[Kdrama] ‘Strongest Deliveryman’ episode 2 ~ recap/review/opinion~

Scared that Kang Soo will drag both of them off the building, the Idiots Gang boss agrees to give him back his plates. Outside, the other members were curious about who won. Although the boss won the fight, he considers Kang Soo the new crazy man that entered their neighborhood and advices his members to leave the guy alone. Byung So, the member who thinks too much for his own good doesn’t want to listen and plans to handle Kang Soo his own way.

Back with the plates, Kang Soo doesn’t tell the people from the restaurant what happened. Shortly he is followed into the store by a lady that also owns a restaurant on the same street. The lady had food left and decided to give it to them for lunch, after all theirs is full of oils. As Jung Im (the old lady with the food) talks with Dong Soo and Soon Ae about who might buy the land where they have their restaurants, Kang Soo drops some kimchi on Dan Ah. Nonchalant, Dan Ah twists his hand as a punishment.

Ji Yoon goes back home but briefly so she can take some needed stuff and then she goes back to Kang Soo’s room. Dumbfounded at the sudden guest, Kang Soo tells the girl that she needs to go back home and ends up lecturing her how she needs to finish high school and so on, all in all he wanted her to leave. Seeing how she was pitiful and started crying, it was mostly her act, Kang Soo eventually is left to know that she is in fact 23 years old. Afterwards, Ji Yoon tells him her whole story and how she wanted to run away from her rich mother that was always busy dictating her life. Anyway, she ends up staying in his room.

On the other hand, Dan Ah is going early in the morning to her English academy to clean the classes, toilets and everything else so she can receive lessons for free. Before class, her mother gives her a call demanding money to pay her little brother’s tuition fees. Dan Ah doesn’t want to give in and ignores her mother however during class; she receives countless messages from her mother who was acting like she was getting a surgery to sell her organs. Again, Dan Ah completely ignores the woman. Good for her! Later she gets another annoying call; her landowner wants to raise the rent.

Ji Yoon managed to get a part time job at a coffee shop. Even though she was happy and couldn’t wait for her first customer the girl steps in poop as the first one happens to be Jin Kyu.  He recognizes her pretty fast but all she does is apologies and act like they never meet since she didn’t want to annoy him otherwise, her manager would fire her.

Dan Ah is asked to bring a screwdriver from the storage room, but since the door was acting funny she wonders if Kang Soo might have one. When she enters his room, she sees mostly woman clothing. That makes Dan Ah wonder if Kang Soo isn’t a weirdo and decides to fire him however before getting out the door she stops and realizes that there’s not enough time to handle others’ problems when she herself has a lot on her hands.

Back to Ji Yoon, Jin Kyu finds her earring in his cup. When he demanded some apologies and to meet the manager, Ji Yoon started letting out some tears maybe that way she will have the other customers on her side. With the manager’s appearance, Jin Kyu wants her to admit that she dropped her earring in his coffee. Since she didn’t want to lose her job, Ji Yoon tells the manager that while he was looking somewhere else, she put the earring back in her ear with the speed of lightening (which was in fact the truth but to others it seemed like she was innocent and Jin Kyu forced her to say that). Luckily the manager and the other customers are on her side and under the pressure of people recording his behavior and the manager asking him to leave, Jin Kyu rushes out.

Meanwhile, Ji Yoon’s mother wants to marry her daughter with Jin Kyu thus she meets his mother. A bit confused about the proposal, knowing his personality and how the father treats him, his mother agrees, after all Ji Yoon’s mother promises to turn him into a business man.

Dan Ah uses the secret she found out about Kang Soo to her advantage. Although at first she acts nice towards him, he asks her to say what she wants to say directly without going around the bush. Even though the conversation is quite vague as Dan Ah considers that he dresses with woman clothing and he thinks she found out about Ji Yoon living in his room, she asks him for money to keep her mouth shut.

On her way home, Dan Ah is stopped by the Idiots Gang boss asking to have a talk. He wants to warn her about Kang Soo saying that he is a dangerous guy. Dan Ah tells him that she knows, even though what they know is completely different, and then is her turn to ask something from The Boss. Looks like Dan Ah knew that he took away the plates from their store and he was also responsible for her missing underwear so she challenges the guy at a battle, which she wins.

Another fight almost happens when Jin Kyu starts following Ji Yoon after she finished work. Before things got worse, Kang Soo appears and helps Ji Yoon. She knows that it was rude of her to walk all over his car but she was chased and had no other choice, however all she can do at this point is apologise.

Later the day, Kang Soo meets two of his friends and after they part one of them gets into an accident (he is also the grandson of the old lady who came with food for lunch) however the man who took him to the hospital couldn’t take the easiest route because the road was closed. It was closed for a different reason than we think, young rich assholes men and women had car races, among them it was Jin Kyu, competing in the race and even won it. The illegal race was watched by a journalist who seemed to be interested in Jin Kyu.

Next day, Jin Kyu gets called by his father. The journalist sold the picture from the night before to a broadcast company, fortunately the father’s assistant managed to block the news from appearing on TV. Regardless, the father was furious because the news could’ve got unwanted attention onto his company thus he beats Jin Kyu to the point where he barely could walk. The man tells Jin Kyu that he can’t kill his own son so he asks Jin Kyu to go somewhere and kill himself. After the beating, the security guys drag him out of the company.

Dan Ah’s younger brother comes to her to plead for help but she seems determined not to help him. From their conversation we find out that she did help him in the past yet the brother played around and lost all the money that was given for his tuition. Before leaving, Dan Ah tells her brother to forget that he has a sister.

Kang Soo receives a call and gets informed by the current situation his friend is in. As for Dan Ah, she is having a hard time after the conversation with her brother however she gets a hold of herself and goes back on track to make her dream come true. Things aren’t good for Jin Kyu as well who gets drunk and wants to end his life by jumping into the Kang River. On her way to the English academy, Dan Ah sees him on the edge of the bridge and tries to save him. Because of his weight, both of them fall into the river. As they fall, sad memories come back to them.

In the epilogue we see Dan Ah threatening the loan sharks with a knife saying that she will pay back what her parents had to borrow. With the loan sharks out of their house, Dan Ah decides to leave home with the promise to her mother that she will be different and won’t live like her.


My thoughts on the episode:

Although the story is overall predictable and somewhat cliché I like the characters. The four main characters are what makes the drama watchable. In this episode I even started to like Ji Yoon. She is a witty fellow and mature to some point even though we didn’t see that in the first episode. She is doing her best to survive without the help of her parents, to live for herself and that’s admirable.

Some people may think she is a rich brat rebelling against her parents but she proved in this episode that there’s more going on with her and she wants to fight for her own well being to be able to breath and live as she likes. She is different from Jin Kyu. While she still has the attitude of a rich girl, Ji Yoon found herself a job and tries to keep that job. She is polite at work and does her job well. On the other hand, Jin Kyu who is seen as a moron by his father goes on living like a moron. He doesn’t do anything except suck money to buy cars and then participate in illegal racing. I can’t empathies with him at all.

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