[Kdrama] ‘Strongest Deliveryman’ episode 1 ~ recap/review/opinion~

The episode starts with Choi Kang Soo (Go Kyung Pyo) witnessing a hit and run. According to the narrator, Kang Soo likes to meddle in others’ business thus he runs after the one who caused the accident. After a while of chasing, he finally manages to catch the man. Shortly, the police follows and he goes back to his own business after praising himself for a bit.

On his way, he almost crashes into Lee Dan Ah (Chae Soo Bin) and the two end up bickering about whose fault was that they almost had an accident. Almost when the conflict between the two was to an end, Kang Soo sees that his phone is cracked so he demands Dan Ah to pay compensation. Of course Dan Ah who doesn’t think it’s at fault for the phone doesn’t want to pay however he becomes insisted and keeps pushing her to give him her phone number (so he can later on get the money from her). Dan Ah get irritate with him being pushy, eventually she kicks him in his “mini me”. Given the pain, Kang Soo can’t move but Dan Ah wants to make it clear that she doesn’t have the time to deal with him.

Meanwhile, Oh Jin Kyu (Kim Sun Ho) and Lee Ji Yoon (Go Won Hee) make their appearance. The first one challenges him to drive his car in a narrow street and even though he’s successful in that aspect, Ji Yoon comes out of nowhere and almost got hit by his car. As Ji Yoon is being followed by some guys in suits and since she doesn’t have a way out, she thinks that it’s a good idea to jump over Jin Gyu’s car. Seeing her walk over his car, Jin Gyu get irritated but seconds later the men in suits also appear and follow Ji Yoon’s steps and walk over Jin Gyu’s car as well leaving the later one speechless.

Later, Kang Soo goes to his new workplace – a Chinese restaurant (according to the narrator in the beginning of the episode, Kang Soo also doesn’t stays more than 2 months at a workplace). There, after a brief taste of the jjajangmyun they serve at the restaurant, he accepts to work as a delivery man with the condition that he can’t stay more than 2 months. The owner accepts the condition considering that most deliverymen barely make it for a week. A strange wind appears and with it, a weird lady enters the restaurant. The lady has a strange sense of humor that can leave anyone dumbfounded in 3 seconds. Since Kang Soo didn’t laugh at first at her jokes, the lady wanted to refuse him as a deliveryman at their restaurant. Thinking that he may lose the job, whenever she made an idiotic joke, he tried his best to make it seem like he genuinely enjoys the jokes….but she was clearly aware of his bluff. Both the man and the weird lady from the restaurant tell him that he needs to pass one last interview before getting the job and that is, being accepted by their best deliveryman, the best in the field, the veteran!

The final interviewer is Dan Ah, the girl he almost crashed into earlier in the day. During the interview, whatever she wanted from him, he had to execute her demands. If she wanted him to sit nicely on the chair, he had to otherwise the man and the weird lady verbally forced him.

Thing is that he didn’t was in the mood to deal with them and told the 3 to find someone else. Almost on his way out, Dan Ah tells Kang Soo that he is hired.  On his first day at work things don’t go smoothly since most (male) clients were expecting Dan Ah to make the delivery. Dan Ah seems to be a face every client is happy to see.

A lady with her model-like male assistant appear on the street where the restaurant Kang Soo works at is also located to make plans to buy the land there and transform it into a shopping centre.

Kang Soo makes a delivery for the people that were repairing Jin Kyu’s extra expensive car. Curious about the price of such car, Kang Soo asks the owner about it, however Jin Kyu turns out his rude attitude by responding that even if he knew the price he shouldn’t even imagine buying such car. Triggered by the rich ass man, Kang Soo wants to beat him luckily he gets stopped by the guys he had to deliver food to.

As if he didn’t had to handle enough weirdoes in the same day, other deliverymen from the neighborhood appear before him to make him go and do a 90 degree bow in front of the, what appears to be, big boss of deliverymen. Kang Soo can’t be bothered with them.

