[Kdrama] ‘Circle’ ep 7&8~ impression/ opinion/review ~

This post contains MAJOR SPOILERS from episode 7 and 8. Read at your own risk. Well, all my posts contain major spoilers but I felt that I needed to warn people before I started my opinion.

I did complain a bit in my last post, thinking that even if the drama has 4 writers, they will still manage to mess the show for me. Luckily it’s not the case, or at least it isn’t for now. My main concern was that they will resort to something as trivial as making Woo Jin the chairman of Human B.

While I do get why the story could have went towards him being the brain behind the system, everything would’ve turn bland. Considering his desire and idea that bad memories should be erased, moreover considering the moments he went through when he tries to find his brother in 2017, I was wondering if 4 writers cannot bring us more things to the show. Anyway, after seeing these two episodes, I’m happy that the story took another route. Frankly, I was thinking that the chairman would be either the father of the twins, Byul’s “father” or Woo Jin. I was trapped in my own ideas and got fooled. But I’m glad I did. Even though the reveal of the chairman, being Park Dong Gun, didn’t shock me, it still made me wonder where are the other 3 that disappeared, especially Woo Jin? Where the heck is this boy?

A thing I like about Circle is the casting.  The casting team definitely saw which actor is good for which role. There are also actors who improved in just 8 episodes. Ki Kwang is someone I will look forward to in the acting field. Also I’m proud of An Woo Yeon. He is an actor I followed especially in the past year and it’s nice seeing how much he improved and how comfortable he is playing Byun Gum. He’s finally getting the hang of acting and we’ll surely see good things from him. Hopefully he will continue to grow.

I loved the monologue of Hwang Yong Won. It was an intense scene and loved the actor who portrays him. It showed so much of him excusing his actions that were purely made out of greed. Implanted some bugs in his students which resulted with the death of those who got implanted. Tired to put the blame on others, mainly on Woo Jin’s father and then on Byul for not remembering anything. It was definitely a scene that showcased a lot of emotion, not only from Yong Won but the whole monologue squeezed Woo Jin’s heart and made him desperate.

I will be honest and say that the constant shift between years still confuses me but it got better. Maybe because I got used to the story. It still feels a bit like watching two dramas in one but again, I’m not as bothered about it as in the beginning when I had a “what the heck?!” moment seeing the sudden move from 2017 to 2037. But I like the fact that we get to see both sides, Woo Jin and Bum Gyun’s side. However, I wish we could get more of Bum Gyun’s younger side.

I’m glad this show still manages to catch my attention even now at the halfway mark. Circle did reach a tricky line since for most dramas this is the moment when most dramas get downhill.

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