[TWdrama] ‘Love, timeless’ ep 1-15 [END] ~ review/impression/opinion ~

Time travelling drama? we had that before, but how many characters are going  back to the past to change the present and for what purpose would they want to change it? “Love, Timeless” challenged the already much used time travelling theme once more but with a game of back and forth between the present and the past.

Is hard to say that “Love, Timeless” was a bad drama or a good one. I definitely have my likes and dislikes about this one but despite the fact that I have more things I don’t like about the execution, I can’t ignore how it managed to catch my curiosity up to the very end. Might be rare for a show to be badly executed but still make you watch it until the last episode. The acting, the directing, the characters, I can easily count the bad things about all of these aspects but at the same time, I can also say the things that eased my watch.

From the writing point of view, the writer did mess up big times. Especially with the main characters. I don’t know how it turned this way but along the way, I was caught up in the secondary characters’ story ore than on the main ones and it was clear that the writer gave them more importance and space in the story. For instances, Zhao Yu, the main male character was childish until the end. There was no development per-say in his case. Even if the changes in the future, he did not change and maturity was something he sadly didn’t obtain. In contrast, Kai Jia, from a pushover she gained some self esteem and wanted to challenge herself by changing her environment.  Although in the beginning it was hard for her to cut Zhao Yu out of her life, she was aware of the suffering the love and attachment for him brought her.

Onto my favourite character and subconsciously the main character of “Love, Timeless”, Ruo Bi. I absolutely hated how the writer tried to change her story so many times and with that it changed her personality as well. For me, the actress who played Ruo Bi hard carried this show. If it was someone else in her place, maybe I would’ve dropped the drama long before the end. Ruo Bi was emotionally drained and challenged be it in the present or in the past. In hope that she will have someone genuinely cherish and love her, Ruo Bi was constantly cautious of everyone around her, especially Jun Ren. Notably, Jun Ren had his own rollercoaster emotional ride as well. It was a much worse ride for him, as a secondary character than Zhao Yu who was the main. Jun Ren changed numerous times over the show. He progressed and understood his actions and the repercussions of his words.  I will stop here about the character, because if I say anything more than this, it will take away a possible curiosity for anyone reading this post, and that’s kind of all “Love, Timeless” has to offer.

Personally, I found the length of the episodes, around 1h 30 minutes per episode, to have made the story lack since it had too much space thus story got dragged. I was hardly interested in anything else than the four main characters and how the present changed for them.

One thing I absolutely loved about “Love, Timeless” was the directing, or maybe I should say the aesthetics of this drama. Especially during the scenes with Buo Bi and Zhao Yu. I can’t say those scenes had any meanings or if they helped build the story, but I liked the atmosphere while these two were together.

Anyway, I had my ups and downs with this show but I managed to finish it and that says a lot since I barely finished any dramas this year. Be it thanks to curiosity or to devotement towards the characters, mostly Ruo Bi, I finished and saw the end. But really, I can’t hate this drama, although it was a hard road and disliked how the writer handled everything, in the end I’m left with a fuzzy feeling.


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