[Kdrama] ‘Fight For My Way’ ep 13&14 ~ impression/ opinion/review ~

Joo Man tried so hard to find excuses for his own actions. His idea that he got swayed by the intern girl because he was reminded of Sul Hee in the past is a complete bullshit. He had the “original” Sul Hee, in the present, with him. The main character of his past memories with Sul Hee was with him yet he did not cherish that. Moreover, he had some utter nerve to say that!! Come on, dude just admit that you like innocent girls who act defenceless. Rat! Bye!

What is irritating me the most is the writer trying to somehow make Sul Hee and Joo Man get back together with his sudden realisation of what he just lost. A girl who ignored herself for his well being. I may be going overboard with my hatred towards Joo Man, but really now, why did it took for him so freaking much to tell the other girl that he is dating someone. He never intended to make it clear. Yes, the two wanted to keep it a secret at work, but not like he had to tell the intern the name of the one he is dating.

At least, even though there are two more episodes of this show, the comedy is still present so I can take a break from Joo Man’s bull s…. Most shows turn melodramatic near the end but this one keeps the light stuff still going on. But I think I’m speaking too fast, especially considering the ending of episode 14.

On the other hand, I like the Dong Man-Ae Ra interaction as a couple. The two are quite natural and not as awkward as I was expecting them to be. After all their “skin-ship” is rather in full force.

The whole “birth secret” doesn’t bother me that much. I don’t really enjoy these kind of stuff but again, the writer didn’t push the melodramatic idea of the subject so it’s not as heavy weighted as one may think. What I don’t like about the writer, is the tendency of trying to bring pity for some characters. Hye Ran used her in-laws for fame now she doesn’t have money and work. She used to steal Ae Ra’s party and works now the writer wants us to pity Hye Ran? Why would I? Stop that!

On the other hand, I liked that the intern apologised to Sul Hee for what she did. The girl didn’t know at first that Joo Man was dating but even after she knew she continued to pursue him so it was nice that she knew her mistakes and wanted to apologise for that. Also liked that she was honest and said that she wants to apologise so she could feel at ease. It may seem rude, but I liked her honesty.

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