[Thai drama] ‘Water Boyy The Series ’ ep 1- 14 [END] ~ review/impression/opinion~

I finally finished Water Boyy The Series. Horrible executed show. The potential was pretty high in the first couple of episodes for some characters but then it got so bad story wise and most importantly acting wise.

The acting didn’t improve whatsoever for most and that kinda overshadowed those that did improve. I get that they are young and maybe most of them at the beginning of their acting career but in 14 episodes, 70% of the cast members had no improvement, zero desire to improve. In fact, the girls of this show had so much potential not only because of their acting but also because of their characters, but thanks to the awkward boys they were pushed aside and turned into some annoying cats.

The Apo and Waii couple was so charmless, had no chemistry. Both actors didn’t perform well enough to create a connection between their characters.  However, what made me dislike the couple was the attempt of rape on Apo. That was so uncalled for. Also we didn’t see much of Waii realising his feelings for another guy, he was making rounds between his girlfriend and Apo. Half the show he hated his father for being gay then he jumps on to rape another guy, out of anger. Boy, that’s not how things work. Bye! Really, what I want to say it’s that that part was so disgusting, especially since probably most viewers if not all, are quite young. Romanticizing rape is simply disgusting.

Apparently the actor that plays Waii is majoring in acting? Did he skip his classes or what because an unripe watermelon acts better than him. As for the actor playing Apo, he was trying, but rarely succeeded. One may say that because his acting partner wasn’t good enough, he also was bad, but no, that not it. I’ve seen New is quite a few dramas and he always was bad. He’s just one of the countless actors looking handsome on screen. More than his acting, he simply doesn’t have presence on screen.

Min and Wan couple was my favourite in the very beginning. Along the way, everything got messed up with the appearance of coach Mai. There were not enough moments for their relationship to build up. They just moved fast from flirting to heartbreaking. There was no between which was sad because I was looking forward to this couple.

Kluay and Achi had potential. Even more than the main couple, Apo and Waii…even the acting and chemistry was slightly better (keep in mind, slightly). But again, the writer had no idea how to go forward with their relationship be it love or friendship and just pushed some bulling as if Kluay was still in second grade trying to pull the hair of the girl he likes to attract her attention.

The production staff dragged the stories of each couple and then threw everything in the last two episodes.  In the last episode, everyone turned happy and bubbly with a soulmate.

I’m disappointed that such a low quality drama came from GMM. They normally make at least decent shows but Waterboyy had to be the worst of them all (Is being followed close by Puppy Honey Season 2). I suppose the higher ups want to create some couples that could bring them money rather than making a good show with a watchable storyline. I do consider the show good for girls or boys who never saw another guy’s body as this drama is quite rich in exposing the bodies of the actors, exposing their abs and for some, their nonexistent abs. Also good if your taste in tv shows is low….like rock bottom low but I doubt anyone would like a show of such low standards and production as Waterboyy.

Are you a fan of one of the cast members? Doesn’t matter, save yourself, don watch it. I started this drama for Victor and Fon but I think I’ll need a lot of time and meditation for me to forget this garbage.

If you think I was harsh in my review for Waterboyy The Series, wait until I write my review for Make It Right Season 2. There’s going to be a lot of roasting there. Until then, have a nice day!



  1. I agree with the points you mentioned here. I just hope that they produce a better story line. But I like Apo and Waii tandem. I don’t know how to define on screen chemistry or what. But they look good together for me. Min and Wan story is quite confusing. Maybe the writer is having a hard time expressing his feelings just like Min to Wan. Let’s just congratulate the actors and the whole production staff for giving their best to this show. Maybe after some good acting workshops. They can improve their craft. Pan and Fah’s tandem are cute too, btw. 🙂 May I know Thai drama that you liked most? I’m curious to watch. 🙂 Right now, I’m interested with Thai and Korean dramas. 🙂

    1. I’m currently watching Project S The Series, it’s a really good and well produced Thai show. I would also recommend you Room Alone and Hormones The Series if you haven’t watched them. If you are looking for a BL theme then Gray Rainbow is a really good drama.

      Thank you for the comment and for reading, hopefully you will like the dramas I recommended. ^o^

  2. KluayAchi · · Reply

    Finally an honest review about this series. I couldn’t agree more with everything you said. The almost rape scene of Waii to Apo left me horrified, but I was even more horrified finding comments defending that scene. From that scene on I couldn’t look at that couple kindly anymore. I’m glad you’re against romanticizing rape, it’s simply disgusting.

    Almost all the pairings were a disaster in my opinion, their stories were a mess and most of them hadn’t chemistry at all. (Pan and Fah? Really? Weren’t Pan and Namkhaeng cuter together? At least they had chemistry and Namkhaeng was a cutiepie. I winced so much with that weird threesome.)

    And I say almost, since I could watch that series until the end just because of Kluay and Achi, because in my opinion they had the best chemistry and their act wasn’t so bad (Tytan is a good actor imo; maybe Mond has to improve a bit), plus I think their story was cute and it wasn’t as forced or as messy as the other couples, although I missed more scenes of them together. Their story could’ve been developed much more better, but they didn’t get the time they deserved. I’m just hoping to see them together in another series. I think they’re really cute together. In and out the screen.

    (Btw, sorry for replying almost one year late, I just found this entry today xD)

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