[TWdrama] ‘Love, timeless’ ep 1-7 ~ midway impression/opinion ~

I’m confused. I don’t know why the story confuses me so much, either I’m utterly stupid (hopefully not) or the writer just made a mess with so many back and forth games. It took me quite a lot to get a hang of the characters, to understand them however even at this point I’m not sure if how I’m currently reading them is the right way. There were a lot of complicated things and mixed feelings so getting the hock of their feelings gave me a headache. Every time I was sure I finally understood, stuff got tossed around and had to erase everything I thought about them.

I was rather excited after the first episode but around episode 4 I knew that the writer is starting to mess things up. A lot of aspects got mixed and it got to a point where I was starting to get iffy every time Zhao Yu appeared on the screen.

I totally get him, I do! He doesn’t want his friendship with Kai Jia to change thus he doesn’t want to admit his feelings for her. It’s not that he’s not aware, Zhao Yu isn’t completely ignorant of his feelings, in fact deep down he is somehow acknowledging yet saying it out loud is the problem because once someone finally hears it, his bond with Kai Jia will clearly take another route. They both have mutual feelings for each other, yet it’s not easy to accept, or at least not from his perspective. Let’s be honest, if they end up in a relationship and that relationship will at some point break apart, they can’t go back to being friends, it doesn’t work like that. From that point of view, I get him, however, he also doesn’t let Kai Jia find someone else. Whenever she is around any guy, not only Jun Ren, Zhao Yu turns jealous and his jealousy makes it hard for Kai Jia to let him go.

Kai Jia is trying and I can’t blame her for not cutting him out of her life. Completely! Compared to Zhao Yu, Kai Jia honestly apologised her feelings. Being aware that Zhao Yu doesn’t think the same way as her, she started wanting to change her future. But again, it’s quite hard for her once Zhao Yu comes and goes out of her range of view.

It’s not that I want to hate on Zhao Yu but it’s really hard for me to even come close to liking his character. Again, is completely understandable the way he acts but he needs to realise that his actions are tormenting Kai Jia. If he doesn’t want to accept the feelings that are more than for a friend, he at least needs to help her be happy.

While Kai Jia and Zhao Yu’s feelings are crystal clear, on  the other hand what was hard for me to understand were the feelings of Jun Ren and Ruo Bi for each other. There are times when I think they mutually like one another, but there are also times when I’m finding it hard to consider anything more than a family connection.

CASE 1: At some point I was thinking that maybe Jun Ren liked Kai Jia ever since collage but had to marry Ruo Bi for business purposes and because he couldn’t be with the one he truly liked he ended up being sorrow thus always cheated on Ruo Bi – at the same time Ruo Bi had feelings for him so being always cheated on by Jun Ren got her into a depression.

CASE 2: On the flip side, I was thinking that Ruo Bi wasn’t always clear with him while he had feelings for her, he started cheating as he was thinking that maybe Ruo Bi always had a crush on Zhao Yu. Their relationship is so complicated…

CASE 3: Sometimes I also had the hunch that Ruo Bi being closer to Zhao Yu was for her to make Jun Ren say out loud that he likes her, make him jealous. Jun Ren’s getting closer to Kai Jia wasn’t something that neither of the two intended however it makes them feel at peace. There are times when I thought that Ruo Bi and Zhao Yu took Jun Ren and Kai Jia’s feelings for granted and they were not ready to face a possible closure between the later two.

CASE 4: The best possibility regarding Jun Ren and Ruo Bi is that both have feeling for each other. But Ruo Bi knows that he is using her because of their family business and started drifting apart from him.   Because of their parents their relationship got messed up.

THE LAST CASE: is that Zhao Yu and Kai Jia had feelings for each other, Jun Ren and Ruo Bi had feelings for each other but they were constantly moving back and forth and got confused about their actual feelings.

What I do get is that they took the other person’s feelings for granted, all of them but mostly Zhao Yu and Ruo Bi. No one actually wants to come up front and honest about its true feelings, they get tangled into other feelings. Their relationships are toxic as their own feelings are tormenting them so the best it would be either to come honest about those stuff or just stay away for good.

Apart from the relationships and the whole mess that centres around the characters’ emotions I have to say that I absolutely love the cinematography.


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