[Kdrama] ‘Circle’ ~ 1-12 END review/impression/opinion~

It’s already been a few days since I finished this drama. I just wanted to let it sit so I won’t write my post quickly after I completed watching the show.

Comparing Circle to other dramas, I do consider it to be better than most, after all lately I rarely finish dramas and I did manage to fully watch this one, but I do have some complains. Maybe as I was watching, I got into the fever and ignored the faults. Not saying that it’s a bad thing that they had faults, it wasn’t anything major, however, now that I think back, Circle won’t remain in my mind for a long period of time. Although I enjoyed it, it’s one of those dramas that are exciting while you watch but you forget about it a week or so.

The writing was good even though I was somewhat confused in the beginning. At some point I managed to get the idea behind the show. But rather than the writing, I think that the actors lifted the drama more than we think. I mean, I liked the story but the ending was made fast without a plan. In that regards is a bit disappointing since Circle had 4 writers, I was thinking that they will come up with something more shocking that it was. Probably I had too many expectations after all the show had a good start. To make it short, Circle was well done yet it was missing 1% that could’ve turned to be great. The plot twists were spot on, but again there was something missing, especially near the end of the drama. One thing I do appreciate about the writers is that even though the drama was confusing at first, they explained all the questions and nothing was left out. Except for one thing, but that’s because they might want to have an open ending to make a second season.

On the other hand, the acting was great. Song Young Kyu (the actor who plays Jung Yeon’s father) was amazing during the monologue in episode 7 or 8. However, I hunch that he wasn’t at his full acting capacity, there’s clearly more and I’m going to check out other projects of his.

Yeo Jin Goo is a good actor but he didn’t bring anything new with his role in this drama.  Gong Seung Yeon that is showing improvement with each new episodes. Lee Ki Kwang blew me away. I never was aware of him as an actor. I definitely saw a different side of him. Kim Kang Woo is good, what could I say more about him? I loved his crying scene as he showed quite a handful of emotions.

The OST was good, but it won’t be something I would go back to listen to.

Overall, I would recommend Circle to my friends who normally don’t watch Korean TV shows. The drama is good but as I said in the beginning there’s something missing. Yet, as I was watching, I for sure enjoyed it. Circle is a drama that can easily be digested by viewers and is a show that makes you curious to see what happens next.

Is Circle a drama that got into my top 10 dramas? No, but it’s a drama that got into my top favourite Korean dramas of this year, at least for now. Would I recommend it? Yes, as I said it’s a show that can easily be watched and can be a good drama marathon material.

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