[Kdrama] ‘My Father Is Strange’ ep 30-32~ review/impression/opinion~

Hye Young is so good with words. She clearly knows how to deal with her mother-in-law.  I think that it will be fun seeing the two become a team in the future episodes. I mean that for sure is going to happen.  But until they’ll become a team, I have to say a thing regarding Jung Hwan’s mother.

In a way I do understand why she’s so demanding, Jung Hwan is her only source of affection from that house and her only son therefore him having a wife means that she’s losing that. On the other hand, her ways of trying to keep her son near her will only make him drift apart. Having a no door at the bedroom of a newlywed couple is a bit too much, after all doesn’t she want little Jung Hwans? Well, those little Jung Hwans don’t just appear at your doorsteps, Jung Hwan and Hye Young need some action time but how can they when the mother-in-law doesn’t want a door for their room? Also, that just shows how the woman is stepping some boundaries. She just wants her way without thinking of others…

Joong Hee is going through a tremendous inner battle after noticing his love for Mi Young, who he knows that is his sister. Well, we know they are not siblings but him, as a character has no idea. For now Joong Hee is struggling to accept knowing that the subject of his affection is his half little sister. It’s rather sad seeing him having to battle the ‘problem’ all alone with no one to talk to regarding the issue. I do hope the writer won’t drag this too much. However when he’ll find out that he’s not the son of his father, that might also be a shock to him.

Honestly, I was not okay with the “kiss” between Mi Young and Joong Hee. It was forced and even though they are not siblings, at this point in the show, they are considered to be part of the same family so it’s still wrong, in a way. I do think it’s a good idea to make Joong Hee find out that the man who he considers his father isn’t actually his father. While he will try to find more information about his father, he can sense something doesn’t fit thus he will also find about the lie and the whole “I like Mi Young but that’s wrong” will be easier to digest?

Jun Young needs to step in and stop being so nice or polite. Yoo Joo is overworking herself to prove that she can still work, but that can become a problem for her unborn baby. She feels cornered at this point and fears that she may lose the job she loves and that’s a possibility after all anyone can be replaced. Yet, again, Jun Young needs to be clear about the problem and tell her straight forward that she’s putting their baby in danger. I’m not saying that a pregnant woman can’t work, however Yoo Joo carries heavy stuff and wants to skip doctor’s appointments. I did like that Jun Young did try to make her understand that she doesn’t care about the baby. Like he said, the baby is already 12 weeks and they didn’t even put a nickname. For some it might not be important, but these small things do make the difference. However, he was not strong enough, although at first I thought she understood Jun Young, moments later she vented her anger on Mi Young for telling Jun Young what kind of work she does. What Yoo Joo doesn’t understand, the world does not revolve around her. As Mi Young said, Yoo Joo takes all the benefits from being pregnant but doesn’t accept when people call her out for things that may hurt not only the baby for her.

Is it weird that I want Mi Young to be in a relationship with the other actor guy? I don’t know why but I find them so cute together moreover the things between her and Joong Hee turned to be so angsty. I’m also starting to lose interest in Ra Young – Cheol Su. The whole issue with Cheol Su being from a rich family with a father who wants him to take over the company is overused and it just turns their whole story boring.


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