[Kdrama] ‘My Father Is Strange’ ep 39-44~ review/impression/opinion~

I’m so happy we finally got over the melodramatic moments of Joong Hee finding out the truth about this father. All this time I had lots of trouble with the scenes between Joong Hee and the parents. Those scenes were dragged and I couldn’t focus on the story. Moreover, the conflict got stretched on quite a handful of episodes and they ended up pushing annoying scenes like the problem between Hye Young’s in laws or random scenes with Ra Young and Cheol Su.

I used to like Ra Young and Cheol Su a lot but they seem to have stagnated. There’s no development and most of their conversations are random. Although I somehow enjoy their conversation, because it makes them seem like a normal 20 something couple, apart from their random conversations, this couple is mostly used for PPL. At this point I enjoy more the Joong Hee-Mi Young and Jun Young-Yoo Joo couples and the problems they face.

I did had my problems with Jun Young and Yoo Joo but I’m starting to like their raw touch when it comes to anything related to marriage. I was much against Yoo Joo for how she was dealing with work and her pregnancy but at the end of the day, everything was new for her as well. Maybe Jun Young not being too blunt about things was the best thing for their marriage. Glad that right now they are working do become better and slowly get to know more not only about each other but also about marriage life.

Joong Hee and Mi Young is the only couple that made my heart ache in all of these 44 episodes. Indeed, their problems were different and on another level as we get two people who are supposedly siblings to fall in love, their inner struggles and having to deal with that kind of realisation can come off as a harsh reality and as viewers we tend to focus more on them but compared to them, the other couples had more of a straight line road ahead of them.

I’m happy that we got one aspect out of the story and that is the bulling.  Most of the times, I don’t like how bulling is handled in Korean drams but I liked Yoo Joo for finally being honest about it. For Mi Young each word and each action was hurtful and stayed with her for a long time. Trustfully I think that the writer handled it pretty well making Yoo Joo aware of her mistakes and being aware of the reason she ended up bulling Mi Young. She was honest and knew that every action of hers hurt Mi Young. Her apology was probably the best enclosure for Mi Young to leave that part of her life behind. Some may think that Mi Young was being childish for not leaving high school memories in the past, but bulling isn’t something that can be forgotten easily. It was a huge impact on the bullied person and without a proper enclosure it’s hard to let things go and move on. Each word can still affect the bullied person years and it’s hard to just start fresh even if you finish school.  In episode 41, when Yoo Joo finally apologised to Mi Young, it was clear that she was honest and didn’t do it just so she can feel better about it like in other instances, this time she was clear about it.  The writer didn’t turn Yoo Joo into a victim, the victim remained Mi Young and she was the one in desperate need for a sign of relief.

I found it lovely that despite Joong Hee’s hard reality he was always talking in such a soft voice towards MI Young, like he was holding a glass and was scared of breaking it apart when at that moment he was clearly more vulnerable than her. It was heart warming seeing that after he finally came to understand his feelings for her, he was treating Mi Young with care and was always becoming tender whenever she was around. Much as if Mi Young was the person who could take away his worries and makes him feel at ease.


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