[Kdrama] ‘My Father Is Strange’ ep 21-29~ review/impression/opinion~

I don’t like bullies and I will never try to find them excuses. But it’s sad how Yoo Joo is getting pushed away at work from projects because she is pregnant. Sadly things like this happen in real life, women getting fired or ignored at work because they are waiting for a baby; and people wonder why young adults don’t want to get married and build families. What’s heartbreaking is that society sees pregnant women as some products that can be easily changed with another one. She is clearly good at her job and enjoys it however I wonder how hard it will be for her to get back to work, considering that people act the way they do now that she is in her early stage of pregnancy.

What’s sad is Jun Young and his lack of understanding his wife. I don’t see him defending her in front of his family. Even if the grandmother might have wanted to do good, which didn’t seem like the case, or probably was not aware of the impact of her words, what she said at the wedding is giving her granddaughter-in-law major headaches. Sometimes there are things you should say and things you shouldn’t, but since the grandmother still lives with the mentality of her days, the woman just blurred out whatever she wanted. Considering the culture in Korea, that the older people are always right, no one actually told the grandmother that what she said didn’t fit the place and time.  But I do think that Yoo Joo is a bit too oversensitive over the issue, her colleagues are trying to protect her, they aren’t always saying what they say out of ill feelings. However I wish she would take better care of her body. Yoo Joo is a strong woman, although there are moments when she’s pushed down, she immediately gets up and tries to become brave.

Jun Young continues to fail at being a supportive husband. He is nice, but stupidly nice for his own good. At this point, he is the head of a family and needs to pay attention to his wife more. Seeing how he told Yoo Joo that he will support the family and bring money in, showed how little he actually understands her. Hopefully he will step up the game and actually make her realize the importance of taking care of herself for the well being of the baby.

It was nice showing more of the other family, the family of Hye Young’s uncle. They are struggling indeed but it was heartwarming seeing the mother trying to find ways to send Min Ha to a science high school. The woman is aware of the fact that she and her husband are lacking in helping their son have a brighter future yet she immediately tries to find a job, even if that wasn’t enough.

Ra Young and Cheol Soo are cute but they definitely are starting to have some small problems considering their differences in personality. Given his lack of experience, he does make random mistakes that might look funny to us but to his girlfriend are not funny. They both are trying but fail to match their plans. But it was nice how they discussed the stuff that can hinder their relationship. Hey, even if those things are small, they can pile up and explode at some point so it’s good having them talk out even small stuff. Cheol Soo is new to dating but he still manages to do everything pretty naturally, well except for planning dates…he is clearly bad at that. Ra Young is quite understanding and is sweet how she wants Cheol Soo to understand that being new at having a relationship isn’t anything to be embarrassed about.

Hye Young and Jung Hwan managed to take action, the adult way. Hye Young is more understanding that it seems. Hye Young is pretty much playing the nice card and it works because she understood how she can easily fool Jung Hwan’s mother. Unfortunately their marriage is a sensitive issue for both of their families and even though they approached things the adult way, there were some mistakes and their mothers were ready to find those mistakes and take back the marriage approval. Regardless, Hye Young is someone who knows how to deal with people and being a lawyer who uses words on a daily basis to win her case, can do well in changing people’s opinion. All that does stress her out and although she shows a strong personality, no one seems to notice her efforts in bringing those two families together.


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