[Kdrama] ‘Fight For My Way’ ep 1-8 ~ halfway impression/ opinion/review ~

Fight For My Way continues the trend of summer dramas with a bubbly and fluffy show but that’s not all it has to offer. The drama shows the hardships young adults go through while trying to pursue their dreams. Although the idea of the show may seem quite heavy weighted, it’s in fact quite laid back and that’s probably what I like the most about summer dramas.

The story flows in a natural manner and the time is quite well structured and the scenes between the characters were equally divided. Not only that each couple gets an equal amount of scenes but each character gets its own time however it does feel like I’m watching two different stories that blend well into one.

Personally, I am in a love-hate relationship with the couples of this show. First Dong Man and Ae Ra, are cute and I love their interaction however sometimes it’s annoying seeing Dong Man being childish as if he was stuck in middle school. On the other side, I like his bright personality and puppy-like scenes be it when he is with Ae Ra or his coach. Also I’m not sure if I dig the way the writer tries to make him like some prodigy, after all he did not train for 10 years. On the other hand, Ae Ra is at this point probably my favorite female character of the year.

Yes, she steps in poop in every episode. Yes, she cries every time but I like how after venting her feelings she wakes up in the morning and tries her best. It’s encouraging seeing her always getting up and working for herself. There’s also the fact that she doesn’t let others step on her that easily. I hate it when female characters can’t use words to beat the crap of other ‘negative’ characters or anyone who would want to make them feel inferior. The writer is doing well in Ae Ra’s case thanks to her personality she’s a character I will remember for a while.

As for Dong Man, except for the fact that he acts like a kid at times, I enjoy seeing his more mature and protective side when it comes to Ae Ra. He himself was not fully aware of his growing feeling for her, he always runs and protects her no matter the situation. Dong Man knows her the best and I love seeing moments when Ae Ra’s every line stung him or make him flustered.

Even though people did notice their affection, I liked their story more if Dong Man wouldn’t have been Ae Ra’s first love. Couldn’t we just be given a show where their friendship turns naturally into love?

Regarding the secondary couple, I do see that Joo Man loves Seol Hee, he’s definitely not a bad person just that he’s not straight forward enough. Like with the girl from work, he doesn’t need to say who’s he dating but he can just say  ‘Hey, I understand how you feel, but I’m currently dating someone’. Is it that hard? Because he doesn’t take any action in this regard, he’s creating confusion not only for the girlfriend but also for the other girl. Not pushing the other girl simply gives her hope.

Seol Hee is such a sweet person. Her only problem is that she is too sweet and loves Joo Man too much to the point of ignoring herself. Her love and gets overwhelming for Joo Man. What I want to see, in the next episodes, from Seol Hee, is for her to understand that while loving Joo Man she can love herself as well. She needs to cherish herself as well!

Something I didn’t like about this show in the beginning was the OST. In the first 4 episodes I thought it didn’t go well with the story and somehow it wasn’t good enough to get me in the mood for certain scenes. But with time, I think I got used to it and started to like even the ending song.

I like the directing and the editing. Nothing fancy but I like the simplicity of it. Again, it’s a pretty laid back show and if the directing was too rich it would’ve been too burdensome. I mean, imagine Fight For My Way having Goblin’s directing….it would’ve been overpowering. Sometimes simple is better.



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