[Kdrama] ‘Strongest Deliveryman’ episode 6 ~ recap/review/opinion~

Jin Kyu looks happy meeting his old friends however seeing Jin Kyu being released barely after a month, Kang Soo can’t hold his anger and almost hit him but luckily Dan Ah was also present and stopped him. All this time, Jin Kyu is quite composed and even told Kang Soo to hit him, that if he wants to see the detention centre as well. After the sudden meeting between the 3, Kang Soo goes to meet the prosecutor who was in charge of Jin Kyu and his friend’s case.

At the prosecutor’s office, Kang Soo demands some answers on how was the case handled, however the prosecutor doesn’t want to answer anything moreover asks his assistant to handcuff guest for intruding in their office. Meanwhile, Dan Ah tries to stop the Boss from the restaurant from firing Kang Soo who was late in doing deliveries. Curios why would Dan Ah defend him, the boss and the lady with random jokes ask her if she likes Kang Soo. To save him, Dan Ah tells the two that she likes him and wants to spend every day with Kang Soo.

Jin Kyu and Ji Yoon’s mother go to talk business where Ji Yoon works at. A bit shocked seeing her mother in the coffee shop, Ji Yoon remains polite even when she sees Jin Kyu tagging along, however she wonders how could he get out of jail so fast. To find out, she calls her friend that works in the media but she also didn’t had any information about why Jin Kyu was released yet she tells Ji Yoon that Kang Soo was taken into custody at the prosecutor’s office. Meanwhile, Ji Yoon’s mother talks with Jin Kyu about their restaurant and the woman finds out about his worries as he is still uncertain about the job.

In the afternoon, the deliverymen friends go to the prosecutor’s office to find out why Kang Soo was detained and luckily Ji Yoon goes there with her friend who sends the news out in the media. Since the media was getting involved and news outlets found out that the prosecutor detained the one who actually found the responsible of the illegal racing, the man receives a phone call from one of his seniors telling him that he should release Kang Soo as the spotlight into the media might not be good for them. (We don’t know who that senior is for now, but probably it’s Jin Kyu’s brother)

Finally released, Kang Soo apologises to the other deliverymen and after that he goes back home. At the restaurant, Dan Ah was waiting for him, worried as he didn’t return. She notices him being down and says that life will always be hard thus he needs to realise that being always good will only make him suffer. Back to his room, Kang Soo starts crying and apologises to his friend. He blames himself for the accident and for being mad at his friend that night.

At the same time, Jin Kyu remembers the time he was in prison and received a visit from Ji Yoon’s mother. At that time, the woman told him that she will help him but he has to work for her and to win the heart of her daughter. Time period to succeed: 6 months.

Next day, at the restaurant, the mood is kind of strange. Especially because the Joke lady is being weird and keeps singing love songs. Not being aware of anything, Kang Soo asks Dan Ah about the situation. In the end, Dan Ah tells him how he had to save him a day before form getting fired, she lied to the Joke lady and their boss that they like each other and are dating. Dumbfounded, Kang Soo accepts the “proposal” otherwise Dan Ah would be fired for lying. Therefore, in front of the people from the restaurant, Dan Ah and Kang Soo are dating. Anyway, after Dan Ah takes her leave, Kang Soo receives a phone call from self proclaimed “Kang Soo’s girlfriend” Ji Yoon who tells him she has something to give him, a cup of coffee made by her. However, there’s something that worries her, the fact that she is the daughter of the owner who opened a new restaurant in their neighbourhood that steals everyone’s clients – Kang Soo still doesn’t know about that.

Kang Soo friend’s grandma goes to their restaurant to give them the food she didn’t manage to sell because of the new restaurant. While talking, the Joke lady tells the grandma that Dan Ah and Kang Soo are actually dating. Even though the boss considers Dan Ah to have low standards in men, the granny think he is a fine man and asks Dan Ah what she likes about him. Being asked all of a sudden, Dan Ah doesn’t know what to answer and just stays that everything about Kang Soo is cool. Hearing that, he chokes with his water.

The joke lady and the boss also seem to have their own background story but we aren’t given much information yet.  After they separate ways, the loan sharks appear and they seem to know Kang Soo and Dan Ah’s boss since before.

Dan Ah’s roommate also appears to have her own problems but Dan Ah notices that something is wrong. The girl says that there’s nothing wrong and she doesn’t work at a hostess bar or anything related to that because she is scared of those things.

