[Kdrama] ‘School 2017′ ep 5&6 ~ impression/ opinion/review ~

Immaturity, that’s what describes our high school years. Self-centric teenagers who think they can rule the world. We scream, toss, hit and say things that may hurt without a restrain but we are also showing our utmost happiest smile. Although the drama is rough on the edges, I do think that School 2017 pinpoints all of the things listed above.

Since I bring this up in every post, I was thinking that Se Jeong is actually nice as Eun Ho; I like her goofy and sometimes exaggerated acting. Probably if we had Kim You Jung we would’ve looked forward to something more, a better polished show. However, right now, I like the way School 2017 is. Everyone is doing quite nicely with their respective roles. Maybe I got used to them at this point, who knows, all I know is that I’m enjoying every moment of each episode. Again, School is not a piece of art and none of the school series will be considered art or anything of such sorts however, School 2017 delivers what it should be delivering, green and naïve teenagers that are fighting their own battle of surviving into this world. Unbaked bread yet once it’s fully baked, it tastes nice.

It was sad seeing the students being selfish always throwing “what would you know” or “you don’t have to worry about anything in exchange I have it harder than you”. Everyone was worried, fighting and trying to get through yet they saw only their own hardships. Out of spite or vanity, all the students were putting others in a corner. That’s understandable, at their age we are all like that.

It’s disgusting the extent the school system can reach in Korea. Yes, this show is an exaggerated version of what actually happens in reality, but it still shows a lot of problems.  From the parents who put pressure on their children as if they are raising breed dogs to the teachers everyone is at fault for stressing and turning the students into lifeless rocks with an extra sprinkle of hatred towards those around them. It is important to see our children strike high, but here I don’t see parents that want their children to achieve success rather I see parents that use their children to fulfil what they lack and then brag about it. No one does it for the benefit of their child.

Apart from all the problems teenager face, going into the lighter aspects of the drama, I have to say that I like the small drama parodies they do from time to time, it adds to the comedy. Moreover, Eun Ho and Tae Woon are as expected huge puppies. Tae Woon tagging along wherever Eun Ho goes, acting awkward at times and hurt sometimes but most importantly happy when they are together is a nice sight. This is what I’m looking forward every week.  ‘Not so honest about his feelings’ makes Tae Woon seem cute also Eun Ho who has no idea about his innocent feelings is also cute to see as she does things around him that can easily make his heart skip a beat.

By the way, I don’t think I’ve said this in my other posts but I like the OST, it complements the scenes and turns everything into cream puffs. Especially that clapping song, it always goes well with the more mysterious scenes whenever “student X” appears.

Something I appreciated about episode 5 and 6 is that they are finally showing more of the other characters. While from episode 1 to 4, the show was centred more on Eun Ho and Tae Woon and their families, now we get to understand a bit the other characters too.



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