[Kdrama] ‘School 2017′ ep 1&2 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

I started this drama full of doubts but after watching the first two episodes, School 2017 isn’t as bad as people may think. Now don’t go on thinking that is a masterpiece because it’s not yet I found it good enough to entertain me.

The acting in this drama isn’t amazingly good, also not bad. Or at least, let’s be honest, the show does not require stellar acting anyway. Before I started watching School 2017, I’ve read some comments talking about our main girl’s acting and I was expecting the worst but now that I saw for myself, she’s okay. At least it’s bearable for me, in fact I quite like it. Actually, I think some of the other actors are worse than her.

I don’t necessarily expect much from the school series,  as most are just the same story recycled over and over to fit the current time. Although School 2017 is a stretched picture of what happens in the Korean schools, at the same time, it’s close to reality. Of course, they don’t put the ranks of the students up for everyone to see, but I found that to be a way for the writers to show how in reality people put so much pressure on the students and their ranks. As if grades defines them.  The point is, Korean and many other countries still believe that book smart means smart and better than anyone else thing that’s not true. To some extent, School 2017 portrays the unfairness of current society. Grades define students. It’s a sad truth.

Something I never understood regarding school was the idea that making delinquents drop out. It was always considered to be the best solution for punishing them. School is for nurturing young proper adults, yet you are not giving them the chance for that. For teacher and schools in general, it seems easy to just drop the “bad apples”, but what’s your purpose then? You are not helping the students at all, moreover you are not helping society or the adults of tomorrow at all.

The drama shows the idea, also saw in real life, that going at many prep schools will get you in the top University. Putting students through tremendous hours of constant studying won’t always get them into University it just ends up putting them under stress that will just inject even more unhappiness.

People who complain about “this is not what School franchise is about” have in fact no idea what the series is about. Most just started School series with School 2013, which was just pure bromance and fanservice. “School: Who are you?” went towards fantasy and mystery while School 2017 comes back to school problems, but in a comical and exaggerated way. Yet I like it. I like the dumb comedy of this one, it puts me in a good mood while also manages to irritate me because of the problems not only Koreans students face but also students of many other countries.

Is this show bad as people say? Depends on the way you look at it. If you come with preconceived ideas then yes it can be bad. If you watch it just for fun and for the fluff then it’s an entertaining show. For me, it’s entertaining and lately that’s all that matters when I want to watch a show. Again, please keep in mind, School 2017 has raw actors, writers and a new on the field director, don’t wish for some Signal level production because then you’ll be disappointed. School 2017 is a fun, cute show that also includes some real life school problems but all that closely followed from the shadow by a public broadcast channel and its many regulations.

One thing I really want from this show, and hopefully the writers will give us lots of it, more interaction between Eun Ho and Tae Woon. Oh boy, he made me skip a beat in the second episode. I’m liking the bubbles and unicorns released by their conversations.



  1. YellowPajama · · Reply

    At first I thought that school 2017 sucks because of the cast but when I watched the ep 1,2&3 it’s quite amazing because the emotions being given by the cast. Also the antagonist especially Bit Na really gets on my nerves which means that she’s doing her job really good. For all people who are saying that it’s not that good try watching it because it may have some exaggerated part it really tackles about the real life situation of students nowadays. Keep up the good work!!👍🏻 I 💙 U oppa Taewoon!

    1. Hahaha looks like Taewoon stole everyone’s hearts (including mine).

      Thank you for the comment~

  2. Cute princess · · Reply

    This drama is really worth seeing I just love it I’m from India the things that happen in this drama does not happen in our country or society. Nor our grades define us actually it’s our students evaluation that defines ou

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