Early in the morning, while on her way to the English academy, Dan Ah meets Jin Kyu who wants to talk with her, apologise for what happened and to remind her that he still wants to keep his promise, help her emigrate. But Dan Ah doesn’t want to have anything to do with him and asks Jin Kyu not to dare bring any money to her as she wants to rise up on her own. Moreover, she tells him that it would’ve been better if he went to Kang Soo’s friend and apologised to his family for what happened. But from Jin Kyu’s perspective, he doesn’t understand why he has to do something like that. Given his attitude, Dan Ah is reminded that Jin Kyu can always resolve things with money. Hurt by her words, Jin Kyu doesn’t understand why she accepts Kang Soo’s help but he can’t help her. To answer his curiosity, Dan Ah responds that once he will find out the answer to that, he will become a human. After that, Dan Ah leaves him behind with tears in his eyes and hurt by her words.

When Jin Kyu tries to enter his restaurant, he gets attacked by someone with a pipe. Luckily, he didn’t get hurt but the guy disappeared. Later, we find out that the attacker was one of Kang Soo’s friends who was feed up with Jin Kyu. Problem is that the guy is seen by Kang Soo who scolds him for wanting to destroy his own life by attacking Jin Kyu. He continues saying that the one who should fight Jin Kyu is him and ‘orders’ his friend to stop going around that neighbourhood. Then, Kang Soo throws the pipe but is recorded onto the black box of some car that was around.

While Kang Soo was busy scolding his friend, Jin Kyu already reported the attack to the police. When asked if someone has a grunge on him, Jin Kyu answers that there’s someone like that but wouldn’t physically attack him.

At the hospital, Kang Soo finds from the grandma that she had to let her deliverymen leave as she didn’t have money to pay them because she has no clients considering that the new restaurant takes all her clients. To help her, Kang Soo asks the Idiots Gang to form a team and do the deliveries for the old woman. They somehow manage to help the woman but Jin Kyu’s restaurant has a loss. Not knowing how a small restaurant can win, Jin Kyu’s manager tells him that he should never look down on those kind of restaurants.

On the weekend, as we all know, Kang Soo and Dan Ah make their own dishes so they can make some money since she has to pay the hospital bills. While Kang Soo was preparing the dough, the Joke lady comes and sees them using products from the kitchen. Fortunately she think that Kang Soo is cooking something good for his girlfriend, Dan Ah. When the Joke lady is out of the picture, Dan Ah scolds Kang Soo for putting flour on her face but she almost fell, luckily he catches her in his arms. She gets flustered thinking that he might kiss her therefore she ends up kicking him.

Jin Kyu is still trying to appeal to Ji Yoon. Takes her on dates and accepts her bratty actions. She acts rude at the movie theatre but eventually he apologises for her acting and people think it was him being rude, not her. Even though he was kicked out, he waits for Ji Yoon outside with ice cream. Pissed off at Jin Kyu, Ji Yoon levels up her game and puts ice cream on his clothes, pushes his head in the bowl of noodles, makes a mess in his car and so on but Jin Kyu continues to be calm. At the end of their date, Ji Yoo can’t take it anymore and lashes out on her. He apologises saying that he needs her thus he will work hard to make their dates fun.

Dan Ah wants to thank Kang Soo for helping her so she buys him a shirt…a woman’s shirt knowing that he likes dressing as a woman. Dumbfounded he explains that he doesn’t like that kind of thing but he used to have a girl in his room.

Although the mood was lively, the police comes at the restaurant to arrest him for attacking Jin Kyu during the morning with a pipe. Seconds later, Jin Kyu also enters the restaurant saying that he didn’t believe that Kang Soo could be the one who attacked him and asks his former friend if it’s true. Probably cover up his friend who actually did the attack, Kang Soo tells everyone that he did it.


My thoughts on the episode:

I never had a show where I wasn’t bothered about who ends up with whom. I like the characters and strangely enough they all have chemistry with each other. Dan Ah with Kang Soo, Kang Soo with Ji Yoon, Ji Yoon with Jin Kyu, finally Jin Kyu with Kang Soo. I enjoy the scenes no matter what “couple” is on screen.

Small note, anyone else fell in love with the actor who plays Jin Kyu? I’m falling fast for him….and I can’t believe this is happening since it had zero impact on me in the first 2 episodes.


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