[Kdrama] ‘Strongest Deliveryman’ episode 5 ~ recap/review/opinion~

Kang Soo informs his deliverymen friends about his friend and that they need to find evidence against the culprit. Everyone starts spreading the news and it even reaches to people who are popular online for streaming. Ji Yoon also talks with her friend that works in the media and asks for help regarding the issue. The friend advices Ji Yoon to stay close to Jin Kyu until they find evidence so he won’t leave the country.

Meanwhile Jin Kyu pays a visit to Dan Ah at the hospital where the 2 start bonding. As they talk, Jin Kyu is curious to know why she was crying when she saved him. Then, he finds out that when she was 20 years old, Dan Ah jumped off of the bridge to end her life because things were to hard thus she wanted to escape her life.

On his way back from the hospital, Jin Kyu receives a phone call from Ji Yoon who wanted to go on a date. Although annoyed with her and even though he tells her he isn’t in the mood therefore they can just say they went on a date, the two end up meeting. When he arrives at the movie theater, Ji Yoon starts acting strange, using cute actions in front of him, grossing him out.

The other deliverymen are getting tired after running around all day to find evidence but Kang Soo keeps pushing them to continue their search.

While Ji Yoon was sticking like glue to Jin Kyu, one of the deliverymen found recorded evidence from the night with the racing and fortunately for Kang Soo, Jin Kyu could been seen in the video. After showing the recording to the police, the procedures to arrest Jin Kyu start. To add things up, Ji Yoon’s friend was present at the police office and makes some phone calls so that Jin Kyu’s case would be shown on the news.

At the same time, Jin Kyu tries to run away from Ji Yoon who was pestering him about being together and telling him how much she likes him. When he manages to run away from her, he leaves his phone with her however Ji Yoon receives a call from her friend who informs her that there’s an arrest warrant on Jin Kyu’s name.  In the meantime, Jin Kyu’s father is told about the arrest warrant and that the people from the media already put their hands on strong evidence against him.

The next morning, Dan Ah is finally released from the hospital and considering that she still doesn’t know what happened with Jin Kyu, she is happy that her dream will come true as he has to bring her the money. On the other hand, everyone was watching the news on TV, apart from Jin Kyu who still didn’t knew anything, considering that he couldn’t know since he left his phone with Ji Yoon, a night before so no one got in touch with him. On his way to get the money for Dan Ah, Jin Kyu gets welcomed by two police officers that were there to arrest him. However, Jin Kyu fights back and runs away.

Jin Kyu goes to the hospital and tells Dan Ah that he is being framed and has to run. She doesn’t understand what is happening but when he was ready to give some information, Kang Soo appears and he starts punching Jin Kyu for running away. Dan Ah is even more confused but when Jin Kyu begs her to believe him, she ends up beating Kang Soo and the two run away. In the car, Jin Kyu doesn’t have the time to explain things and focuses in finding a bank so he can get the money for Dan Ah. Unfortunately, his father already took all the money he had from his bank accounts.

His father’s blood is boiling like crazy and threatens anyone in the family who would dare to help Jin Kyu.

Being a run away, Jin Kyu finally explains to Dan Ah what’s happening and why the police and Kang Soo are after him however she doesn’t want to deal with his problems and decides to leave. Yet, Jin Kyu stops her and promises that he will find the money to give her, otherwise he will just kill himself in prison. As they were talking, his stomach grumbles and thus Dan Ah ends up buying Jin Kyu instant ramen. Meanwhile, Kang Soo isn’t giving up and sends his deliverymen friends a message with Jin Kyu license plate.

In the afternoon, Jin Kyu and Dan Ah wait for his older brother to bring the money. Thinking that his brother will help him, Jin Kyu hugs Yong Kyu the moment he appears. Sadly for Jin Kyu, his brother was not there to help but to tell him to turn himself. Being betrayed by older brother, Jin Kyu tries to run away again but Yong Kyu’s bodyguards appear and they try to catch him. Considering that he was no match for those guys, he shouts for help to Dan Ah who actually ends up beating the bodyguards.

Still on the run, Dan Ah tries to convince him to turn himself but he continues to refuse. Moments later, some deliverymen start following his car but Jin Kyu manages to run away yet Kang Soo appears in the picture and Jin Kyu stops the car. Everyone thinks that Jin Kyu would turn himself now that they found him however, he turns on his car’s engine and drives towards Kang Soo who was in front of his car just a few meters away. Kang Soo doesn’t move not even an inch but eventually Jin Kyu stops the car just a couple of millimeters away from Kang Soo.

The police comes and pick Jin Kyu. After everyone leaves, Kang Soo tells Dan Ah that she shouldn’t feel sorry towards him because trusting someone isn’t a bad thing, moreover he also believed in Jin Kyu.

While Jin Kyu was in prison, Kang Soo and his friends are celebrating their victory. However Dan Ah gets irritated by her friend who can’t believe how unlucky Dan Ah is. For a worse news, next day, Dan Ah is called by the hospital saying that she didn’t pay her bill that’s around 3 million won. Since things weren’t finished, the vase lady also comes and complains that she didn’t receive her money for the broken vase.

Seeing how much Dan Ah is struggling, Kang Soo offers to help her with money after all  somehow it was also his fault that Jin Kyu didn’t get to give her the money. Although she refuses the help, early in the morning, at the English academy Kang Soo already cleaned in her place. After class, she kind of accepts his help and the two form a partnership to get more money. While he cooks, Dan Ah does the delivery, all that without the people from the restaurant knowing.

Dan Ah even starts admiring Kang Soo and praises him. However while they talk the owners of the restaurant appear and since they don’t know that the two use their restaurant for their own benefit. Scared when the owners enter, Kang Soo and Dan Ah panic but the lady with weird jokes asks if they were kissing.  Things get brushed off and the two go to make deliveries, however on their way, they see that a new restaurant has opened in their neighborhood and the owner is apparently Jin Kyu.


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