[Kdrama] ‘Strongest Deliveryman’ episode 3 ~ recap/review/opinion~

Dan Ah tries to save Jin Kyu from drowning however at the same time, we get glimpse from the past when she was the one who wanted to commit suicide, luckily got saved. This time, it’s her who has to save Jin Kyu and after struggling for a while she manages to get him back breathing.

At the hospital, Kang Soo is told about his friend’s situation and how he could’ve not been in a critical condition if he could’ve reached faster the hospital but since the road was closed because of a construction (it wasn’t because of that but Jin Kyu and his rich friends were racing), the friend was sent to the hospital 30 minutes after the accident. The friend’s grandmother comes out and greets everyone who came to see her grandson and tells them that he will be okay and they should leave to get some rest.

Back to Dan Ah and Jin Kyu, after calming down, she wants to know for what reason he jumped off of the bridge, thinking that it’s something serious like having a hard time finding a job. But to her surprise, Jin Kyu tells Dan Ah that all he did his whole live is play around at that was getting tiresome so he wanted to kill himself. Hearing him being an idiot, she leaves after kicking him a couple of times. Even so, he asks for her number so he can pay her for saving him, yet Dan Ah doesn’t want to since he will most probably pay her with his mother’s money.  Because Dan Ah was late that morning to the English academy, after saving Jin Kyu, she couldn’t participate in class.

Ji Yoon is still giving Kang Soo a hard time as it’s Saturday and she has nothing else to do but stay in his room. That will be troublesome if someone from the restaurant will come into his room and saw her there thus Kang Soo gives her some money, which she promises to give back, so she can play around until night. To get out of the room, she jumps out the window with the help of Kang Soo and success going out without anyone seeing her but when Kang Soo goes back to his room, Ji Yoon’s laundry, mostly bras, fall down when he wants to pick them up but at that moment, Dan Ah enters and calls him a freak.

The red haired guy from the Gang Idiots, Byeong Soo, still wants to take revenge on Kang Soo so he plans on stealing his scooter. Meanwhile, in the store, Dan Ah seems to not be in a good condition after jumping into the river to save Jin Kyu however she tells herself that she can’t leave work earlier no matter how sick she is. When she reaches her next delivery place, even with her condition, Dan Ah has to take the stairs. At her client’s house, the ones who wanted the food were some rude high school students. Being sick, Dan Ah doesn’t want to bother with them but when the mother of one of the girls appears, our main girl realizes why the high school student was so rude.

On her way out, Dan Ah faints and falls over a vase and breaks it, but the woman freaks out more that her expensive vase was broken than the fact that a person fainted in her house. Eventually Dan Ah is taken to the hospital where Jin Kyu was also for a check up on his throat. After she wakes up, Dan Ah gets a call from the restaurant to hurry back because they have a lot of deliveries to make but since she’s sick, she sends Jin Kyu in her place while apologizing. Can Jin Kyu do a good job, after all a couple of days before he was making fun of deliverymen when Kang Soo asked the price of his car? Of course he can’t work well, not like he worked until now. Kang Soo tries his best to instruct him but Jin Kyu can’t hold his anger when customers insult him.  Later the two have a heart to heart conversation while washing dishes. At that moment, Jin Kyu apologizes to Kang Soo for being rude to him.

Dan Ah and Kang Soo’s scooters are stolen by the Gang Idiots however what they don’t know is that Kang Soo worked around the whole town and a lot of people recognize his scooter. As people try to catch the thefts, Kang Soo is relaxed at home. But that’s weird or at least from Jin Kyu’s point of view. Kang Soo’s friends catch them and on a phone call, he tells them to come to him with the Idiots Gang boss as well.

On another hand, Ji Yoon has a tearful meeting with her father who put messages around her neighborhood to come back home.

Kang Soo gets on good terms with the Gang Idiots after the leader punishes the ones who stole the scooters. As for Dan Ah, she gets moved to a single room in the hospital with the help of Jin Kyu. However she doesn’t want to since he gets allowance from his mother, what she doesn’t know is that he is filthy rich.

Meanwhile, Kang Soo is finally free and alone in his room now that Ji Yoon agreed to go back home with her father. Moments later, he talks on the phone with one of his friends and they agree to meet the next morning at the hospital to visit their friend.

At the hospital, Jin Kyu reveals that he is the son of a chaebol so she can ask for how much money she wants considering that he still has to reward her for saving his life. At first, Dan Ah doesn’t believe him but when he shows her a picture form an article, she starts to think that maybe what he’s saying is the truth and agrees to tell him the price of the reward. A bit over 15 million won. To Jin Kyu that seems easily obtainable but Dan Ah thinks she’s dreaming so she asks him to pinch her so see if all that is not her seeing and hearing things. Almost when he was ready to pinch her, Jin Kyu looks closely at Dan Ah and can’t seem to hit her and just leaves the room.

Ji Yoon and her mother make an agreement. If she wants to remain in Korea and do what she wants, Ji Yoon has to meet the guy her mother wants, for a year. Next day, Jin Kyu is also informed about the dating thing, he has to accept regardless, that’s if he doesn’t want to go to the Philippines and work at his father’s resort.

Kang Soo still finds fishy the fact that there doesn’t seem any asphalt on the road that was closed on the night when his friend had the accident so he goes to gather more information. By asking left and right, Kang Soo finds out that the road was closed for illegal racing.

On a funnier note, Jin Kyu and Ji Yoon finally meet. While she tries her best to be rejected, Jin Kyu assures her that he HAS to like her not matter what. After a few witty line exchanges between the two, Ji Yoon can’t handle it anymore and leaves the table leaving Jin Kyu letting out a deep sigh.

After finding more information about the car racing thing, Kang Soo promises to find the responsible ones for closing the road on the night of his friend’s accident.


My thoughts on the episode:

Ji Yoon is a likeable character. I like her desire to do things on her way without the help of her parents. Or more like she doesn’t want to become a puppet for her mother, and knows when to act things out to turn the situation a bit in her favour.

Jin Kyu is still a character that’s hard for me to like or even come to like in the next future. I kind of hunch what the writer is trying to do but I don’t think it will work with me.

Sad that in this episode, Dan Ah and Kang Soo were rather none existent. I could barely feel them present and it was more like an episode to put some light over Jin Kyu and Ji Yoon.


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  1. Can I know what song on 49:34 minutes?

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