[Kdrama] ‘School 2017′ ep 7&8 ~ impression/ opinion/review ~

Dae Hwi’s so called self righteous attitude towards anything and everything is a façade. Complaining that rich kids have all they want thanks to their parents but he also uses the same tactics to win more points and advantages. I tried to emphasize with him but it isn’t working for me. Coming onto Tae Woon to bark for the fact that his father gives him benefits but it’s not like Dae Hwi is on the same level as kids like Sa Rang who really doesn’t use any ‘funny’ ways to gain anything.

Does Sa Rang not want the benefits? Hell no, everyone desires those benefits and they are all jealous of the rich kids (who wouldn’t want free things) but right now, at this point, Sa Rang and some others are different from Dae Hwi and they are the ones who should talk about what’s in fact right or not. Dae Hwi sells his own abilities for those benefits, he is given time to high paid school consultants, volunteering projects that might be good for his profile and all those types of things that an actual normal kid doesn’t have. We have to be fair here, because Dae Hwi is the top student he gets the benefit of the doubt while Eun Ho gets demerits in 2 seconds. The teachers were ready to hear him out, on the flip side Eun Ho was tagged as the responsible one in the beginning just because her grades weren’t on the higher side.

All this time, Dae Hwi’s inferiority complex was hard to watch and irritating. Whatever excuse the writer will make for him in the next episodes, it will still be hard for me to warm up to this character. He is also not fair and the things he did up until now were also not fair. Making him pitiful to squeeze some tears won’t work with me, never ever!

The police officer woman was right in episode 8 about the homeroom teacher. He always talks about helping the teenagers, trying to guide them but in fact all he does is cover up their wrongdoings. He should understand that covering up for them won’t teach this class that they should be responsible for their actions. Truth is he isn’t doing anything for them. He’s all talks. In front of the other teachers, in front of the parents or anyone else, he has no power and no courage to stand up for what he believes in. Point is he isn’t teaching the teenagers anything.

I think episode 7 was slaking in development. Apart from the usual fully scenes between Tae Woon and Eun Ho, which I don’t mind, all they showed was the teachers trying to find someone to blame.  Episode 8 was also hard to finish. If until now I was watching every episode with my eyes glued onto the screen, this week it took me longer to finish these two episodes.


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