[Kdrama] ‘Lookout’ ep 13-16 ~ impression/ opinion/review ~

Sadly, there was no development in these 4 episodes, plot and characters wise. I was actually looking forward to this week’s episodes, but the characters mostly run in circles and the story didn’t progress much. I don’t know what’s happening, even though the writer has so many elements which could help the story move but he or she isn’t making use of them.

My main problem with this show is that, I don’t see a constant flow. The focus jumps from character to character and that doesn’t help the drama at all. I want to see a stable development for at least one character. With these jumps from Soo Ji and then to Bo Mi’s case afterwards to Do Han, the episodes were a mess. I do get that the cases of the two female characters are connected but this moving from one to another isn’t on my liking.

The writer continues to stick with this idea of giving a mysterious image to most characters and that it’s …boring. Yeah, mystery is good but sometimes too much mystery means dragging.

I still don’t get what the writer wants to do with Kim Young Kwang’s character. Also why is Shin Dong Wook barely present? He was one of the reasons I wanted to continue with Lookout. I wish he was acting Kim Young Kwang’s character. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on Kim Young Kwang, but as I already said in one of my past posts about this drama, he isn’t at the point in his career where he can portray a character like Do Han. Not like the writer is doing an amazing job with him, but he still is the main character. Maybe rom-com dramas are better for him?

What I’m curious the most about right now is Yu Na’s father. As far as we know, he is alive and doing well, now I wonder who he is and if he will take an important spot in the show. Will he have a big impact? Will he help Soo Ji? Lookout already reached its halfway mark, when will he make his appearance?

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