[Kdrama] ‘My Father Is Strange’ episode 3 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Mi Young is still worried about accepting the job at a company where her former bully also works at. After writing on a forum about her concern, she receives advices and in the end decides to leave the past away and work hard since maybe another job opportunity will be hard to find. Later that night, the father comes in her room to give her some pocket money so she will get to buy lunch.

In the morning, because Hae Young wasn’t waking up, the father goes to wake her up. Considering that she was already late, Hye Young rushed into the bathroom. However, Mi Young was also in a hurry to start her first day at work. The house is a total mess with almost everyone preparing for work, yet the parents are happy seeing their girls busy and rushing around the house.

Hye Young does her make-up on the taxi but when she reaches her office, her former boyfriend waits for her in front of the building to pester with questions like ‘why did you break up with me?”. She fast gets read of him and goes to meet her client.

Meanwhile, Joong Hee starts the day praising his looks. Considering that he is looking for his father, Joong Hee pounders if he should buy a present for when he will actually meet the man. Despite trying to hide the fact that he is worried about a possible meeting, the actor half jokes that he wishes for his father not to look like him.

On the other hand, Mi Young is a dancing flower whenever she meets other people from her office or whenever she introduces herself to other colleagues or seniors. Having her dream come true, to find a proper job, Mi Young wants to try her best as an intern. Although everyone is busy working and running around and no one is actually doing her training, Mi Young still finds ways to get her job done.

Joong Hee goes to have a talk with his company regarding a re-audition. Although he is told that it will be hard, he still wants to force the re-audition. On his way out, Joong Hee finds himself in a weird situation where someone ends up pulling his shirt and almost choked him. That someone was Mi Young who was trying to hide from her former bully using Joong Hee’s body. Having his shirt ripped, Joong Hee takes pictures of her to have her punished later. However he faces a weird situation when Mi Young, the innocent happy bunny, asks him for the pictures because she also wants to have them.  He finds the whole situation to be dumbfounding….

At the Byun house, the mother is still trying to get a hold of the building owner however the lady doesn’t answer. The two parents together with Joon Young and Ra Young talk about the raise rent the building owner wants to impose on them.

At the same time, the owner lady’s husband, Gyu Taek, and his dog go out to take some family pictures, after all the dog is part of his family… The wife tries to get a hold of him but he just finds her to be ignorant and continues to focus on his dog. Their son, Jung Hwan who is also Hae Young’s former boyfriend, has serious problems at work since his show barely got any ratings. He tries to get out of problems telling his boss that his show needs a makeover, yet the boss doesn’t care and makes him go on another show as a guest – the same show he appeared on with Hye Young in episode 2.

Hye Young also faces problems at work when she kind of loses her case in court because the son of her client lied to her. The son of her client wants to make her responsible for losing the case but Hye Young isn’t easy to fool and puts the guy in his place. To calm herself down, she goes to a store where she eats boiled eggs and drinks alcohol.

The building owner, who is also Jung Hwan’s mother, goes to a fortune teller to find out if she should sell out her building. There she finds out that her son has a woman and that woman is chewing him alive.

Since Jung Hwan is still busy trying to find out why Hye Young dumped him, he goes to her office as a client. The two end up fighting….like seriously a physical fight arises where they throw things at each other and pull one another’s hair. However, there’s sexual tension between them and the two end up spending the night together. In the morning, even though he is somewhat happy with what happened, Hye Young blames it on the alcohol she drank a day before.

Back at home, the Byun father and mother go to visit the grave of a friend from the past – clearly that friend is Joong Hee’s father, but let’s pretend it’s not obvious.

Things aren’t going well for Ra Young who is slightly being scolded at work considering that clients question the quality of her classes. But during the morning meeting, she and the other colleagues are introduced to their new team member, Cheol Soo. And of course, the new guy is so handsome that every woman from the gym falls for him. Anyway, back at home, after work, Ra Young get annoyed with her older brother who ordered some package that included stuff on how to make chocolate. She asks for explanations but Joon Young tries to run away from answering. While he was in the bathroom, Ra Young notices that he received a message, and hunches that the person who sent him the message is his girlfriend, yet this is not the time to date since he still has the pass the exam.

The Byun parents are still concerned about the landowner lady who refuses to answer to their call. As for Mi Young, she continues to work hard at work and does everything she is asked to do. Although she is assigned to be the manager of an actor, since she isn’t familiar with celebrities, she finds his picture online. However the picture is from the time he used to be an idol so when Mi Young is asked to deliver something at his drama set, she doesn’t recognize Joong Hee as the actor she is supposed to work for.  Anyway, Mi Young is asked to go back to the company and take some other stuff from there that were needed for the drama filming. As she returned to the company, she faces a problem, the person who gives her the stuff is actually her former bully. Mi Young blocks and can’t manage to look the woman in the eyes. Luckily nothing serious happens because the bully, doesn’t remember Mi Young.

At the landowner’s house, Jung Hwan’s mother tries to find him a girlfriend but her “work” is interrupted by a delivery. Her husband gets the picture he took with his dog delivered….The man gets irritated with his wife calling his dog Chico….a dog. Considering that she was already annoyed and mad because of her husband and his dog, the woman is displeased with Byun Mama’s phone call, but in the end the two decide to meet up to settle things once and for all. Before going to meet the owner, Byun Mama calls Hye Young for some advice as a lawyer.

Joon Young continues to be an idiot, but an in love idiot who steals food from home to give to his girlfriend. Goes to buy wine and other stuff for her with the allowance he received from his parents… yep, an idiot who should be studying. Afterwards he goes to his girlfriend’s apartment and there, surprise!! His sister’s bully is his girlfriend but neither seems to be aware of that connection.

While Byun Mama meets Landowner Lady, Hye Young meets Jung Hwan in front of her office. Although Byun Mama threatens with lawsuit, the landowner lady doesn’t care. Meanwhile, Jung Hwan asks Hye Young to date again.


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