[Kdrama] ‘My Father Is Strange’ ep 33-38~ review/impression/opinion~

I don’t like the direction this show is taking. I was having fun watching all the characters, but now I skip a lot of scenes. If there aren’t scenes that would make me understand the characters, or a character I’m curious about, I use the fast forward button and quite a lot I must say.

Apart from Jung Hwan’s family, I find myself not showing much interest in the rest of the characters, especially in Joong Hee’s story. This whole time, I just waited for him to figure out the issue with his father so I can resume watching his parts.  Despite me liking Jung Hwan’s family more, there’s nothing more that the writer can do with Jung Hwan and Hye Young’s relationship. I don’t know, but to me as a viewer as a couple, they are not as appealing as they were in the beginning. Hye Young’s mother in law may be ridiculously annoying but she is someone who possibly become rich overnight. Has no education and no manners thus she acts accordingly. Regardless of her attitude, I’m liking her little ‘team’ with Hye Young.

There’s still a character that annoys me even now and that’s Yoo Joo. She was so reckless that I just had to skip her parts so I won’t get annoyed and end up throwing my laptop out the window. I couldn’t believe that she almost lost her child but still wanted to go back to work. Jun Young or any of the family members didn’t straightforward tell her anything. Jun Young is tip toeing around her so much and she doesn’t want to listen to anything he has to say that it got frustrating to watch them. Their child is in danger, but she just makes things harder for everyone acting like the victim. But yeah she was acting like the victim when she was the bully so not like that part will change. And honestly, Jun Young is so stupid that I’m surprised someone actually married him. He is the head of a family but won’t say anything to protect his family when his wife is being a brat. Because of his stupidity, Hye Young also had to act as the eldest out of the siblings taking care not only of their parents but also be an example for the rest of the family members.

Ra Young and Cheol Soo were at some point my favourite couple, but they are so invisible. I barely notice them and if I do, I skip their parts.

Anyone else who likes Mi Young with the other actor guy? Please raise your hand so I can share my watermelon with you! I know that nothing will get out of this ship especially since it’s one sided but I’m going to enjoy their scenes together…even though most are a tiny bit awkward.



  1. I dropped Father is Strange because I didn’t like the direction for Hye-young’s character. I didn’t want to see her life revolving around only dealing with her stupid mother-in-law. She was so kickass as a career lawyer, and I didn’t like her getting married arc.

    I also prefer Mi-young with Jin Seong-jun, as I really don’t like Joong-hee. But Mi-young will probably end up with Joong-hee, so it was just as well I didn’t bother. Don’t really care about everyone else – maknae and her bf are boring, and Yoo-joo’s pregnancy arc is badly handled.

    1. I agree with what you said about Hye Young. I like the MIL for the comedy part but Hye Young isn’t that awesome lawyer from the first 10 episodes.

      I’m going to enjoy Mi Young and Seong Jun’s small parts because that’s the only ‘love relationship’ that’s interesting at this point.

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