps babbling around even so she doesn’t admit that she worried about him. In the end Dan Ah says that they should date, for 230 days. When asked if she liked him, Dan Ah confesses that she’s not sure about that but she always wants to see him. He doesn’t answer and just takes her home. Since she talks too much, her roommate hits her for keep saying “why don’t you answer, be honest I’m quite pretty” to Kang Soo. Of course, in the morning, she has a mental breakdown after the roommate tells her about the night before.

Although she wants to act like she doesn’t remember what she said a night before, the Joke Lady and the boss make them hug at the restaurant. Dan Ah is shy and wants to break away from the hug, but Kang SOo catches her once more in hi hug.


My thoughts on the episode:

Honestly I wanted to finish this episode fast. It was boring and the whole “let’s make bad things happen and then resolve everything fast” is irritating. Right now, what I like about this drama is Jin Kyu and Ji Yoon.

I will stop my recaps for this drama and from episode 8 I will post mini recaps focusing mostly on my opinion on the drama. Following the story closely is becoming tiring and the writer isn’t helping me at all with her/his writing. The characters alone aren’t strong enough to make me continue and to be honest I have no idea until when I’m going to watch this drama if things are going to go on like this. If things get better in episode 8, like how others told me on twitter, then I’m going to continue with the recaps.


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