[Kdrama] ‘Man To Man’ ep 1&2 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

The drama I’m most excited for is finally here. With every new season I get disappointed with Korean dramas, hopefully Man To Man will manage to catch my attention on the long term.

Given that it has 3 actors I like, more than that one of them is Yeon Jeong Hun and since I’m still emotionally attached to the former I Summon You Gold cast members, then clearly I needed to watch this drama.

Frankly speaking, the first episode was a bit boring. I managed to make myself some food and also did other things while watching it. For me, it wasn’t a good pilot episode but maybe because I was expecting something else. (?) Actually, most of the times, I can’t blame the cast or the production team for how the first episode turns out considering that we all have certain expectations of dramas and get disappointed that it doesn’t seem like we imagine it. However, the episode was well made just that, again, I had different expectations.

Anyhow, the second episode got closer to how I was thinking it will be but overall I’m currently not feeling the show as much as I would’ve wanted to. The main issue with the show so far is that it lacks impact. Be it a sorrowful scene or a comical one, all lack impact. Maybe not having an impact is better precisely because they could overdo it and in the end it will turn out to be cheap or overbearing therefore it might not be a bad thing.

As for the characters, I will leave small opinions on those that made an impression on me. First, the bodyguard; Up to a certain degree he is stoic but good at understanding the profile of others. Lacks understandings of other’s feelings yet always manages to finish his job. In that regards, he never cares about the process, only about the result. The actor: childish 40 something man with annoying morning habits. Always blames his staff (mostly manager) for him being late when it’s in fact his own fault. Is hiding something despite his goofy personality. Him being bratty doesn’t change the fact that he knows when to take care of his staff members. He is not entirely rude towards any of them but let’s say that he likes to enjoy life and his own life pleasures, like his morning coffee.

The fan girl turned manager: a lunatic as I already said on twitter.  She is overly protective of her actor and dislikes anyone who would get closer to him. She always lets her emotions, likes and dislikes get in the way. In the second episode, she did tone it down a bit.

I like the interaction between the bodyguard and the lunatic fan girl. He’s quite a tease considering she spent years having her eyes on an actor. More like she spent her years being a stalker fan. Moreover, the bodyguard is rather funny even though he seems detached of what’s around him. Even his interaction with the actor is funny. However, there seems to be an attraction between the actor and the fan girl-manager even though it may not be the same kind of attraction.

Although the focus is more on the comedy, especially thanks to the scenes between the actor, his staff and the new bodyguard, yet there still some mystery sprinkled with politics issues thanks to our evil minded character that has a sweet smile.


  1. I’m going to try this soon too, I hope it comes to dramafever otherwise I’ll have to wait awhile on Viki. Too bad you don’t like it as much as you hoped. I’ve learned it takes 4-5 episodes for kdramas to get good as the writer struggles to get their feet under them as to what works or not for the show.

    1. I did like it, but then again it’s my fault for having certain expectations XD I will continue watching tho, it was good but yes I need some time to sink into the characters.

      Thank you for the comment hopefully DF will have it soon, it’s quite an enjoyable show ~

  2. It’s listed as being on Netflix but the episodes haven’t shown up yet. I’m looking forward to watching the bromance develop.

    1. Oh yes, I heard it will be on Netflix. I think they’ll add the episodes soon.
      Hahaha the bromance is going to be a must for this drama.

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