On the other hand, Dan Ah faces rather a lot of hardships while doing delivery: people looking down on her or idiots sexually harassing her. Good thing that Dan Ah doesn’t let her guard down and puts everyone in their place.

The day ends but Kang Soo and Dan Ah still can’t get along however he has to hear and do whatever she wants after all she’s the one that can get him fired.

Ji Yoon is hungry and the only things she can eat are some leftovers from other people’s delivery. When Kang Soo comes back to take the plates, she pretends that she’s the one who ordered the food in the first place. Knowing that’s not true, Kang Soo tells her to follow him so she can eat something that’s clean, not some leftovers from someone else.

Looks like Ji Yoon is the daughter of the woman with the model-like assistant and she ran away from her rich parents. Kang Soo guesses her situation in 2 seconds but doesn’t believe her that she’s 23 years old….what 23 years old would run away from home at their age, right? Because she didn’t had where to go, Kang Soo let’s her sleep at the restaurant, in his room while he took the chairs as a bed.

The other deliverymen, the ones from earlier that ganged onto Kang Soo (I’m going to call them the Idiots gang) are still angry about Kang Soo not going to their big boss to bow.

Dan Ah is learning English while her roommate wants to convince her not to emigrate but that seems to be Dan Ah’s dream.

Dan Ah goes to work in the morning and sees Kang Soo sleeping on the chairs. So she won’t find Ji Yoon there, he goes fast to wake her up but when he enters the room, she was already long gone.

Jin Kyu has breakfast with his parents but despite being a douchebag he has his own personal problems with his father who considers him a moron. Before leaving from his parent’s house, his older brother gives him an envelope with money, to help him. Hours later, he buys another car and while driving it he shouts “YES, I AM A MORON”.

Kang Soo’s problems appear to never end. Now, he can’t find the plates from 7 customers he delivered food to. The Idiots Gang is still onto him and they are the ones who stole the plates.  Because he couldn’t catch the idiots, he agrees to go meet the Idiots Gang’s boss. The guy beats him up but Kang Soo doesn’t give up too easily and while clenching onto the guy, he threatens him that if he doesn’t bring back the plates, both will fall off of the building.


In the epilogue we see Kang Soo pleading to his father who was a cancer patient to stop looking for the woman who ran away with their money, his mother. After his father’s death, Kang Soo promises to find his mother in Seoul.

My thoughts on the episode:

I like the characters. Even though they all seem reckless, in a way or another the four main ones seem to have deeper secrets than they show. Now, I’m not sure about the story, it kind of seems like a simplistic “trying to find someone”, “trying to hide myself” or “trying to show my own abilities while pursuing my dreams” kind of plot which is a rather overused theme in the later years in Korean dramas so it all depends on how the characters can grow from here on. However, while I do like Kang Soo and Dan Ah as characters, it will be a struggle for me to like Jin Kyu and Ji Yoon. The two don’t appear to have charms that can distinguish them from other characters. The start was good and things moved pretty fast with introducing the characters of the show and understanding their position within the show.

This it might be the first role I like of Go Kyung Pyo. He is an actor with a passion for acting, that’s for sure, quite decent but I always found it hard to like his approach on the characters he did up until now.

Chae Soo Bin is one of the young actresses I like and I do hope she will finally find her won acting style with this show. It looks like she can do more but always pauses when it’s time to show her abilities. But she is quite young and relatively new on the job so she has time to build and grow aware of her talent.

The other actors, mainly Kim Sun Ho and Go Won Hee, had no impact on me. Right now they are like two blank pages where 5 year olds draw on. But hey, it is the first episode so we’ll see what they can show – by the way, be aware that I think it’s my first time seeing these two act so this opinion on them it’s purely based on first meet, first see.


Note: Looks like KBS is counting this drama as having16 episodes so I suppose they gave up on the 30 min per episode and 2 episodes a day rule.



  1. melinalee · · Reply

    thanks for the review, because reading your review I’m addicted to watch this drama! FIGHTING

    1. Aww, thank you so much! You really made my day, I tho no on reads my posts XD

      Thank you for reading and for the comment~

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