[Kdrama] ‘Strongest Deliveryman’ episode 4 ~ recap/review/opinion~

Kang Soo presents the case about his friend to a police officer and it seems that if they catch the culprits, for the race, it can get sentenced for illegal racing but not for what happened to his friend. Meanwhile, Jin Kyu, still under the pressure of his mother, sends polite messages to Ji Yoo who eventually blocks him. Then she decides that the best way to get rid of Jin Kyu is to show him how close she and Kang Soo are.

At the hospital, Dan Ah wonders if it’s right to accept the money from Jin Kyu. Seeing her pondering about the decision, her friend and roommate Yeon Ji tells her to accept it, after all rich people probably spend that amount of money in one single night on drinks.  Although Yeon Ji encouraged Dan Ah to accept the money to fulfill her dream, she is still sad that her friend will leave the country. Still crying on her way home, 3 of the Idiots Gang see her and wonder what idiot could’ve made Yeon Ji cry.

On his way home, Kang Soo sees Dan Ah going somewhere. She was going to do her cleaning job at the English academy. When he reaches the academy, Kang Soo thinks that it will be better to do her work since she just got out of the hospital. After finishing the cleaning, the two talk for a bit. Although he is curious why Dan Ah is learning English at her age, even though she finished school, she refuses to answer saying that he will find out soon about her plan.

Back at the restaurant, Jin Kyu is ready for the day, however pealing onions isn’t his thing apparently. The idiot rubs his eyes with the same hand he uses to peal the onions so his eyes water like the Niagara. At the same time, Dong Soo (the restaurant’s chef) goes to see why the old lady, Jung Im (and the grandma of Kang Soo’s friends) isn’t opening her restaurant lately. Since he didn’t find out and the others around also didn’t know, he returns to his own restaurant but on his way back, some loan sharks seem to know him yet he acts like they got the wrong person. Back at the restaurant, he tells Soon Ae what just happened.

Ji Yoon’s mother plans on opening her shopping complex faster thus needs to get rid of the people and the restaurants from the land she wants to put her complex on. She also has someone in mind to put as the head of the project….most probably Jin Kyu.

As for Jin Kyu, he is busy resolving Dan Ah’s problems with the lady she fainted at. Looks like Jin Kyu knows the price of the vase and pretty much makes the lady feel inferior to him saying that he can’t call her ‘madam’ when she lives in a tiny apartment.

Considering that Jin Kuy and Ji Yoon are slowly stealing the spotlight of this show, we get a witty Ji Yoon as she pops out of nowhere in front of Jin Kyu who was driving his scooter. She apologizes for walking with 5 km per hour and assures Jin Kyu that she will only walk with the speed of a snail from now on. Before leaving, Ji Yoon sees that Jin Kyu works at the same place as Kang Soo and asks him if he told anything about their marriage meeting to Kang Soo. But since that’s nothing to brag about, from Jin Kyu’s point of view, he tells her that he didn’t mention it. Hearing him, Ji Yoon wants to record Jin Kyu say that their marriage meeting isn’t anything to brag about, maybe her mother will change her mind after hearing that. But when she plays record, Jin Kyu changes his line and says that the meeting was a blessing.

Kang Soo gets friendly with the Idiots Gang and when they tell him that the old lady, who is his friend’s grandma is good to them, he tells them what happened to her grandson and they all offer their help to catch the ones responsible for the illegal race.

Dan Ah is back at the hospital and Jin Kyu is there as well, sleeping on the couch from her room. The nurse thinks that he is her boyfriend but Dan Ah corrects the woman saying that he’s the one who got her in that state and not her boyfriend. Anyway, Jin Kyu acts like a brat, as his whole body hurts after working for 2 days thus he just want to sleep in  the same room, with her. Irritated, Dan Ah wants to hit him but he slowly leaves the room. With him out of the room, Dan Ah curses him to rain the next day when he will do deliveries. Guess what? It rains the next day which means more work since people want to order rather than going out to eat.

On his way to making some deliveries, Kang Soo meets the Idiots Gang. The boss wonders if the guy who calls himself Dan Ah’s guardian, aka Jin Kyu, doesn’t have information about car racing considering that he also has a nice car and he himself looks like someone who might race. To Kang Soo doesn’t seem plausible and doesn’t think that Jin Kyu could possibly be involved in something like that.

Noticing that Jin Kyu was tired, more like he was being loud about how tired he is, Kang Soo lets Jin Kyu leave work earlier. Later, Jin Kyu goes to Dan Ah and tells her that he was let off earlier but she ends up beating and scolding him that he should’ve helped Kang Soo clean up the restaurant. Anyway, while talking, the two look to be bonding quite fast. On his way out, Jin Kyu and Dan Ah see the Idiots Gang boss putting his name on her hospital door on the “Guardian” form.  She gets quite annoyed with the idiot boss and with Jin Kyu who was laughing at the situation and urges them to leave her sight.

Ji Yoon makes a plan to record her and Kang Soo kissing but that doesn’t work as he stops her from kissing him saying that in his eyes, she is just a runaway high school student. She runs out the door and he follows her with an umbrella making Ji Yoon think that he dated quite a lot in the past.

The old lady comes back to her restaurant and tells Kang Soo that maybe her grandson will remain in a coma for a long time. While talking with her, Kang Soo gets a call from a witness from the night when the racing happened and provides him with some new information and his black box data. He gives the information to the others and they continue searching for witnesses from that night. At the same time, Kang Soo and Jin Kyu’s friendship becomes quite strong.

Ji Yoon got a room but couldn’t sleep because of her loud roommates thus she goes back to Kang Soo yet she gets kicked out from there as well. Much later, idiots gang managed to restore the data from the black box given by one of the witnesses. On the recording, Kang Soo sees Jin Kyu’s car be part of the race.

During the last clean up, Jin Kyu think that Kang Soo want to have a friendly talk so he ends up babbling about his racing car hobby and eventually invites Kang Soo to one. However Kang Soo disgusted, answers that he wouldn’t to such a thing that made his friend lie in a hospital bed. After that he proceeds into telling Jin Kyu what happened the night when he was racing. With the whole thing out, although Jin Kyu begs on his knees to Kang Soo not to go to the police, he ends up being dragged there.

At the police station, Jin Kyu doesn’t confess anything about racing, in the end he is let free. Kang Soo follows and tells him that he will make him pay for his sins. However, Jin Kyu answers that he can’t catch a rich guy.

Ji Yoon also finds out from Kang Soo about what Jin Kyu did. Kang Soo seems sure to be able to catch Jin Kyu because he has something the later doesn’t, friends.


My thoughts on the episode:

When will the main girl be relevant to the story? Dan Ah was barely in this week’s episodes apart from her small moments with Jin Kyu, which by the way I’m starting to like. I kind of ship Jin Kyu with everyone, even though he isn’t that clean. But heck, who is?

Jin Kyu is trying to change himself and I do understand him after all it was not his fault that Kang Soo’s friend got in an accident. On the other hand, I also understand the aspect that the friend could’ve been saved much earlier if the road was not blocked.


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